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B.P. Litigation and Deepwater Horizon

B.P. Litigation and Deepwater Horizon


Online newspaper The Daily refused to comply with a federal judge’s order to remove from its website video clips of former BP CEO Tony Hayward’s deposition in the ongoing litigation related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. That decision may prove to be vindicated, as the judge indicated an intent to withdraw the order.

“We have not removed the clips . . . and have no intention of doing so until we’ve had the opportunity to present our case to the court,” The Daily said in a statement, as reported on the organization’s website. The Daily reported that it has published Hayward’s deposition on its website and its iPad app.

“The Deepwater Horizon disaster is one of the worst environmental disasters in United States history and there is tremendous public interest in the complete disclosure of all of the surrounding facts,” the statement continued.

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