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Behind the Masks of the Feminine X: Phosphorus

Behind the Masks of the Feminine X: Phosphorus


By Hwaa Irfan


We began with 3 Minerals of the natrum group…

I. Natrum muriaticum, depicts a woman who is very much a product of the Industrial Revolution. Natrum muriaticum has grown up in an environment emotionally distant depriving this type of woman of what she needs to flourish in her life.

II. Then we explored the feminine face of Natrum carbonicum, more down to earth and open than Natrum muriaticum, but thrown off balance by a rejection that began as a traumatic experience from her past. Defined by her comfort zone she is subject to anticipatory anxiety that arises from anything new because she has a deep sense of worthlessness.

III. Natrum phosphoricum’s sensibility is grief. In a state of dis-ease she is volatile and sensitive to external influences. She feels worthless and reacts to her pain out of fear which suppresses her internal communications, emotions, and the normal functioning of their bodies.

Three Flowers

IV. Pulsatilla is a vibrant person who moves with the flow of events. She has an innate sense of human relations, and God’s plan for human society. Unlike the Natrum sisters, Pulsatilla’s problem is not one of grief, or inner suppression, but of external censorship. She expects fairness, and when that fairness is missing, they become distressed, and instead of moving with the flow, they become tossed by the wind of events. Their life force becomes weakened without the ongoing environmental support and love they need.

V. Staphysagria is a born intuitive, who likes to stand above the crowd. Their level of intuition makes them sensitive to external influences, and combined with their desire to be noticed they feel deeply hurt if ignored. With a lifetime of rejection Staphysagria reacts in a variety of ways the result of which is a struggle of suppression vs. expression.

VI. Belladonna has abundant life force and gives out a lot of energy. Extremely healthy looking belladonna stands out in a crowd, but they do not desire company as they have no need for external stimulation for they are complete within themselves. Their intelligence is apparent, emotions vivid, but can be quite excitable. As creator and destroyer they work towards the nurturance of humanity by destroying the false ego. Belladonna’s sensibility is shock disappointment in love, fear or too much sun. As she loses sense of a true self, it becomes replaced by a false-self filled with fear and anger.

Three Marine Remedies

VII. Sepia is a female archetype who is independent by nature like Pulsatilla and Natrum Muriaticum. She likes to be away from people, and withdraw into nature. She seeks to be herself, unfettered by the expectations of others, especially men, unlike Natrum Muriaticum who seeks independence as a protective mechanism against hurt. Independent, ambitious and career minded she needs intellectual challenge, but celebrates her freedom, her connection with her own body, and her connection with the earth. Her love of independence, and being unfettered by the expectations of others, becomes the means by which she falls into a state of dis-ease.

VIII. Calcarea carbonica like most people when the oyster feels at ease the shell opens, but passively lets in the sea water, and any food. When in danger the shell closes. Famous Calcarea carbonica people include Mozart, Helen Keller. They have a lustrous nature like the pearl that glows through a long process of becoming. Cool to touch, pearls are a symbol of spiritual wisdom, light, female sexuality, and the creative power of the female principle, and as a nurturer. When things go wrong, she is unable to cope without someone providing that sense of safety and protection, and when missing, they develop serious anxieties which compromised their life force as in the case of her mineral sister Natrum carbonicum.

Three Remedies of the Mineral Group

IX. Sulphur  is about appreciation, and so it should be. Insoluble in water, Sulphur combines with almost all the elements, and therefore falls into more than one homeopathic family. The 9th most abundant element in the universe,  sulphur offers its opposite as a part of its polarizing feature. As a male energy the sulphur type originates out of the collective consciousness, and is dominant through all life. They are pioneers, and adventurers not fearing the unknown, and always questioning and seeking answers, but fall from grace when they are no appreciated enough.


X. Phosphorus

We take a look at a second inorganic mineral, phosphorus, which like all members of the  Elemental Kingdom are fundamental to the earth and human structure, representing slow and progressive development, physiologically, psychologically, and metaphysically.

Phosphorus glows in the dark from a source of light that is emitted from within – a luminescence, but combusts spontaneously when exposed to air.  This quality made phosphorus the center of intrigue in the 17th century, with observations noting that those who made frequent contact with it were sexually aroused. It acquired a reputation in the treatment of tuberculosis, and dilute preparations were found to increase mental and physical power. Fear of it would come later from abuse exposing the individual to its toxicity.

