Heavenly Signs: Dance of the Planets

Heavenly Signs: Dance of the Planets

By Hwaa Irfan

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While stagnation and regression seems to be the current we are in, reluctant to let go of preconceived ideas as to the order of things, the heavens have been dancing to the rhythm of the Laws of Nature that all life has been based upon. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, four of the five brightest planets have been quietly literally dancing in the heavens.

The dance began mid-April, with Venus high in the sky, and Mars lower down, with the rest of the dance troupe Jupiter and Mercury. By the 19th, Mars and Mercury pair up, but the fifth brightest planet Uranus is very much present throughout, but not making it known for all to see lurking between Venus and the others.

Mercury is in Aries, meaning a time to be more careful, more diligent, and to listen actively. The Messenger is asking for us to reflect more, assess our goals, and leave that which does not serve life. Mars is also in Aries, asking to slow down, less competitiveness, respond instead of react, and for bullies to stop their addictive behaviour draining the life force of others

A slight contribution was made by the Islamic crescent moon around the 30th before ushering in the new Islamic month of Jumada Al-Akhir 1432 A.H around the 6th May, 2011 allowing the others fell into a rare close mutual conjunction in the morning sky asking where are our higher ideals, and a sense of tawhid.

By May 01ST the Islamic crescent moon joins Mars and Jupiter.

May 11th, is the final show as they come into planetary alignment as Jupiter and Venus come to a finale ½° apart at dawn with Venus rising at 04:25HST before the Sun rises at 05:47HST. From here on in Jupiter begins to leave the dance while speedy Mercury takes a dash towards the Sun, which has been in Taurus since April 20th, and will end May 21st. This leaves the Jupiter, Mercury and Venus trio to leave the stage one by one after May 11th 2011.

However, Jupiter is not ready to leave yet just on an ascension, while Venus and Mercury join Mars further down on the stage, but by the 20th a new trio combination forms into an equilateral triangle with Venus at the upper apex, and Mercury and Mars at the lower apexes. From there on in, Jupiter leaves the stage completely towards the west in a veil of brilliance ad Venus and Mercury ascend to the Sun.

While Venus is in Aries its relationship with the Moon is asking us to look after ourselves, to be less self centred and straighten out and prioritize affairs of the heart. Jupiter in Aries is full of enthusiasm, and is bold asking for us to take courage and to be who we are, so bullies and manipulators watch out! This is supported by Mars being in Aries seeking the brave warrior within us without using others.

And Uranus though invisible on the stage our earthly sky, is also present in Aries, is hinting at those unpredictable occurrences that are God’s lessons in  the classroom of life aimed at changing how perceptions.

May the merry month of May be good to you, and you be good to it and honour all God’s creations!

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