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Heavenly Signs: Longest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2011

Heavenly Signs: Longest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2011

 By Hwaa Irfan

If one peered up one would notice the gentle presence in the in the late afternoon (El ‘Asr) sky, the presence of the moon burdened with some offering as people below on earth begin their rush from work with preoccupied minds – there is much to think about and no knows where if the desired end is the best outcome, and if so for whom. Would it not be a blessing if there was some level of collective transfiguration to help make sense of it all!? However, this takes effort on our part, so the question is, are our efforts going in the right direction, personally, and for the benefit of mankind? If one is having that overwhelming feeling of not knowing who one is anymore, and where one is heading, then maybe with a lot, a lot of patience, observation, contemplation, and self acceptance we are heading for some form of transfiguration as we must change how we see ourselves in order for real change to begin. This is when those of faith will be truly tested as to the meaning of trust in the Creator, and for those not of faith, trust in the capacity of life to unfold more than we have allowed it to.

How telling the moon in the day sky sharing the same space from an earthling point of view, yet how many of us have yet to learn that life lesson of giving and receiving, sharing, and respecting each other’s space.

Yet, following the 01st June New Moon solar eclipse, an expected full moon lunar eclipse is to occur June 15th 2011. The longest total full moon lunar eclipse since July 16, 2000 is expected to glow a brilliant red plunging deep into the earth’s shadow, as the earth passes between the sun and the moon preventing the rays of the sun from falling on the moon, hence the red colour of the moon. NASA explains:

“When light from the sun goes by the side of the Earth, it passes through a long and thick layer of Earth’s atmosphere. Shorter wavelengths of sunlight, like blue, are scattered by the atmosphere, so by the time the light has finished its trip to the moon, more of the longer wavelengths, like red, are left over. On the Earth, the same thing happens at sunset as the ground you stand on gradually passes into night.”

God’s sky show is expected to be visible from Africa (east), Asia (central), Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America for approximately 5+ hours (1:24 p.m. EDT (1724 GMT), and ends at 7 p.m. EDT(2300 GMT)) with the total eclipse occurring at Total Eclipse Ends: 21:02:42 UT. The moon will change from dark – silver, – orange, and then red (Blood Moon) before returning to its normal hue weather conditions permitting. South America will be able to see the whole show as the moon becomes entirely shrouded.

The total lunar eclipse, occurs in oppositions to the Sun in Gemini, the outer expression/the true self from which the Moon gets it’s light, so be mindful of mixed messages. As the celestial event takes place, the Moon will also be in the Southern part of the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, so all those anywhere nearer the The Sacred City: Chich’én Itzá might have an eventful moment.

As the Full Moon goes through these visible changes we are reminded of the moon as a projection of the human persona in life, once in the dark/hidden –  forget about others, how much of ourselves do we hide from our own selves either through self suppression, repression, or the lack of self love? Would it not be nice to share our light instead of hiding it?  Governing the social aspects of our lives, and the emotional we do have some serious spring cleaning to do, but not according to who we think we are, for as we know, perception only represents what goes on in our minds, not what is real! In Islam, the 13th, 14th, and 15th, of each  is month is known as Ayyam ul Bayz – the days of surpassing splendour. the bright days, when the moon is at its fullest, especially during the months of Rajab, Shaa’ban, and Ramadhan, which has a supplication that asks the Divine to be morally purified, and to be composed in the face of events.

As certain world leaders go guns-ho across the earth, we are reminded that the old ways of achieving our lowest desires is running out steam as they break the very laws that they have created. The reaction of a deep intake of breathe asks us “Is this it?”, and our souls will answer if we are still enough to listen, “No it is not!”

To ask “Who am I?” prevents one’s own evolution, the unveiling of one’s true potential by fixing one in a certain time, place, and perception. So instead ask:

“What do I really want, deep down, what do I really want?” and let the answer itself unfold in your daily life.

We have become used to doing things a particular way, so the seeming confusion in our lives can be quite overwhelming, and disorientating because we do not really know what is going on. But once again, slow down, breathe, pray, meditate, relax and discover the voice of the real you waiting to be heard, waiting to be acknowledge, and waiting for the ego to realize that a new day is dawning. Observe old patterns of behaviour, and how futile they are, as we realign to a more wholesome reality.

June 15th 2011

The Finale

The unexplained nervous energy built up throughout the day until the sky reddened as the eclipse took hold. The streets echoed with the sound of children, and the youth. So too, were the trees filled with energy swaying back and forward with their music, which came to a finale as the Full Moon reappeared to brighten the sky with the reflection of the sun. For one celestial moment, the rhythm of life flowed as One!


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