Wall Street’s Arab Spring: Protestors Protect Themselves with the Law

Wall Street’s Arab Spring: Protestors Protect Themselves with the Law

As protests around the world gather pace, and the establishment will do anything to quell and dumb-down the masses, protestors may find that if their cause is true and just that it is not enough to go out on the streets to shout and hold placards. This is evident with Cairene protestors in Egypt, who into the 10th month of demanding the same things that they demanded from the outset on January 25th are less better off than they were when they first started when at least the will of the people was one. Their mistake was not handing over governance of Egypt to the Armed Forces, their mistake was not taking responsibility for the revolution.

As the Arab Spring meets the American Fall, the protests that erupted on Wall Street have woken a sleeping giant across the country. However, one thing the American protestors do not have, which Egyptian protestors had, was a purpose greater than jobs, and a roof over ones head.

  • 46.4% of households pay no federal income tax
  • 34.2% of the population receive food stamps subsidised housing and Medicaid
If all that is being asked for by the people, then the powers that be are happy, and know they continue maintaining the very system that has led to protests around the world.

At the same time, when one has been asleep for a long time, and led to believe that there is only one way for a long time, the only reaction one can possibly have is to any personal loss as a result of actions of the establishment. That all said and done, it took two years for American protestors to wake up to what did begin in Wall Street after all, i.e. the global economic crisis.

Over 700 portestors have been arrested from the Wall Street protests, and 6 of those arrested filed a class action lawsuit against the New York Police on October 4th 2011, using the very law that might fail them yet again. The basis of the lawsuit is constitutional violation with the intention to entrap to facilitate arrests.

Protestors were warned not to walk on the roads. Entrapment took place on Brooklyn Bridge. It was brought about by the NYPD escorted and led protestors to a point, and then blocked further movement, making it impossible to leave the Bridge.

Their names were collected, they were fingerprinted, and samples of DNA taken to be added to the police database and it is feared to the federal Terrorist Watch List. As such, the lawsuit represents all those arrested, claiming damages, violation of the 1st and 4th Amendment of the Constitution, and to have their names stricken from all records that relate to the arrest.


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