Phosphorus does not occur naturally, but may be found in the oxidized compound form of phosphates . It is the 11th most abundant element in the earth’s crust, and is one of the three main elements of the plant kingdom that make plant life possible.

Phosphorus is one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, second only to calcium. It is one of the five elements that make up our DNA, and generally plays a fundamental role in the subtle release of energy.  Essential to the formation of healthy bones and teeth, phosphorus is essential to many of the processes of our bodies like the regular contraction of the heart, and normal cell growth.  It is also found in substantial amounts in the nervous system,

The Person

Phosphorus is a Greek word meaning Carrier 0f Light [Venus’s], and is often equated with the lightening – the flash of illumination – Lucifer is the Latin equivalent. The glowing quality of phosphorus was equated with Judeo-Christian mythology in Lucifer’s fall from grace consumed by his own inner light, i.e. the light of his own ego-based intellect which became blinded with selfish pride, becoming his own god. That light shines without warmth, yet seductive, gratifying yet ensnares. Consultant homeopath, David Lilley refers to this fall as the “price of intellectual arrogance.” As Lucifer fell, so too did the emerald from his brow, a symbol of unconditional love (the 4th chakra).


Vithoulkas describes the phosphorus person as generally lean in appearance, tall, delicate in features, hair, skin, and hands. As a child they would have been very open and impressionable; one can “see through” such a child, whose being is effortlessly manifested, without much reserve. During adolescence, there is a tremendous growth spurt which leads to the typically lean, lanky appearance.

Throughout life they are warm, friendly extroverts who enjoys friendship and company very much, but also may enjoy solitude to pursue artistic endeavours. Such a person is enjoyable to have around, because he or she is truly sympathetic, freely putting the interest of friends above personal concerns. The Phosphorus person is highly intelligent and refined. There are no secrets for such person; whatever is on her mind he shares freely towards friends and even strangers.

Much of their life revolves around interpersonal relationships. Such a person makes a good politician, the type that pushes for humanitarian causes, or a sales agent because he has the ability to sell anything he believes in. They place love very high in their ideals, with an emphasis on reciprocal love, not one-sided live like her sister Natrum muriaticum. Individuals that place love very high in their ideals are usually outgoing, open-hearted, affectionate and cheerful. They are likely to tell you that they want to feel loved and that they would do anything to achieve it. They often feel that they are not loved as much as they would like. They are sensual creatures, and to caress is a way of expression, and related to the idea of love. Phosphoric compounds are recommended for all those individuals that care so much about being loved.

They love the limelight, and show an aptitude for drama, art, dancing or music being naturally graceful and rhythmic. Their academic achievements do not always reflect their potential, as they love to play the most. With maturity, they become refined, enriching society through the arts.

However, the phosphorus person needs structure, as they have a conflict between stability and freedom.


Phosphorus’ vulnerability is diffusion picking up on its signature which is found always a part of something else (compound phosphates). As it plays a crucial role in all creation, so it is easily influenced for there are no barriers. When stressed as in giving out too much energy instead of the slow release she plays in nature, barriers fall. On the physical level injury occurs as in haemorrhaging, as the barrier walls of the blood vessels allows blood to diffuse into surrounding tissues.  Menses might be heavy or prolonged with the blood bright red in colour. They may be easily refreshed by little sleep,  but the more mentalized they become the more sleep they need. She thirsts for cold drinks, which can also ease any burning sensations in the stomach until it warms in the stomach. She comfort eats on chocolates, and sweets.

On the emotional level, they give out freely without being able to contain and protect themselves from emotional vulnerability. The roots of dis-ease for phosphorus can start in their childhood, with doting parents that help sow the seeds of narcissm. This is because as children they have precocious gifts of intelligence, looks and talent which makes them shine. They are made to feel too special and become seriously spoiled brats. Conversely, the phosphorus person is pre-disposed to be born into an emotionally deprived environment, or a spiteful mother, which somehow, phosphorus are able to survive by seeing themselves as ‘different’ and special, but if a split occurs between their outer and inner world, phosphorus hides in a world of superiority and entitlement when in fact they feel abandoned, neglected, and rage the extent of which worsens depending on the level of abuse.

