Heavenly Signs: What is the Sun Telling Us?

Heavenly Signs: What is the Sun Telling Us?

By Hwaa Irfan

It has been notable this years that there is increasing human spontaneous activity due to agitation, and a sense of displacement whether physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Parallel to that is Earth’s activity, and less visible activity in the Universe. Depending on where one lives one is quite aware of strong solar activity that is pumping out energy to the extent that for 2 weeks in August not even the insects would dare to come out and irritate you.

That solar activity has been a part of the beginning of Solar Cycle 24, solar cycles happen over a 11 year period. 11 being the master number of the inspirational teacher and idealism, but when we don’t rise to the occasion the vibration represents transgression. The Sun also has a 22 year cycle where there is a magnetic pole reversal.

Solar Cycle 24 is predicted by NASA, and NOAA to culminate late 2011 and 2012. Solar Cycle 24 so far has been the strongest (by 50%) on record! On August 09th 2011 the largest solar flare in 5 years lashed out around the time of the London Riots (6-10 August 2011). It was captured on film by NASA as an extreme ultraviolet light. Leading up to that material from our Sun’s corona (Coronal Mass Ejection) made its way to Earth on August 05th as the strongest magnetic storm in years producing many auroras in the most unexpected places in the U.S. and across Europe.

According to NASA’s Spaceweather, on June 7, 2011, satellites orbiting earth picked up extreme x-rays from the Sun to the extent that solar physicist Alex Young commented:

“We’d never seen anything like it”.

This was due to the dark blobs of plasma as big as planets that came from the Sun rising, falling, and exploding.

Sunspots have been prevalent moving closer to the equator of the Sun, working in pairs with opposite polarity. When a solar wind hits Earth’s magnetic field, a geomagnetic storm erupts increasing the magnetic field, pushing down on the ionosphere, and onto our oceans making seawater heavier. Trillions of watts of energy is unleashed into the Earth’s upper atmosphere, presenting itself on the form the auroras we know and love. There seems to be some correlation between geomagnetic storms and earthquakes.

The moment was reflected in the disturbances in the gathering at Tahrir Square, Egypt, as a Coronal Mass Ejection impacted on Earth on the 09th September, the first of many for this week. The affect environmentallyhas been auroras appearing in the skies in Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, U.S: Michigan, Montana and North Dakota

On Earth, the impact is expressed in disturbance of satellites, in flow of electrical energy/voltage – power grids, and High Frequency radio. The influx of voltage from a geomagnetic storm can also disrupt transmissions via telegraph lines, telephone land lines and undersea cables.

In human health terms, it has been found that geomagnetic storms increases the risk of heart attacks, depression, enhanced anxiety, sleep disturbances, altered moods, and poor decision-making and risk judgement. This may bear some reflection on the current situation with the stock-market! The least vulnerable people are unborn children, safe in the womb surrounded by natural protection, water!

As for Allah’s other creations, homing pigeons lose their sense of direction, bees, bacteria, and snails, orientate to the geomagnetic flow of the earth.

On a metaphysical level, the increased outburst of radiation from the sun is a process of cleansing for the Earth, a cleansing that we need at more levels than one. An example of this are the clear skies that appear after an aurora appears.


Not everything is under human control, or can ever be. The current climate is evidence of this, and whatever the Heavens are up to, it may well be a blessing in disguise! What we can learn from this is that we not just mechanical, we are electromagnetic beings who are related to all things by intention, thought, and actions, and that we do not have as much personal control over ourselves as we would like to believe, especially when we operate at our lower vibrations! The earth’s core vibrate at 40 hertz/pulses per second, with a vibrational frequency of 7.5 hertz. When as humans we operate at the optimum level of brain activity, we approximate at 40 hertz, and meditate at 7.5 hertz, a low brain activity! Just goes to show too much thinking over-activates the imagination!

None of the above is what the establishment would have us believe, but the establishment is going through an intense geomagnetic storm at the moment!


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