Ramadhan Reflections: Every Soul Shall Taste of Death are You Ready?

Ramadhan Reflections: Every Soul Shall Taste of Death are You Ready?

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Ramadhan, our noble guest has come and she is quickly departing our company.  Soon, we will be at the end of this month. It should make us think about what other things in our life that will quickly approach. Regardless of faith or beliefs, one thing that we can all agree on, is that one day, we will all die. Allah reminds us in the Qur’an that “every soul shall taste of death”.

For some people, this can be very scary. Especially if all we see are the things of this life, this world and all it’s enjoyment, our understanding of death will be limited to thinking that everything is ending. However, our understanding in Islam is that this life is phase two of our lives and there are two other phases that follow.  Sometimes because we cannot fathom this, we deny the possibility.

However if we think, of a baby in the womb of it’s mother, it’s entire universe is it’s mother’s womb. It feels safe in the darkness, in the warmth and close to it’s mother’s heart beat. Imagine telling that baby that if it waits to an appointed time that no one knows, and works hard, that it will be put into a brand new world, a greater world, with blue skies and rivers, trees, beautiful colours, flowers and food of all kinds…it’s greatness and wonder would be like nothing it can imagine. Just be patient, you might say to the baby. What would the baby think or feel? Our life in this world is a transition that is similar and though we may not be able to see it or feel it, this does not mean that the Hereafter does not exist.

So one day, we will face our death and our success in the Hereafter is dependent on how we live in this life. What have you and I put forward for a day that we will be called to account? We forget at times, that every single thing that we do, in public and private is recorded by the angels. So on that day, when we stand before God, what will your record display?

What did you do in public? What about the deeds you did in private when no one could see? Did you remember that God could see you? What was your intentions/motivations for doing what you did- was it to be seen? Pride? To gain some money or prestige? Or was it for God’s pleasure? These are things we MUST think about now because when we are visited by the Angel of Death, it will be too late.

Perhaps the time for reflection and consideration of what we things we need to change and improve in our characters is now. Or have we become fooled by the myth of, “I have the rest of my life ahead of me, I can do it later”? How long is the rest of your life? My life? Does anyone know? Since we do not know, then we need to take account now, before we have to give account for our actions.

May God bless us to remember this and cause us to review the way we are living our lives. May we work to do as many good deeds as possible to try and gain the Pleasure of God now while we have life to do so.

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