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Heavenly Signs: I Can See Four Rainbows…

I Can See Four Rainbows…


By Hwaa Irfan


The majesty of the heavens, and its portents, or simply natural phenomenon always has the amazing affect on us when we observe them. For that one moment the child within us is awakened, and we are open for a short while to the unity of all life and its simple glory. So too are we awakened when a quadruple rainbow was photographed for the first time, taking us away from the burden of our miscreations, i.e. the multi-global crises we face today.

The challenge was set by meteorologist Raymond Lee when according to the Daily Mail Lee predicted the conditions that a quadruple rainbow might exist under, leaving enthusiasts to take that first shot. Taking up the gauntlet, the boys came out to play – Michael Grossman and Michael Theusner took the first known shot of a quadruple rainbow – a rainbow that is four in one.

The image that is shown throughout the internet only shows a double rainbow because of position in relation to what is in fact a quadruple rainbow. Lee predicted that the key condition to finding a quadruple rainbow is that it is only visible while looking towards the symbolism of our soul, the Sun, whereas normal rainbows are visible while looking away from the Sun. Does this say quadruple rainbows are something special!

The Science Behind It

Persian astronomer Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi (1236 – 1311), and student Kamal al-din al-Farisi (1260-1320) gave the first accurate explanation of the phenomenon of the rainbow.  Roger Bacon wrote in his Opus Majus (1268) of light shining through crystals, and water droplets, thus reflecting colours. The raindrops bend the colours in the sunlight at different angles, causing dispersion and making visible the colours that make up a rainbow. But it was Sir Isaac Newton who demonstrated that white light is composed of all colours of the rainbow.

In scientific terms it explained as:

1st Rainbow – multicoloured light passes through a raindrop, some of which is reflected at 138 degrees from the Sun.

2nd Rainbow – Not all light exits the raindrop. Some is reflected back into the raindrop, and is re-processed.

3rd Rainbow – The process is repeated again, but is dimmer than the double, and forms around the Sun.

4th Rainbow – Arises from the third at 40 degrees from the Sun.

The Irish leprechaun’s pot of gold is kept in the safest place at the end of a rainbow, and where else would one keep something precious safe and sound. For this is whe n seeing is believing, because after all, the rainbow is an optical illusion totally dependent on the location of the viewer. The closer one believes one is to the rainbow, the further away it is!

Our perception of reality, the three dimensional kind is a product of sound, and light, with color a product of light waves of energy – how un-three dimensional can one get with that! All energy vibrates at different frequencies and colour is no exception. In consciousness terms, the higher one is up on the colour spectrum, the faster one’s consciousness is. Red being the colour that vibrates the slowest, is the most visible, but it is also beyond the physical!

White light contains all colours emanating from the three primary colours Red (hydrogen-physical), Yellow (carbon = mental), and Blue(oxygen-spiritual).

As everything emanates from above to below, the cool of Blue represents knowledge of the Divine, and Divine Intention from which all in harmony flows, stimulating Yellow refers to wisdom, and the warmth of Red refers means by which we take our place in the world. Four for the quadruple, represents foundation, and the Sun, is the soul which we have removed ourselves from in order to be accepted in an increasingly dysfunctional world. Put them all in a pot and stir, and what we basically have is a stew that nourishes and strengthens the fact that we can all do a lot better than we are doing right now in order to raise the planetary vibration from the quagmire we have allowed it to become with the wisdom, that comes from remembrance of the Divine in all our actions – i.e. unconditional love, and lots of it!



‘Quadruple Rainbow Photographed for the First Time.’

Allen, G.

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The U.S. Government not in the Interest of Haitians

On Thursday, Aristide boarded a plane in South Africa bound for Port-au-Prince. Joining him on the flight is his wife, Mildred Aristide, attorney Ira Kurzban and actor Danny Glover.The U.S. Government not in the Interest of Haitians

By Hwaa Irfan


After the electoral farce early this year, which kept the people’s choice, former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide out of Haiti by the will of the U.S., until two days before the elections. With the help of U.S. State Secretary, Hillary Clinton’s visit January 30,  Martelly was sworn in. The U.S. thought it had succeeded like many to vote in 50 year old Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly, a musician as  President.

The heavy hands of colonialism has applied the worst racial stereotypes to the Haitian people to support the establishments presence in Haiti. Control over Haiti remains and any threat was perceived to be kept at arm’s length, without factoring in that Martelly had a reputation for mobilizing the people.

So it must have come as a surprise to the U.S. establishment in September 2011, to discover that the voice of the people had not silenced pertaining to the demand for the UN’s MINUSTAH  to leave Haiti immediately.

In fact the recent gang rape of a teenager caught on camera could not be silenced when Martelly lend his voice to the call. In fact Martelly was left with no choice, has his two far right candidates for Prime Minister was rejected by the majority.

As it becomes increasingly apparent that the wishes of the people are not the concern of the current occupying establishment,  Bill Clinton arranges for the U.S. man in Haiti. In August 2001, 6 senators from Haiti’s opposition were called to a meeting with U.S. diplomat Garry Conille. Conille, is the son of Serge Conille, a former minister to the much hated Duvalier, and close friend of the head of butchers Tonto Macoute. Conille Jnr. Also happens to have worked for the UN, and runs as chief of staff for Bill Clinton, the UN special envoy to Haiti.

The U.S. has governed Haitian resources from their invasion 1915 – until current times with everything concentrated in the capital, Port-au-Prince. To those that have survived, the earthquake offered an opportunity, an opportunity that is being kept in check by the Interim Commission for the Reconstruction of Haiti, a commission led by former U.S. president Bill Clinton, that consists of foreigners, and remain completely unknown to the Haitians who remain excluded from the whole process. According to Jeanty, the Articles 12, 13, and 14 of the bill that Bill Clinton wrote in includes:

  • The power to reclaim any land in Haiti for whatever reasons


  • The power to take any land they want


  • That the Ministry of Finance have to give Clinton what he wants


This is the set-up in Haiti, and one that is glaringly apparent to the people of Haiti. In contradiction to the 1987 Constitution which prohibits any foreigner from owning land. On method employed by Clinton is the awarding of no-bid contracts, an example of which is a ‘foreign company that was awarded contract of US$400mn, the name of which remains unknown to the Haitians, and the task of that company was simply to clear up the rubble that still remains after the earthquake – in Haitian law, any contract over US$2,250 has to go through process of bids. The Haitians fought and lost against this bill being passed. The fundraising opportunity seized upon by former Presidents Clinton and Bush doing fundraisers for Haiti fronted by Michelle Obama, none of those millions benefited Haitians in any way, but went towards paying the troops!

From the spread of a new variety of cholera since the  devastating earthquake, to a series of rape incidences all pointed with unabated evidence to the 12,252 strong  MINUSTAH force  in Haiti. The deportation of 108 Sri Lankan soldiers, members of the force was not enough to quell the continued sexual abuse of minors. The recent accusation (rape of a boy) with evidence from a marine’s camera was at the hands of MINUSTAH’s marines as  the discharges of UN troops continues to spill out onto the beaches.

Has nothing continues to be done, to improve the conditions of Haitians, or to allow Haitians to improve conditions themselves, Bill Clinton appoints his aide, Garry Conille to ensure that U.S. will and might be done as the new government is formed.

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