The impact of childhood abuse grows within her using the sense of superiority to seek power according to Lilley. Using her sexuality, she learns to manipulate others and dominate them ensnaring as Lucifer ensnares, as the cold attracts before discarding with that she has conquered. The burning within her manifests as burning sensations within the physical with flashes of heat that spread from the hands unlike Sulphur which spreads from the feet but cannot bear to have the hands covered. This is why they thirst for cold drinks like her sister Pulsatilla, but as soon as what is consumed gets warm in the stomach more energy is lost, and the symptoms reappear again.

On the mental level they become unfocused and even space-out. She becomes sensitive to changes in atmosphere, whether climatic, social or emotional. They can be easily startled by a sudden noise, and evening the lightening that is a part of their nature. They develop anxieties and fears that dissipate the energy of phosphorus the woman. She is anxious about the welfare of others, and about her own health, and fears being alone, fear the twilight, and fears thunderstorms. As the dis-eased state progresses, phosphorus the women finds it more and more difficult to relax, tends to hyperventilate creating imbalance in the pH of her blood. Sleep is no longer refreshing, and remains anxious to the point of fearing disease, and even death according to Vithoulkas.

The ailments of phosphorus are mainly physical, from severe headaches, gastro-intestinal disorders, problems with their extremities, complaints of the chest, urogenital and sexual, but with the healing qualities of the homeopathic remedy, balance can be re-established!

We live in a world whereby unconditional love is the exception rather than the norm, everything has a price including the insatiable appetite for food and sex. We pretend relationships are not important, and bury the hurt in our subconscious, while projecting a false image into the world. After all it is a world that prides itself on monetary value, a value that as we all can see is quickly depreciating. The modern materialist, corporate or otherwise enacts a fall everyday that has a price. Parents have to know that the value of their unconditional love is the birth right of every child, and not the conditional love that corrupts and spoils a whole life.




Lilley, D. “Masterclass: Archetypes of the Materia Medica – Phosphorus.” The British Homeopathic Association.

Vermeulen, F. “Prisma: The Arcana of Materia Medica Illuminated.” Emryss, Netherlands. 2002.

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Fire in the Heart

Fire in the Heart

By Maria Yraceburu*


I can vividly recall my first real encounter with my spirit guide, Kato’ya, when I was four. I had been playing out in the canyon my family shared with a herd of mustangs near Hawley Lake, Arizona. I had been playing for several hours, feeling very peaceful, and went to lie down in the grass near the waterfall and watch the dragonflies playing in the mist.

All of a sudden, it seemed like I was being talked to inside my head, yet from outside. I looked around me and saw a small rattlesnake near the pond, warming itself in Grandfather Sun’s light. As I looked into this creature’s eyes, it began showing me the Changing Mother, earth, explaining that she was going through shifts and changes to birth a new world, and that there was nothing to fear. The Creepy Crawler said that I would move to California to live, but that the majority of my family would stay in Arizona. I was quite comfortable living in the 1800 setting of our intimate lifestyle with Nature, and would miss my grandfather and cousins immensely, so I didn’t want to move and didn’t like the message. I didn’t remember what else was said, although it went on for a long time. As it turned out, when I was ten, after one of my cousin was murdered, I unexpectedly moved to Carmel to live with my father.

By this time, I was receiving messages from Kato’ya on a regular basis. On the reservation it had been easy to discuss these things with my grandfather, but now, in mainstream America, it was hard to know who to trust. I sensed whole realms of ideas behind every painstakingly spelled out word, but I didn’t feel confident enough to speak, and I was afraid to share with those that were not of my tradition.

Once I was able to express Kato’ya to others, my fear slowly left until one day it bid me goodbye, saying that as I became attuned to my Spiritual Guide it was difficult for it’s Shadow to come through, and that it’s purpose had been accomplished. From then on, Kato’ya guided me, giving direction, helping me teach, and assisting me with my spiritual evolution.

All that I share, is Kato’ya’s gift.

I am inviting those of you on a Path of Beauty – of light and joy – to join with the essence of One as you read my words, and feel the community of all who are sharing knowledge in this time of earthly change. There is much that can be accomplished by a group holding unified, pure intent in their joint mind. Whenever certain thoughts and beliefs are held and practiced by a group of people – and the focus here is love, spiritual growth, and higher purpose – they magnify tenfold the ability of each person to create them in their own life, and make those thoughts available to others who are reaching out for assistance.

