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Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai to many Christians around the world represents where Prophet Musa/Moses was handed the Ten Commandments by God, although the evidence that there is points to Mount Catherine/Gebel Musa (as it is known to the Bedouin) in Egypt as being the location.

The land of Sinai is a peninsula between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea known in ancient times as the Country of Turquoise, as it was known during the time of the Jewish historian Josephus, and is still referred to as such i.e. The Land of Fayrouz as it was known by the ancient Egyptians.

Sinai Liberation Day refers to the liberation of Sinai in October 1973, which has been commemorated every year on April 25th 2011 remaining a significant place to visit for all of the Abrahamic faiths.

It was the January 25th youth Revolution that allowed the voice of the people of Sinai to be heard, as before that only the land was really referred to on its Liberation Day. On hearing their demands, Egypt’s interim president Essam Sharaf  met with the people of Sinai two days before Sinai Liberation Day to spend time with them in a manner befitting someone who acts on behalf of the people, and not in the manner of Western democratic leaders today.  The people of Sinai demanded:

  • Their right to own land.
  • The chance to develop Sinai
  • The right to improve their standard of living through industry and tourism
  • The right to local job opportunities
  • For the infrastructure to be rebuilt
  • Transport in the form of a railway network
  • Respectful treatment from the police

Speeches:  Sinai Leaders on Sinai Liberation Day April 23, 2011

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