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What Libya was Before the Pseudo People’s Revolution

What Libya was Before the Pseudo People’s Revolution


By Hwaa Irfan

On the scale of things in any given situation, a series of wrongs do not make a right. No matter how much one desires that something is the truth, when that truth is built on injustices in order to create a picture, the stain from that truth remains even when buried under lies. I am no fan of Gadaffi/ al-Qathafi, neither do I hate him, for I do not know enough balanced information about him, but what is clearly evident even from afar are the atrocities that have been committed in Libya, not only by NATO, but also the so-called rebels who have usurped the Arab Spring to stake their claim at all costs. No wonder foreign journalists in the country were confused as to what has been happening, because they had a pre-set mind as to what has been happening and exposure to a steady flow of misinformation especially when Denmark, Germany, Spain and Italy, and Australia, praised Colonel Gadaffi/ al-Qathafi for his work in human rights in August 2011, Gadaffi/ al-Qathafi was set to get a UN award.

Liberating Libya

The position of being the lone voice is a familiar albeit uncomfortable one to be in, especially when one finds a constant Big Lie being perpetuated in the name of the common good. At what point in the obsessive compulsive rush to grab Libya, did public schoolboy British PM David Cameron who is out of touch with the realities of his own people decide that it was OK to spend £2bn pounds of British taxpayer money bombing and killing much more than those who have lost their lives in Syria’s civil unrest?

At what time did the arrogance of NATO and its allies including the Arab world decide colluded to perpetuate an image of Libya that is far worse than the reality was for most Libyans whose voices have been removed from the corporate media outreach?

It was pain that an unknown man on an English speaking Egyptian channel lambasted the channel and all Arab media for perpetuating the violence and genocide of black people in Libya with their racist lies about pro- Gadaffi/ al-Qathafi black mercenaries. A program never to be repeated this man was forced to not remain silent when faced with the prejudices of the interviewer and another guest, an Egyptian lost in the illusions of the British Empire with accent to suit. At what time did it seem acceptable to ethnically cleanse a country of the Tuareg of southern Libya, the indigenous Tawergha, and the massacre of thousands of Libyans who dare to support Gadaffi/al-Qathafi like the Al-Meshashyas. These people are not only being butchered by the ‘liberators’ of Libya, the so-called rebels, but with full support from NATO without whom the successes would have been minimal. All of this is in contradiction of Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide states:

“any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such:

Killing members of the group;

  • Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

But as we know, from the way that the anti-austerity measures taking place in the West that any international law has since faded into the archives of history when it comes to the rights of the ordinary man, woman, and child.

Article 4 of the said Convention we now known only refers to those who become an obstacle to the course of exploitation taken up by the West

Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article 3 shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

It does not apply to NATO!

It does not include the town of Tawergha which in 2005 had a population of 31, 250, and with the courtesy of NATO now has 0, yes 0 meaning nobody!

Mass graves abound and are reported on a weekly basis by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Taken in an operation by the so-called National Transitional Council, NTC, in close coordination with NATO on August 13, Tawergha is 40 miles from Misrata/Misurata, along the western coast of Gadaffi/ al-Qathafi’s hometown Sirte. Reports of the de-ethnicized attack were in a NATO press release:

  • 10 August: In the vicinity of Tawergha: 3 Command and Control Nodes, 2 Military Storage Facilities.
  • 12 August: In the vicinity of Misratha: 1 Military Facility, 1 Ammo Storage Facility.
  • 13 August: In the vicinity of Misratah: 4 Anti-Aircraft Guns.
  • 13 August: In the vicinity of Tawurgah: 2 Military Vehicles, 1 Anti-Aircraft Guns.

Witness to the devastation is Amnesty International itself with reports of rape, disappearances (that includes being dragged out of hospital), and killings (that includes lynches and beheadings). Anyone who asks, is told that the Tawergha have gone to Niger, which borders Libya, but that is an extremely hazardous journey lasting weeks, not days.

Mass graves include any pro- Gadaffi/al-Qathafi forces. This only came to light because of an amateur video and Amnesty International, as anyone who refuses to kill protesters is also killed. The so-called Prime Minister of NTC, Mahmoud Jibril has been reported to have said to the reputable Wall Street Journal:

“Regarding Tawergha, my own viewpoint is that nobody has the right to interfere in this matter except the people of Misrata.”

