That Driving Passion

That Driving Passion

By Hwaa Irfan

Passion is a much misunderstood word in the common currency of language, often getting lost amidst the lower desires of man. This is when it becomes reckless, and the possessor of that kind of passion becomes consumed without concern to the affect on self and others. This is in fact not passion, but wanton desire, the kind that one becomes a slave to, and one that far too many will descend into hell, and take many on the way. The priorities given by world leaders in the throes of a global economic crisis is very much a good example of the desire that one enslaves one’s self to.

Here, we go to the higher meaning , the one intended by God, as a guiding tool to the purpose of our lives. For readers of Paulo Coehlo, one will understand this higher calling as ‘the personal legend.’ It is one that drives a young boy to seek the meaning of his life without realizing, at least initially that is exactly what it is. Without any understanding, the boy sets off with a dream to find something physical, and on that journey he learns many skills that test and challenges him, even tries to distract him, but calls on him to exercise the best in him from which he learns what is to be learned for the next stop on his journey towards his personal legend. By doing so, the boy increasingly becomes equipped for life from this single passion, life becomes a meaningful discovery, until he develops enough self understanding, self mastery, and purpose for himself and others. It is because this young boy sought to do what he was bequeathed to do by his Creator, that he evolves into the kind of person who can attract his soul mate, something that many of us fail to do because we choose instead to remain the same, vibrating at a lower frequency not reaching to fulfil our potentials, and unable to fulfil the kind of synergistic relationship we all desire and yearn for. Instead we settle into unfulfilling relationships, without purpose, without meaning, full of demands, and stereotypes at if when we try to become, become more unhappy than before.

A Tale of Hope

Tracy Elliot and her friend Alison knew one thing, their love of God, and their love of horses. They were in habit of enjoying horse riding across Dartmoor in England. Then one day Tracy dared Alison to ride across New Zealand – why New Zealand!?

They saved for the adventure, to buy three horses, and then November 2009 with NZ$130 between they set out from the most northerly point of New Zealand Cape Reinga. Disaster was to meet them early into their adventure when one of their horses, the pack horse met with an accident. They trekked south until they were able to buy another horse, which they saved from the slaughterhouse.

As they continued with their adventure through sponsorship, they were able to raise money for the Bangladesh Flood and Cyclone Appeal with Tear Fund.

Tracey returned to New Zealand to complete her journey from North – South, and her gift as a photographer, and as a storyteller all came together in the form of a book, which became three books:

  • Riding by Faith through New Zealand
  • Riding by Faith through Southern Ireland
  • Riding by Faith Across America.

Tracey had ridden through Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Israel Tibet, Wales and Russia, and runs a photographic business of postcards, greeting cards, calendars and books with branches in Dartmoor, New Zealand and North America.

Have a wonderful life!

“Life is too short for you to learn all the knowledge that you find attractive, so learn what inspires you, only what inspires you.” ‘Ali ibn ‘Abu Talib.

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