Food Revolution: Urban Green Farming on the Rise

Food Revolution: Urban Green Farming on the Rise

By Hwaa Irfan


Poverty, hunger, and homelessness has become the new reality for millions (not thousands) of Americans as an increase of 1 million children now live in poverty since 2009 (15.7 million poor children in 2010)! As a growing number of U.S. citizens realize in these times that they have to take more responsibility for their lives, along with that reality comes the creative spirit and the imagination.

Riding on the wave of creative initiatives is the Recirculating Farms Coalition based in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Their focus is to promote locally grown fresh food, and to create jobs in the process.  Executive Director of Recirculating Farms Coalition commented:

“The current U.S. unemployment rate is 9.1 percent, and about one in six people are struggling to buy food. Building recirculating farms in diverse communities nationwide can provide fresh, local food and create stable jobs in a sustainable business, two things the U.S. very much needs right now.”

Unlike the establishment that has increasingly used artificial means to produce food, the Recirculating Farms Coalition is promoting sustainable eco-friendly farming. Clean, recycled water will be used instead of soil! The how of this, are water-based plants called hydroponics, as well as fish.  Experts will include everybody from educationalists, farmers, fishermen (of course), and even chefs, as well as non-profit organizations that focus on accessible, but sustainable and healthy food. These are exciting times for anyone whose talents can be developed by putting them to use in favour of the greater good. To add to c challenge, wide open spaces of land is not a criteria, instead one can grow aquatic foods on one’s desktop. They consider that a well run farm re-uses 99% of its water, and recycles waste without antibiotics, and chemicals growing much needed  fish, vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and even flowers to brighten the spirit.

The states that are already participating in the program include Wisconsin, New York, Texas, Louisianna, and California.

training for farmers, build a model farm for teaching and demonstration and actively engage the public on recirculating farming issues. Recirculating Farms Coalition will also provide training for farmers, and to build a model farm to show how it has worked for years. Just to prove the point, fourth generation farmer  co-founder and president of Premier Organic Farms in Texas, Susan Bedwell informed:

“I am a fourth generation farmer, and I converted to recirculating agriculture over six years ago. People are now recognizing the many advantages of these farms,”

“We farmers are joining together with others – academics, chefs, fishermen – in this coalition to raise awareness about using clean recycled water to grow food locally, virtually anywhere, year-round. This is a very significant step in changing the quality of our food here in the U.S.”

Want to know more contact Marianne Cufone:
(813) 785-8386, (813) 785-8386

Be the change you want to be said Mohatma Gandhi!



University of New Hampshire (2011, September 23). One million more U.S. children living in poverty since 2009, new census data shows.


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