Vatican and Queen Accused of Crimes Against Humanity

The Vatican and Queen of England Accused of Crimes Against Humanity


Not many would have heard of the existence of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State – not many would have the time being caught up with the demanding changes on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. However, in the midst of the sweeping changes upon us, are the increasing number of peoples around the world who have suffered terribly as a result of the foundations upon which much of this unsustainable life we have come to know (and in some cases love) has been built upon. Those foundations have led to the mass torture, exploitation, and uprooting, and psychological devastation of many peoples, the suffering of which is difficult to fathom for those who have built their lives upon the same foundations being much removed.

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, ITCCS, have been building a momentum, the first phase of which will take the form of tribunals between September 15 – October 31 2011. With the support of 30 organizations, including 8 indigenous nations in North America and Asia, survivors of the torture carried out by the Catholic Church in Australia, England, Ireland, and Eurostaete. On September 15, tribunals will take place in London, Brussels, Dublin, and Rome, because these cities are the scenes of historical crimes. The tribunals will also take place in Australia, Canada, Mexico City, and New York City.

One might feel an emotional attachment to the Pope, and the Queen of England, but so too did many Egyptians when former President Mubarak was put on detention, and eventually hospitalized in response to the crimes against Egyptians that he has been forced to account for. Leadership in African tradition is not a privilege, but a responsibility that is one of servitude, one that the prophet of Islam (SAW) warned about. However, it is a conscience that is arising out of the church by a man of the cloth that is a part of the driving force behind this endeavour.

As the international imperialists join forces with Middle Eastern leaders to prevent/’subdue’ and further popular uprising or change in the status quo,  Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth Windsor have been issued a Public Summons to appear before the tribunal on crimes against humanity, genocide, and child trafficking.

The Second Reformation

The tribunals are to culminate on October 30 (imperialist forces willing), a survivors from around the world aim to gather in Rome for what has been called the “The Second Reformation.”  Rev. Kevin Annett on the ITCCS stated:

 “We are in a spiritual battle with a murderous lie masquerading behind religion” said today.

“As we have pulled back its false mask and ordered it to depart from among us, now we must cleanse ourselves and our society of its influence, and enshrine truth and transformation where we once upheld injustice.”

The event will involve a 24 hour fast for purification and transformation, ending on October 31st with  a protest and an international press conference.

The forces the ITCCS are challenging have been dominating all life and perception of reality in the name of the Doctrine of Discovery, and these are forces that will do anything, and use any means to defend what they have created with Libya standing as proof, however a whole continent seems totally unrepresented in this all important challenge, a challenge that in real terms must be done to cleanse the past that rules and ruins many lives today… that continent is Africa.

The Doctrine of Discovery has been upheld today, despite denial, through the Concordats, a secret treaty with as many as 73 nations since 1982 – billions of tax-payers money to finance the Vatican. All of Europe are committed to the Concordats, and unwittingly most of the 3rd World. For example the Vatican controls Spain’s laws and education system while Spain paid €262mn/U.S.350mn to the Vatican. Hugo Barrero, who has studied the concordats stated:

“So much money is pouring into Rome through these agreements that the Vatican bank has a special financial officer just to handle the concordat money. But like the Bank itself, most of these agreements are secret and can’t be modified or even reviewed by elected officials of that country.”

An untaxed income of U.S$50bn annually – with all activities subsidized by the taxpayer.

More could be said – much more, as the evidence permeates the very air that we breathe. All one pray for is the protection of the well intentioned forces behind this endeavour, and for all negative forces to be transmuted to a higher level.

There is a past that needs to be cleansed, for it cannot simply be forgotten without re-instituting the same foundations if we are to ALL move on to reciprocal balanced relations.


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