Removing Radioactive Toxins from Your Body

Removing Radioactive Toxins from Your Body

From Alexandra

French Green Clay and Zeolite were both taken internally after the Chernobyl meltdown disaster. Chocolate bars and biscuits containing French Green Clay were distributed to the exposed population. Recently, sandbags of Zeolite were dropped into the seawater near the Fukushima nuclear plant to adsorb radioactive Cesium that was present there in high levels.

You can decontaminate your drinking water and milk from radiation with these minerals and an article about how to decontaminate your vegetables using a Calcium Bentonite Clay solution is linked below.

When you add a teaspoon of either of these three minerals to a glass of water the ionic properties of them is such that they electromagnetically attract and bind with heavy metals, toxins and radiation particles in your blood, through the cells in your intestinal walls and they are then passed out of the body (creating nuclear waste – but better out of your body than in!)

The finer-ground the mineral is, the more effective it is.

Do not take emergency potassium iodide unless instructed to do so because it is only to be taken if there is a nuclear event within miles – not thousands of miles – from you! However, there are many natural remedies you can take and foods you can eat that will help your body deal with low-level radiation exposure, should it occur. In this video Dr. James Blumenthal, DC shares some of the most important information you need to know regarding low-level radiation and what to do about it, should it come to America from Japan.

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