I invite your soul to join with mine as we explore our greater potential. Kato’ya’s essence is in these thoughts and helps us open to our deeper, wiser selves. We are becoming who we always knew we were. Many of you have always felt different from those around, as if you knew you had a mission, something special to accomplish with your life. I hope my words help you unlock the keys to remembering that mission and purpose. I invite you to journey to the realms of light and love you came from, free of fear.

Joy is an inner note that you sound as you move through the day.

The Path of Beauty – of compassion – does not obligate you to love everyone regardless of how they act or who they are. It is a path of seeing the truth of who they are, acknowledging all their parts. It is the path of looking at people and asking is there anything you can do to heal, assist, or bring them in touch with their higher vision? If there is not, then you need to ask yourself, how will being in contact with them heal, assist, or bring you in touch with your higher vision? If there is no answer to either of these questions, then be on your way in peace and gratitude.

You may ask, what am I here to do that will bring me joy? Each one of you has things that you love to do. There is not one person alive who does not have something they love to do. What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do.

All of you reading this are healing and growing, for you would not be attracted to this information if you were not evolving and raising your vibrational frequency.

Hiyaa gozhoo dolee . . . May peace and love flow over you.

Maria Naylin iskiñihí Yracébûrû is Quero Apache Tlish Diyan diiyin – a storyteller, healer, ceremonial facilitator, and teacher of Snake Clan knowledge and philosophgy. As a diiyin trained since birth by her grandfather Ten Bears, she is the guardian of a wealth of ancient and mysterious knowledge that has been passed down through countless generations. Her awe-inspiring insights come out of a diiyin’s unique and special relationship with nature, with what can only be called a “spiritual earth connection.” A healer and teacher for over 25 years, Maria’s articles have been translated into 20 different languages. She is the author of LEGENDS AND PROPHECIES OF THE QUERO APACHE – TALES FOR HEALING AND RENEWAL (Bear & Company, 2002), and currently working on two other projects: CIRCLE TALK – WORDS OF POWER; and SKY HUNTERS RAPTOR EDUCATION & REHABILITATION, with life partner, Lynda, from their home in the  San Diego mountains.

*Copyright ©2000 Maria Yraceburu

Maria Yraceburu is a diiyin (HolyOne/Lightning Shaman), an Elder, a Wisdomkeeper, a teacher and a traditional healer. Born into a lineage of shamans and trained from early childhood on by her grandfather Apache Juan Ten Bears Yraceburu, her work is centered on the ancient oral traditions of the Apache-tlish diyan teachings and practices of earth.

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Face-off Across the U.S.

Protests began 3 weeks ago on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan – since then protests have spread despite the media blackout. Protests have been wide-reaching causing U.S. officials to close down the Washington’s National Air and Space Museum which was showcasing an exhibition  of the military drones used in Afghanistan. This was the result of  protestors who entered the museum…

From A.N.S.W.E.R*

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Face-off Across the U.S.

From A.N.S.W.E.R

Demonstrations, die-ins, marches and occupations took place across the country on Oct. 7 and 8 marking the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war. In the last decade, thousands of Afghans have lost their lives, 1,700 U.S. service members have died and over 40,000 have been wounded. ANSWER Coalition members and activists organized or participated in several of these events. Below are reports from some of the cities where actions took place.

San Francisco

A solid 800 protesters gathered at the opening rally at the Federal Building for the protest initiated by the ANSWER Coalition.

The rally featured speakers from several groups: Omar Ali from Youth and Student ANSWER, Nathalie Hrizi from Teachers for Public Education, Jiddou Sirker from the Progressive Students’ Union (Oceana High School), Dr. Henry Clark from the West County Toxics Coalition, Stephanie Tang from World Can’t Wait, Chito Cuellar, head of the Hotel Division of UNITE HERE! Local 2, and Steve Patt, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five. Carla Romero and Cameron Zaidi, fourth-grade students from Buena Vista Horace Mann school, also spoke at the rally.

