Canada: Now Bush Reappears on the Scene

Now Bush Reappears on the Scene

By Hwaa Irfan

One remained quite dumbfounded that the actions of former President G.W. Bush Jnr., went unreprimanded as Obama took over presidency. It was all too easy, too smooth. Like a Cheshire cat, it seemed as if he completed the task by putting into place all the global structures to facilitate the international elites dominion over the world’s resources. Bush had changed the meaning of governance, proving that with a change in policy here and there, a president did not have to be accountable to the people. The economic decline of the U.S. began with Bush who was handed a healthy economic climate by former president Clinton. Within 7 years, Bush had made it possible for the American rich to not pay their debt to American society, and with that move the American deficit crisis emerged.

Obama was never meant to succeed; he was just the face to keep the people “happy”, while the machinations put in place by Bush and Co (the international elite) takes shape. Certain reports from with the finance industry and without have pointed to an expected monetary collapse. Whether intended or acknowledged as a fundamental flaw of the fiat system elements at play is trying to force a situation that will come under one rule of law. As peoples rise up in protest around the world, what has been suspected for so long, and evidenced is no longer a series of conspiracy theories, but a statement of fact, as the establishment is not even hiding that it has no interest in the needs of the people who have produced their wealth. Libya marks the re-scramble for Africa in wholesale terms, and what they are willing to do to secure their powerbase.

Now Bush raises his head again at an economic forum in Canada where Bill Clinton is also in attendance. Viewed as a war criminal by many, protestors were justifiably out in force against the presence of Bush. A view supported by many including Amnesty International, the question that comes to mind is what sort of economic forum ensues in Vancouver, that requires the presence of Bush.

Canada is a country that has not been hit as hard as those in Europe. It gloats a strong, but regulated baking system that has proven to
be resilient. Investment banking is strong there, but unlike the track record of Bush, Canada demands “real” deposits, which has given investment banking some stability, and Canadian banking in general is well capitalized although Canada is losing its competitive edge in the capitalist economic system.

However one asks the question, if Canada is doing so well, why is there a plan to merge the Toronto Stock Exchange with the London Stock Exchange, a move that is not welcomed by all sections of the Canadian banking sector.

“The current crisis makes it relentlessly clear that we cannot have a common currency zone without a common fiscal, economic and social policy.”

“We will have to give up national sovereignty. From the European Commission, we should make a government which would be supervised by the European Parliament. And that means the United States of Europe.” – German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroede

This is while an investigation ensues into the takeover of the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges, both owned by TMX Group Inc, which in turn is being taken over by Maple Group Acquisition Corp, and as Goldman Sachs (one of the global 1%), is setting up an alternative trading system known as Sigma-X.

This is not a case that the left hand does not known what the right hand is doing, it knows very well, and in between it matters not what the 99% think or do!

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