Why Does God Let These Things Happen To Me?

Why Does God Let These Things Happen To Me?

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As life goes on for many of us and we face difficult trials, we arrive to the question, “Why Me?” I am trying to do what I can, I work very hard, I do my best- so why are these things happening to me?

It is important for us to remember that Allah reminds us that this life for us, is a “test” and sometimes, some things will be good and other times it will be difficult. If we look at the one, peace be upon him, we call, “Uswatun Hasana” the most perfect example- quite frankly- his life was not always easy. Yet, he did the most to make Allah pleased with him.  Many tmes he suffered and struggled because of the harm met out to him by those who hated his message and those who wanted to extinguish the light of Islam. People fought him, they attacked him, they tried to bring doubt on his character and they tried to kill him. So if this was God’s messenger and things were difficult for him, who are we?

Even when we are doing good things, when we are trying to do the right thing that does not mean things will be easy for us. Sometimes we see people suffering and we may think or say that God is punishing them because they are not good Muslims or good people. How do you know that? We will all face tests in life and during those tests we will see our inner resolve, our true character and our reliance on God. Whenever things are difficult or a test happens in our life, it is for our best and greatest good. We know that God will not give us a test greater than we can bear due to God’s Justice and Mercy.

When we obey God, we are doing so because we need to because God’s wisdom surpasses our own and we find safety, solace and freedom in following that. We do not follow God’s will in order for things to be easy for us because then we are placing a condition on our obedience to God.

So when we are faced with tests and difficulties, instead of sitting and feeling sorry for ourselves, becoming filled with worry or despair, we need to ask ourselves some serious questions: What in my own actions would have caused this to happen? What do I need to change about me to improve my relationship with God and God’s creation? Where within myself, will I find the strength I need to overcome this? That constant sense of reflection, and turning to God is where we will find our strength. That inner talk that reminds us that with God’s help- I CAN get through this and will not become a victim to my circumstance.

So this Ramadhan let us internalize the reality that no matter what comes to us, we can deal with it, that it is for our best and greatest good and we can become better individuals by learning through it.

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  1. lol.. if i asked my self the question which is your title, i would go crazzy and would never believe in god again, because the things that i have had to go through in my life are more than what anyone my age has had to deal with, but i always know that there is a reason for everything in this world.. and god never forsakes us..

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