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Monsanto: Forget the Broccoli!

Monsanto: Forget the Broccoli!


Sometimes, just sometimes, one really wonders about the remit of the intelligence of the establishment. They are obviously not in a state of consciousness, and have slipped down the path of the Law of Mechanics. That can be the only explanation as to why, despite facts, despite evidence, and in total disregard of the people whom they use rules to control, once again
Monsanto strikes again!

It does seem to filter into their brains that GM foods does not produce the promised yield, contaminates conventional crops, demands too much water when we should be conserving water, produces superbugs, and is no longer resistant to the bugs that they are supposed to defeat.

Yet still, the European Patent Office (EPO) did not go ahead with a public hearing on the patenting of a gift from nature to humanity as a whole, in this case broccoli.

The public hearing was scheduled for October 26th 2011 for a patent on life, by who else but America’s Monsanto, which holds patent EP1069819. Challenged by a similar company Syngenta, the result is that the way is now open for GM broccoli which apparently has been bred using conventional methods – if that is the case, why is it patented!

Regardless, European consumers might not know that it is already on their supermarket shelves or to be more precise Marks and Spencer. A Tad more expensive, and labelled “naturally better” it still does not answer the question why is it patented, and why will farmers see a further reduction in the seeds they have access too!


“Patent on Broccoli Will Not Be Revoked – Monsanto Tightens
Death Grip on Food”

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