Is Your Stomach Reproducing GMO Bacteria?

Is Your Stomach Reproducing GMO Bacteria?


By Hwaa Irfan

That is in fact quite a difficult question to answer without specialized thorough testing, but it happens to be the one thing that ‘paid’ scientists cannot be argue against. When one eats a GMO ‘fresh’ ‘organic’ product one is consuming the plant DNA, which not being a product of nature, therefore in tune with human bodily functions ends up producing GMO micro-organisms in overly assaulted stomachs – and they keep on reproducing according to the Alliance for National Health. As USDA seeks to remove all controls on genetically engineered corn and cotton, as if there were any clinical trials in the first instance, and as a growing number of consumers reject GMO labelling of foods, it is time consumers woke up to the fact that even though life is short, and should be enjoyed, we are not guinea pigs, and neither do we want to serve as the foundation for future generations to become guinea pigs.

In clear simple terms, forcing GMO products onto the food market, at a time when food prices ‘we are told ‘ will continue to rise for the next 10 years, makes this the biggest field experiment – we are the experiment for even if we stop eating GMO products, the GMO micro-organisms in our intestines still keep on producing, though it is not known for how long.

We already assault our stomachs by eating too much, and by eating processed foods i.e. the Western diet. We are unaware that our stomachs are in fact responsible for 70% of our immune systems – it is not just there to be filled! With a healthy, balanced diet, our stomach acts like filter, only letting in nutrients, well digested fats, and proteins. The glucose end product enters our blood streams not only to provide energy, but to protect us against large toxins for example.

Given the growing number of drug resistant bacteria, and the nature of GMO is resistant to antibiotics, whatever health issues and medication one is on will be compromised. One example is the multinational agro-pharmaceutical company, Monsanto, which has produced the GMO  Bt toxins Bacillus thuringiensis as a pesticide – absorbed by plant DNA, it enters the blood stream of 93% of women, and 80% of unborn children through the consumption of commercially produced milk, meat and eggs fed on GM corn.  The leading advocate of GMO foods, the U.S. has consumers who are suffering the consequences, one of those consequences being an increased number of people suffering from severe allergies. Allergies related to genetically engineered soy products in the U.S. have risen by 50%.

This is your life, it is nobody else’s.., if one wants to live it completely subjected to unexplained illnesses that the authorities refuse to identify as they are complicit in one’s state of ill health mentally, as well as physically, then go ahead, but when it comes to children we have a duty and a responsibility. Lodge your complaints to USDA, and become more diligent about what one eats, even it means growing it yourself or linking up with a group that has a network with conscientious farmers! Some organic farms offer a door-to-door service, and some communities have already organized a farmers market where one can not only buy trusted fresh produce, but buy it a more affordable price.



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