The Feminine Connection to the Homeopathic Sea of Life

The Feminine Connection to the Homeopathic Sea of Life

By Hwaa Irfan


Whenever we are deficient in any nutrient, if we are aware of how that deficiency manifests, and what it arises from we take steps to do something about it. For instance, if we become susceptible to nervousness/excitability, confusion, and insomnia due to a mineral deficiency, we need to increase our intake of sodium. Sodium is necessary for the absorption of the elemental mineral potassium, without potassium our the nerve impulses from neuron-to-neuron is compromised, and we will also know to take Vitamin B₆ because this helps to regulate the amount of sodium in our bodies.

Our bodies requires elements that are invisible to the naked eye, yet over time we have learnt what it has meant to do without them. These minerals that are so fundamental to the functioning of the human body, are also fundamental to the life form that sustains us, the Earth – 1.08% of the earth’s ocean constitutes sodium, and sodium plays its part in the 1% that makes up the earth’s crust; however, sodium is usually found as a compound as it does not occur as a pure element on Earth. This is because it oxidizes easily in air, and violently reacts in water.

Our bodies are made up of 80% water at birth, reducing to 70% water as we grow. Fifteen per cent of our bodies is made up of the electrolytic mineral sodium, which also regulates the amount of water we need in our bodies.  It is vital to human and plant life, working with potassium and chlorine to maintain blood plasma, the right blood chemistry, and the correct amount of bodily fluids. It also helps our muscles to contract, to digest food, to absorb the nutrients we need to survive, and as stated before to maintain the normal functioning of our nervous system. Sodium makes up 14% of the human body, and is the 4th most abundant element in the universe.

Water seems to be a consistent theme thus far, and so it should be as we are 70% water, and the earth’s surface is covered with 70-75% of water. We have a problem with our bodily fluids when we consume too much sodium chlorine i.e. salt, so our body responds with thirst. When we drink water the sodium in our blood becomes diluted, allowing our kidneys to remove any excess salt/sodium chlorine.

The sea of life continues to flow through the amniotic fluid, the fluid that filters out from maternal blood plasma to provide nutrients, promotes musko-skeletal development, physical protection, immunity, prevents heat loss, and prevents the growing life in the womb from sticking to the placenta. Consisting mainly of water, sodium and potassium is present to help in the initiation and support of new life. These electrolytes play an important role of the exchanges that need to take place between the embryo, and the mother.

This is an example of the physical relationship to our body, but there is a more subtle relationship. That relationship is exampled by the essential oils of Aromatherapy the bioactive ingredients of which work to improve our health on a physical, and mental level. That subtle level brings us to the causality of One or Unity of life as expressed in the notion of Islamic Tawhid which is that all creation comes from Him, and returns to Him, and in that we are all one as:

{There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you} (Al Anam 6:38).

Or in other traditions as exampled by:

“We the five-fingered beings are related to the four-legged, the winged beings, the spiritual beings, Father Sky, Mother Earth, and nature. We are all relatives. We cannot leave our relatives behind.” — Betty Tso, Navajo

Or expressed scientifically as:

  • 2% difference between human DNA, and that of apes
  • Humans have in common with the laboratory mouse 85% of our DNA
  • 60% of the DNA of a banana is common to human DNA.

We are all the sum total of what makes us elementally, genetically, foods (what our senses and our digestive processes take in including culture), and spiritually; all of which determines how we interact we interface with our experiences. However here, we are focusing on one aspect the elements, and as an example, the element sodium.

The Place of Medicine in Homeopathy

Homeopathy works on that basis of remedies, and those remedies can be understood quickly from the father of Western medicine as follows:

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” -Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

In Homeopathy, the “sort of person has a disease” is recognized through the remedy used to bring that person back into balance with themselves. Once again we are addressing the remedy sodium because of its relationship to a section of the population that falls prey to stereotypes from both within and without of the population. The remedy like most homeopathic remedies work on the level of energy transference which can be best understood through quantum physics or Vibrational Medicine a day-to-day example of which is the use of music/prayer/meditation in healing.

Homeopathic remedies work with re-balancing a person who has become imbalanced through stressors, which vary from person to person and undermine who we are on the physical, mental, and/or emotional plane. If we take time out and look at our past week and see what has happened to throw us off balance we will see that it happened on the physical, mental, and/or emotional plane.

In contemporary society a woman faces those stressors in the form of stereotypes that take her away from her truth nature, and within that her potential. As the feminine force has a strong bond with nature, she may grow to recognize that force and what it means for her away from the materialistic male precepts as set out by a society (both male and female). More often than not she is freer to develop that feminine force to the spiritual level and not as a reaction to the very thing that she becomes i.e. the materialistic male paradigm


In science, the element sodium is referred to as Na from the Latin Natrum, which in turn comes from the Arabic natrun, and in turn from the pharoanic Netjerj. It was discovered in the West by Humphry Davy in 1807, and is referred to as Natrum in homeopathy. As a member of the mineral kingdom, sodium/Natrum represents an underlying structure, and in relation to the earth, and that which is of earth, that action is a slow and a progressive development. After all, they are the building blocks of living organisms!

