Ramadhan Reflections: Do My Prayers Benefit Me?

Ramadhan Reflections: Do My Prayers Benefit Me?

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God says in the Qur’an, that He did not create humanity and jinn except to worship Him. What does worship mean?

In Ramadhan, we try to improve some of the ritual acts of worship like our prayer. If we don’t pray all 5 prayers we may do them, we may add Sunnah, we may rush to the tarawih prayer at night or even get up and pray Qiyam and Tahajjud. These are important parts of the ritual worship of our Creator. They help to anchor our relationship with God. When we pray, even when we follow an imam, our prayer is a deeply individual thing between us and our Creator. It really is a form of communion because we don’t need any intermediary to negotiate our personal relationship with God. So, we focus on the outward aspects- we need to know what to do when we pray which is important. However, we also need to focus on the internal elements- how is this supposed to improve my relationship with God?

What is my prayer supposed to do for me?

This month, let us try to improve our prayer- whether it means, praying all 5, whether it is adding Sunnah or our focus in our prayer.

Let us also realize that “worship” is broader than ritual worship. Everything that we do in our daily life, can be a form of worship. When we help at home, go to work, go to school and everything else can be a form of worship. This is why scholars of Islam define Islam as being a “deen” not a religion because it is about a whole way of life.

This month, let us park the voices aside that tell us that we are “not good enough”, the voices that have passed judgement on us, let us think about how we, as individuals can become better human beings. Even more importantly, the fact that we have been blessed with Ramadan once more, tells us that Allah knows that we are capable of being better, of reaching a higher potential and has blessed us with that strength inside us. So, let us work towards achieving this in our ritual worship and in our daily lives.

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