And NTC are the liberators! The street language for a liberator is someone who “removes/takes” something that does not belong to them i.e. liberate ownership! If one is conversant with Islam, one does not have to wonder which school of learning ethnic cleansing comes out of – it only comes out of a sick heart and mind!

Balkanization is the means that the European powers have always used to divide up the land and its assets of other countries from which to build their wealth. This was the case with the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. They are even doing this now with the North Pole, and space! This is what the conference in the leading modern day colonial power France was about, to divide up the assets of Libya amongst themselves. To achieve this goal they:

  • Bombed and polluted the world’s purest water supply to the people of Libya
  • Bombed the electric grid
  • Bombed homes
  • Bombed civilian structures, and military equipment
  • Massacred men, women, and children
  • Raped women

Basically preventing any uprising from the people with the full assistance of the NTC.

The True People’s Uprising that has been taking place is under the Green Flag of the republic that Muammar Gadaffi/al-Qathafi built – the Jamahiriya. Green marches have still been taking place in the capital of Tripoli and Benghazi. NTC has not been able to take Tripoli despite the volume of misinformation by the corporate and Arab media. In fact, all the tribes are in full support of Gadaffi/ al-Qathafi, but given that the population of Libya was only 4 million, they might succeed in eliminating any opposition sooner rather than later!

Why the West Wants Gadaffi/al-Qathafi Dead?

Because Gadaffi/al-Qathafi who never claimed the title Prime Minister, or President, posed a threat to international elites ability to grow richer from the poor…  Africa had already been designated for neo-re-colonization when it dared to make economic growth at the same time as the Wall Street initiated global economic crisis. There has been no holding back with the World Bank assisted land grab in the re-scramble for Africa. Gaddafi posed a threat through the African Union advancing the cause of a united Africa with his humanitarian and developmental projects, to initiate a gold-based currency, which is not only more stable than the fiat-monetary system we are suffering from, but also means that banks and the likes cannot profit from taxpayers, and cannot make money from money they do not or have ever had! The global dollar economy would have no reaching impact on the continent, and oil would be owned by Africa not multinational companies that exploit, and impoverish local communities. Now we have the U.K.-based Heritage Oil hustling in on Libyan oil, which only represents 2% of the world supply, which proves it is not just about oil. Heritage Oil through the barbaric NTC have paid U.S$19.5mn (£12.6mn) for a 51% controlling stake in Benghazi-based Sahara Oil Services in the midst of rape, torture, and massacres. Libya’s oil is only a starting point for Heritage International which has a pre-tax loss of U.S$9.6mn (£6.2 million) for Jan-Jun 2011, and a 2010 loss of U.S.$12.3mn (£7.9 million).

Al-Qathafi’s mistake was to suppress the opposition by all means, but it was probably done in full knowledge of the real global power structure for he had done a lot to protect Libya from that power structure. From international pressure preventing African leaders to attend OAU conferences in Libya, to several coups and attempts on his life (e.g. the actor who could only act like a president, Ronald Reagan in 1986). Then there was the Lockerbie frame-up which led to a 10-year ban on Libya. It was by the grace of African leaders Mandela, Museveni and Rawlings that forced the UN Security Council to break the sanctions. This support from his African counterparts, renewed his faith in the power of the AU.

It was the same threat that Martin Luther King Jnr of the black civil rights movement posed unintentionally to the U.S., when King advanced the call for….

Muammar Al Qathafi

This man overthrew King Idris in 1969 unlike NATO and NTC in a bloodless coup. He established the Libya as an Arab Republic 42 years ago using the philosophy of Arab socialism and nationalism. This philosophy was recorded in The Green Book. Al-Qathafi gave up the position of Prime Minister, and was referred to as “The Brother Leader” or “The Guide” the latter being a tough act to follow for anyone without it going to one’s head.

Economy – Libya was one of a few countries that had no debt, and is the only country that had a Central Bank that was not privately owned, but owned by the state!

