Ramadhan Reflections: Why Do The Same Issues Keep Coming Up In My Life?‏

Why Do The Same Issues Keep Coming Up In My Life?‏


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When we reflect on things that are occurring in our lives and challenges we may face, sometimes we may realize that there seems to be a pattern to problems that we face. Instead of going down the “why me?” route, we need to step back and explore what may causing it. Sometimes we see a pattern, something happens that leads to pain/anguish and turmoil and that pattern keeps repeating in our lives.

Although we may sit and pray for change, we must remember the principle, “God will not change the condition of a people unless they first change what is in their hearts”.  When we stop and think about this, it should lead us to the question- “What do I need to change about myself, about the way I do things for my circumstances to change?”. If you are unemployed and sit all day and pray for food, it will not drop out of the sky. You also need to go out and work for it.

However asking this question is a fundamental first step to helping things improve in our lives. It is requires us to let go of our egos and critically reflect about how we can better ourselves. Do we have to change our belief systems, habits, patterns of thinking? Unless we do this, we set the stage up to see ourselves as victims of a circumstance. As having no control and this can lead us to a deep sense of sadness, grief and even depression.

We pray and ask for what we want and then we do our best.

We need to forget about the voices that tell us that we “can’t do it” or those that say we always mess up. Those voices will only lead us down a destructive path, one from which no good can come. This is not what Allah wants for us. Allah knows that you and I CAN change. He gave us the ability to do so and the opportunity to seek His guidance and help so that we will succeed- not fail. It is only when we do our best can we ask for Allah’s guidance and TRUST that the help will come at the right time and in the way that will be best for us.

So brothers and sisters, we need to park our egos at the door and instead of thinking of “this is the way I do it…” and instead seriously ask ourselves what we need to change in ourselves and then begin to make those changes. At that point, we need to be patient and depend on God and know that with God’s help- success is near.


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