The people who tend to require Natrum as a remedy in homeopathy tend to be women, and from the remedies much can be learnt about their primary personality types, but like the differences in people, so too are there differences in the element sodium which is found in the form of compounds.

Natrum Muriaticum

Water absorbs more substances than any other liquid. This homeopathic remedy is Sodium chloride/sea salt/common salt. A grain of salt dropped into water will melt, and in Tantric symbolically this is a symbol of the reintegration of ego into the universal self.  As homeopath David Lilley (British Homeopathic Association) frames it so beautifully:

“The relationship between Nat mur, common salt, and the ocean is immediately apparent; to a child they are as one. It was from the bosom of the ocean, in primordial times, that the first primitive and undifferentiated life forms sprang. The ocean is the mother and source of all organic life and Natrum muriaticum is her main mineral constituent.”

In the sea of life, like the ocean that produces life, one has to make friends with it, and be prepared to learn from it in order to survive. Unspoilt, one becomes more equipped to take on life’s challenges, and is therefore more able to cope, and thus a Natrum muriaticum tends to be born into a family that is a bit like the ocean. The maternal love might not have been as Natrum muriaticum felt she needed, and as such she grows to become emotionally independent out of a rejection that might of taken place in the womb, at the breast, or as a result of the mother going to work. The child is rarely given a chance to play an active role in the home. Lilley describes the family foundation Natrum muriaticum of  as follows:

“… not only undemonstrative and unemotional; they are also often serious, conservative, proper, moral and principled. To be proper and mature, all emotions must be controlled or hidden – there may be no tears, no fears and no outer manifestations of longing, need, anger or passion. This is a breeding ground for secrecy, deceit, guilt and abuse.”

As such, Natrum muriaticum is very much a product of the modern industrialized lifestyle where a child is to be seen and not heard at a time in our history when violations against children or rife.

Like the action of the sodium ion on the human body, the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum there is an affinity to:

–        Nutrition: (blood, brain, digestive tract, and muscles.)

–        The mind

–        The Heart

–        The Glands: (mucous, spleen, liver)

–        The Skin

Water has a long memory holding the essence/energy of what it absorbs. According to homeopath Anja Heij, the Natrum muriaticum type is common in modern industrialized societies reflecting the suppression of pain that is a part of growing up in such societies, the mental characteristics of which are taken as normal in such societies. The traditional homeopathic perception of Natrum muriaticum is in fact a layer, a response to that suppression – introverted, and emotionally distant. Arising from that suppression they become polite helpful people who will do anything to avoid others being hurt as they were hurt. They have learned to not accept help or sympathy. Life is made simple by removing from their world those who have caused them pain as forgiveness is inconceivable, because they have built an emotional ivory tower around themselves to prevent any further attack on their souls.

To help make sense of their world, to give them control over their world, they become like a pillar of salt, rigid, fixed and unchangeable. The emotional pain experienced becomes like a limb, a permanent factor of their life especially if that motherly protection was missing in the case of incest, sexual abuse or rape. Like Lots wife in Sodom or Gomorrah, looking back becomes the way of seeing.

Hiding their inner pain as the wounded healer, Natrium Muriaticum instead place hope in a better future, for what has happened cannot be undone in their minds. Advances in neuroscience have found women in general to be more predisposed on the level of compassion, empathy, and the collective well-being. Natrium Muriaticum make good teachers, counsellors, and advisors, or anything that pertains to standing up to injustice like the Afghani woman activist Malalai Joya. After all, this is the nature of salt 2-in-1 to become soluble or to crystallize.

At Dis-ease

They appear mannish if female and develop headaches, migraine, herpes zoster around the mouth, and their symptoms aggravate during daytime. Suppressed emotions lead to health-problems, like headaches, skin-eruptions or high blood pressure. Often their bodies hold moisture as they hold their emotions (oedema, inability to sweat, no menstruation, severe constipation or not enough urinating).

The prolonged taking of excessive salt causes profound nutritive changes to take place in the system, A great remedy for certain forms of intermittent fever, anæmia, chlorosis, many disturbances of the alimentary tract and skin. Great debility arises with the sensation of coldness, emaciation although they may eat well. They catch colds easily, and their bodily fluids are lacking causing dryness in the throat, the bowels, and the vagina (painful coition). They become oversensitive to certain people, noises and music. They are likely to have hyperthyroidism, goitre, Addison’s disease, or diabetes. Because they have constricted themselves emotionally, they become constricted in their bodies especially around anus, chest, heart, rectum, throat,  and uterus. Susceptible to headaches from mental exertion, eyestrain, and they get a runny nose after perspiration. Their suppressed emotions also lead to problems urinating, problems relating to men, problems with their menses, and eruptions like eczema, acne, and herpes on their skin.

They are basically vulnerable with a hardened outer shell, but at the right time, when the floodgates open, they will not be able to stop crying, and then they will be able to begin claiming who they really are.

Natrium Muriaticum is just one face of the feminine principle in sodium… one that some women will be able to identify with.


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