Education – while countries like the U.S., and the U.K., is making education unaffordable to the average person, Al-Qathafi made education free from kindergarten to university. When the barbaric rebels turned Libya upside-down, thousands of Libyan students abroad wondered how their tuition would continue. Britain said it would step in… don’t let the British students know that, but more than likely the source of the funds are from the U.S.$150bn+ in Libyan assets. However, before the pseudo-revolution 270,000 Libyan students only had to pay a nominal U.S.$9 (nine) to have access to university education. Libyan universities before they were bombed by NATO had massive libraries, and research departments equipped to international standards!

Health – the cost of health was free to Libyan citizens, with access to hospitals and clinics with international standards.

Marriage – the Islamic dowry was paid by the state at U.S.$90,000, with newly married couples eligible for a housing loan whether to buy or build under the Islamic banking system – i.e. 0% interest!

Child Mortality – was reduced from 70/1000 in 1980 to 19/1000 in 2009. In the U.S. the child mortality rate for 2006 was 28,527 annually according to the U.S., National Center for Health Statistics.

Petrol and gas for local consumption was only U.S.$0.75cents per gallon for Libyan citizens, an unmatched price for most citizens elsewhere in the world. A percentage of the sale of these natural resources was credited into the bank accounts of Libyan citizens. Since NATO bombing Libyans have to travel far to queue hours at a gas station.

Agriculture – for those who looked to farming as a career, farmland would be given to them along with a home, necessary equipment, seeds, and livestock at no cost to the recipient

Fresh water supply – the same water supply that NATO has been bombing and contaminating to deprive Al-Qathafi supporters is the same system that Al-Qathafi created by means of huge pipelines (aquifier) that supplies a luxury to many countries, Western and non-Western, fresh water to the Benghazi and other coastal regions from southern Libya without borrowing any money under the Great Man-Made River Project at a cost of U.S.$35bn. If the money was borrowed from abroad, the cost would have been much higher due to interest rates, and capital repayment hence why Germany and others are eager to lend money (that as far as their citizens are concerned is non-existent), which would make money for the lending country/institution, and deprive Libyans of the heath, education, water and other resources.

Water and electricity was free to Libyans.

Telecommunications – 45 African countries united to form Rascom in 1992, to establish, supervise, ad construct a satellite for telecommunications and T.V. broadcasting. This would have put an end to drawing on much needed African resources which has been a Africa-Europe-Africa transfer of services billed by Europe at a cost of U.S.$500mn using Europe’s network of satellites. The donor applied to was the European controlled IMF, and IMF kept on putting up obstacles to a project with an estimated cost of U.S.$ US$400mn. While IMF dragged its feet, from 1992 – 1996 Africa lost U.S$ 7bn. Al Qathafi provided U.S.$300mn, the African Development Bank provided U.S.$50mn, and the West African Development Bank provided U.S.$27mn launching the first African satellite system in 2007.

The African Union also known as the Sirte Declaration was signed in 1999 in Al-Qathafi’s hometown Sirte.

1980s, Libya under Gaddafi was considered a pariah state by Western nations, which alleged oppression of internal dissidence, acts of state-sponsored terrorism, assassinations of expatriate opposition leaders, and crass nepotism exhibited in amassing a multi-billion-dollar fortune for himself and his family. Gaddafi was a firm supporter of OAPEC and led a Pan-African campaign for a United States of Africa.If this is a dictator, then we need more of them who can actually think constructively for the long term sustainable future of their people and country in world where almost everyone is in-depth except for Libya before NATO, and the pseudo-people’s revolution whose blood-lust spells further doom, and the threat of a people’s uprising if they cannot kill most of them now!

The world’s response to what is happening in Libya is an indictment on our humanity, and our sense of true justice. If we accept what is happening in Libya, we have little right to question what is happening in our own environments for it will impact on our lives in a negative way, our right to question, the sovereignty of our countries, and it will reinforce the international elites grandeur of wealth and give them carte blanche to go anywhere, and do anything at complete disregard for anyone else.

True democracy exists only through the direct participation of the people, and not through the activity of their representatives. Parliaments have been a legal barrier between the people and the exercise of authority, excluding the masses form meaningful politics and monopolizing sovereignty in their place. People are left with only a facade of democracy, manifested in long queues to cast their election ballots. – Muammar Al-Qathafi


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