Libya: How to Reverse a Revolution


Hwaa Irfan

It seems kind of ironic that as sections of the Libyan population, and bordering countries with allegiance to the U.S. wait in anticipation to hear the hopeful news of Gadaffi’s death in a region that has gone through a people’s uprising, that the person whose death is awaited was the product of a revolution in 1969. It is with curiosity one wonders how a people’s revolution perceives the wanted death of a man who actually did what they set out to achieve – to break the colonial influence over the natural resources, and the future of the country.

From a completely impoverished country once under Italian colonial rule that then transferred to the UN until independence in 1951 – to Britain, and the U.S. in 1969, the man they want dead lifted Libya from a state of poverty to the most advanced socio-economic status on the continent, wiped out illiteracy, provided free education and health to the extent that the per capita income on the continent was the highest for a population of 6 million, and increased of life expectancy to 77+ years.

One supposes if Gadaffi had committed crimes against humanity in another country instead of his own a better fate would be in the offing if it was not for the fact that Gadaffi eliminated the last vestiges of colonial control by eliminating foreign military bases from Libya soil, and expelled the U.S. airforce base previously run by Mussolini.

The powers that be do not take kindly to leave behind what does not belong to them, and strike back with a ferocity as if it is their God-given right, the reality of which a neighbouring people have never been faced with directly can comprehend when words of “revolution” ricochet from the U.S.-sponsored Alliance for Youth Movements, and the National Front for the Liberation of Libya which is based in Washington D.C. and fronted by Ibrahim Sahad. How does a comglomeration of ex-ministers represent a tribal people without a vote!

After all why should the powers that be suffer as they take from the poor to give to the rich even within their own borders including the recent $1.2 trillion in loans from public money in the safe keeping of the U.S. Federal Reserve to bailout failing banks (200-2010), when Libya runs its own central bank, has no need of IMF or Ponzi, does not produce debt, and only lends what they have to give. Why should Gadaffi get away with only the Pentagon killing of his 2-year old daughter in 1986, along with the collateral damage of “others?” How dare Gadaffi dream of nationalizing Libyan oil and then provides Libyans with an expansive social insurance program.

If it wasn’t for the backward element within any society that blindly believes in privatization, reducing social programs, subsidies and integrating into mismanaged western markets, there wouldn’t have been increasing unemployment and a growing gap between the rich and poor as if this is only natural. As Kleptocrats call for “democracy,” on others shores and the rights of the people yet seek to quash any similar thoughts within their own borders.

Now, Libya has been “placed” in the hands of the National Transitional Council by external powers as if they have the right to do so, supporting a potential puppet government that follows the Washington Consensus to ensure that Libyans handover the oil – what a twist on any revolution, as one wonders what is in store for Egyptian revolutionaries, and whether Assad has not spoken some element of truth as the NTC’s letter to the French writer and philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy allays Israel fears as they set to normalize relations. Meanwhile, the largest foreign oil company Eni (Italy) operating in Libya before the “revolution”/civil war prepares to return home to Libya as its biggest oil producer to continue business as usual!

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