Other contingents represented included: students, parents and teachers from Horace Mann, AF3IRM, BAYAN, Party for Socialism & Liberation, Peace & Freedom Party, Unitarian Universalists for Peace, FMLN and SF October 2011 Solidarity Coalition

After a spirited rally, the march took to the streets, with demonstrators chanting “Occupation is a crime from Iraq to Palestine!” and “Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!” At Powell and Market, the protesters engaged in a die-in symbolizing the cost of this criminal war in human terms.

From there, demonstrators moved up Powell Street through the heart of downtown San Francisco, chanting “El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!” and “They say cut back, we say fight back!”

With picket signs pumping and banners flying, the demonstration marched to the Grand Hyatt in solidarity with the picketing hotel workers who have been struggling for a contract with the notoriously ruthless ownership. A union chanter-supreme, Alphonso Pines, led the crowd in “We’re gonna boycott! We’re gonna shut it down! San Francisco is a union town!”

A rally followed with powerful speakers from the hotel workers, Richard Mead, president of ILWU Local 10, and Richard Becker of ANSWER. The march took to the streets again for its final destination—the Financial District. As the protesters approached the Federal Reserve, also the location of the Occupy SF encampment, the occupiers and their many and growing supporters joined in the chant “Occupy SF, not Afghanistan!” After an hour- long rally with nearly 2,000 people, the closing chant rang out loud and clear: “We’ll be back! We’ll be back! We’ll be back!”

Washington, D.C.

Several days of action organized by the Stop the Machine coalition began on Oct. 6. The demonstrations are ongoing. On Saturday, Oct. 8, a series of marches protested war and militarism through the tourist-filled areas downtown.

The largest march began at the Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Square. A multinational contingent that included several people from the winter occupation of Madison, Wisc., and members of March Forward! marched to Stop the Machine to pick up other protesters.

The energetic group of 2,000 passed through a busy downtown to enthusiastic receptions from workers and tourists on its way to the National Air and Space Museum. They had planned to enter the museum to protest an exhibit about the unmanned aerial drone attack vehicles that currently terrorize the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere.

Vigorous chants called for “Money for jobs and education, not for war and corporations!” and “We are the 99 percent!” Upon reaching the museum, security guards attacked the front of the march with pepper spray. This led to an impromptu occupation of the museum entrance, which forced its closure for two hours.

Shortly thereafter, a second march of combined Stop the Machine and Occupy DC members took a circular route to the White House in order to pass through busy neighborhoods, where they received another raucous response. Before stopping for a brief rally outside the White House, the group of 500 occupied a street corner in Chinatown and took the steps of a bank across the street from the Treasury Department.


Over 300 protesters gathered Oct. 8 in front of the University of New Mexico bookstore in Albuquerque for a march and rally to protest the 10th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, and to demand an end to corporate greed and corruption.

The protest was called by the Albuquerque Coalition Against the Wars, which included ANSWER New Mexico (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Stop the War Machine and Vets for Peace. The militant demonstration was also supported and attended by scores of participants of Occupy Albuquerque, part of the national movement inspired by the Occupy Wall Street actions in New York City.

The protest began with short and militant remarks by leaders of Albuquerque’s diverse progressive movement, including representatives of Stop the War Machine, Vets for Peace, and Students for Justice in Palestine. ANSWER organizer Jordan Whelchel spoke about the necessity of fighting imperialism as part of the struggle for social and economic justice at home. “Millions of Iraqi and Afghan people have died as a result of imperialist plunder,” he said. “We have to unite in solidarity with working people everywhere, and fight to end the U.S. government’s endless wars and occupations for empire.”

Following the speakers, the protesters participated in a dramatic and moving die-in. To the sounds of bombs and missiles exploding, the protesters fell on the ground as if lifeless. After the bombing sounds, people slowly rose to their feet chanting “Rise up! Fight Back! Rise up! Fight back!”

The people then poured onto Central Avenue for a militant march through the streets. Chants like “What the hell is Congress for!” “We want money for jobs, not for war!” and “Who’s got the power? The people got the power!” rang out.

Protesters boldly marched into several banks along the way, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America, carrying signs and banners against the war and against corporate greed. Demonstrators then marched right into a Walmart to the astonishment and support of Saturday shoppers, chanting militantly: “Tax the banks! Jail the bankers! End corporate greed!” The Albuquerque police, known for their brutality and disdain for civil rights, were unable to intimidate or stop the large and militant crowd.

