Monsanto Expanding Control Over Global Food Supply

Monsanto Expanding Control Over Global Food Supply

By Hwaa Irfan


Monsanto is set to wreak further havoc on the health of Americans knowing no bounds as it strengthens its control over global food supply. The world’s biggest vegetable GM seed producer will now inflict the U.S. food market with GM sweet corn seeds this autumn. The logic of this beyond profits is evasive as currently the U.S. is experiencing a drought problem when GM crops demand excessive irrigation. The initial target group will be the 250,000-acre market in eastern U.S.

The GM sweet corn seeds will be made available for the first time to U.S. consumers in addition to the global agricultural community at a time when small holders, and independents are seeking to reclaim their food supply.

GM sweet corn seeds are designed to kill insects above and below ground, and are tolerant to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup.


If one is hoping for objective advice from the Food and Drugs Administration, FDA, forget it, because the food and safety division of FDA is now headed by Michael Taylor, a top director from guess where, Monsanto. This puts Monsanto in control of the country’s food supply, which hospitalizes thousands, and an increasing annual fatality rate that is the result of food borne illnesses. Monsanto right now is trying to save the American consumer from the burden of choice, by removing the right to choose, or the right to contract between individuals and groups – basically removing the public access to safe food.

Annual Deaths From: 

FDA-Approved Drugs – 60,000 – 140,000
Food Contamination – 9,100
Aspirin – 90
All vitamins – 0
Uncontaminated amino acids – 0
Commercial herbs – 0

There is definitely a coordinated effort going on between the control of our food supply between Europe and the U.S., for as Monsanto-FDA are in the midst to stem the flow of raw milk, the U.K. is also trying to do the same, avoiding the full facts, and the true health picture. This may seem a little verge on the paranoia, but there is only one thing that unite western governments, and that is money, and profits for the rich at the expense of the people.

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” ~ Henry Kissinger, NWO

It is plain and simply about consolidating the hold of a failing global economy for the 10% who own all the wealth, while the 90%  pay the price.



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