After the successful demonstration, Joel Gallegos, ANSWER New Mexico coordinator, called on all present to stay in the streets. “This is where the power is, and we are that power. We will not rest until a new system is won by the people, that serves the people, and not the rich 1 percent. We are sick and tired of them, and they have to go!”


Bringing incredibly militant energy, youth and large numbers with them, Occupy Chicago protesters joined a mass march on the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war. In total, 2,000 people participated in a day of opposition to Wall Street’s wars.

Loud chants sustained the marchers during a warm afternoon. Among the popular chants were “People over Profits, Troops Out Now!” and “How Do We Get Our Jobs Back: Tax, Tax, Tax the Rich!”

The march was very popular, especially on State Street, a working-class shopping area. When marchers starting chanting “Off the sidewalk and into the streets,” more than a few people did exactly that—they joined the march. One such person, Erick, an African American man, said: “Whatever you guys are doing next, I want to do that. We need stand up now for something better. Too many people are suffering.”

After the march, many walked over to join Occupy Chicago, which has been protesting at the Federal Reserve for nearly three weeks against the domination of the country by the 1 percent that hoards all the wealth.

ANSWER Chicago provided their mobile sound for a speakout and mass chanting session. Dozens of people spoke out against the injustices they are facing. Immigrant, LGBT and Black youth spoke out. Students as young as 15 denounced the bankers for getting huge bailouts while they and their friends cannot get a job or afford or to go to college. Young women railed against the attacks on abortion rights. Anti-war activists connected the wars abroad with the attacks on working people at home

It was not only Chicago that was represented at the speakout. Pipefitters from Cleveland were there. A transgender woman from Springfield, Ill., was there. Students from Austin, Texas, Pittsburgh, Pa., San Jose, Calif., and beyond were there as well.

Oct. 8 in Chicago showed that the fight against the billionaires is on.

Some 400 people gathered to condemn the decade-long U.S. occupation of Afghanistan for a protest and die-in Oct. 7 organized by the ANSWER Coalition.

The crowd was multinational and young with some members of Occupy LA joining the action in solidarity, connecting the wars abroad to Wall Street profits at home.

One man in his late 60s, Henry Howard, put it bluntly: “There is no way they [the U.S. military] would be able to perpetuate their lies and recruit people to fight Wall Street’s war. They use the idea of ‘job security’ to lure young working-class people into the military and then use them as cannon fodder for the rich.”

Speakers included Jim Lafferty, director of the National Lawyers Guild, Blase Bonpane from the Office of the Americas, Angel Bartolome of AF3IRM and Peta Lindsay from the ANSWER Coalition. After the militant speakout, protesters held a mass die-in at the peak of the demonstration to symbolize the massive loss of life in the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The demonstration of hundreds came at the heels of an earlier demonstration against the wars comprised of mostly clergy members and supporters. The ANSWER action closed with the pledge of the crowd to keep taking to the streets until the end of the wars.


In Seattle, the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Afghan war nearly merged with the Occupy Seattle action.

As Occupy Seattle began to get off the ground, it hadn’t yet been decided where in Seattle people would hold the occupation. Initially, people were protesting daily outside the Federal Building. At the General Assembly on Sept. 30, it was decided to start occupying Westlake Park, a centrally located plaza in downtown Seattle across the street from a shopping mall and a transit hub. It is also the location of many free speech activities.

By Oct. 2, there were about 40 tents up. Within two days, the city had responded with threats to Occupy Seattle, “asking” that the tents be taken down. Mayor Mike McGinn issued a statement in which on the one hand he claimed to be in agreement with the aims of the Occupy Movement, while on the other hand he insisted that the tents must come down.

Particularly infuriatingly was his reference to the Oct. 7 anti-war demonstration to mark the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan War, and the Oct. 8 International Indigenous Peoples Day event, both permitted activities, as a reason why Occupy Seattle should not have tents in Westlake. The mayor tried to make it seem as if Occupy Seattle would be preventing anti-war activists and Native people and their supporters from holding their activities.

Jane Cutter of ANSWER Seattle was down at Westlake on Oct. 4, leafletting the crowd to let them know about the anti-war action coming up. Jack Whitehouse, an organizer with Native Peoples Alliance with Friends and Allies, and also a member of ANSWER, showed up and was mingling with the Occupy Seattle folks. An impromptu rally ensued and Cutter made a speech in which she welcomed everyone to participate in the Oct. 7 and 8 activities, stating that the struggles were interconnected.

As she stepped away from the microphone, an activist popped out of a tent and showed Cutter the mayor’s statement from the city website on her phone. Cutter immediately grabbed Whitehouse and they agreed to issue a press release condemning the mayor’s attempt to pit protesters against each other. The statement went out late that night and was picked up on the Stranger’s blog and was also posted on the Occupy Seattle Facebook page. A local NPR affiliate, KPLU, ended up interviewing Cutter as well.

The following day, Oct. 5, the city held true to their threats and arrested more than 20 Occupy Seattle members and confiscated all the tents. Occupy Seattle determined to hold strong and remain at Westlake no matter what. The mayor began to back down, and made a statement that he was “providing” a temporary permit to Occupy Seattle to remain in Westlake (with one “organizing” tent) and offering permission to set up overnight tents at City Hall plaza. Occupy Seattle has taken this on advisement and will make decision about the offer on Oct. 9.

The anti-war protest was sponsored by ANSWER, World Can’t Wait and Veterans for Peace #92. People gathered at Seattle Central Community College where Cutter and Emma Kaplan of WCW ran down the game plan for the action. A spirited march down to Westlake ensued. At Westlake, more people were waiting for the rally at Occupy Seattle. A die-in took place as the media snapped photos of the action.

What followed was a people’s speakout against what Dr. Martin Luther King once called the triple evils of poverty, racism and war.

Several veterans spoke of their experiences serving imperialism and how that made them want to fight to make a better world. The crowd cheered when Lyle Mercer, a WWII vet and member of VFP #92, spoke out to give encouragement. Timothy Bedwell, 25 years old, a Navy veteran and member of March Forward!, explained that he joined the military because he was poor and felt he had no other choice if he wanted an education. Serving in the Navy in oppressed nations in Asia, he saw how people lived under the boot of U.S. imperialism, and it changed the way he saw the world.

Others spoke about how they were sick and tired of tax dollars being spent on immoral and illegal wars, and about the impact of military spending on social needs at home. Nina LaBoy, a long-time peace activist in Seattle, held up a strip of paper representing Obama’s proposed budget, 60 percent of which will go to the military, not including veteran’s benefits (which are being cut.) One young woman spoke of how she cannot find a job, or even be a volunteer, despite her many skills, because she is a convicted felon.

A particularly moving moment came as the crowd raised their fists to say “Troy Davis, Presente!” and cheered as Cutter condemned the racist death penalty and the criminal justice system. A young man named Abdi closed out the rally by reading a poem he had written that beautifully summarized many of the issues that had been raised.


ANSWER Syracuse joined a march of over 100 people in Syracuse, N.Y., Oct. 8 in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy Syracuse began on Oct. 2 and has rapidly garnered support from a wide range of members of the community. The issues being protested were clear: End economic inequality, corporate greed and U.S. occupations overseas.

The protesters marched through downtown Syracuse, passing towering bank buildings and boarded-up businesses. The group loudly proclaimed, “We are the 99 percent,” as many passing cars honked in support.

ANSWER Syracuse led the “Occupy Syracuse—not Afghanistan!” contingent, leading anti-war chants and distributing anti-war literature throughout the march.

The march ended with a rally at the Occupy Syracuse encampment at Perseverance Park, directly in front of the local Chase bank headquarters. Another march is being organized to take place on Oct. 15 at 2 p.m.

New York City

As the Occupy Wall Street movement enters its third week, members of the ANSWER Coalition fanned out in Harlem, the Bronx and other working-class neighborhoods on Oct. 7 and distributed thousands of flyers entitled “Occupy Wall Street—Not Afghanistan!”

The flyers drew the connection between massive unemployment, growing poverty, cutbacks in education and other vital programs, and the murderous occupation of Afghanistan, which cost $120 billion in the last year alone.

Imperialist war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya is a source of super-profits for the corporations, banks and the 1 percent who dominate political and economic power in the United States.

*Jonathan Miller, Preston Wood, John Beacham, Kevin Baker, Sarah Carlson and Adrienne Garcia contributed to this report.

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