A Libyan in London Speaks About Libya

A Libyan in London Speaks About Libya

Russia Today refers to Hilary Clinton on a Libyan trip two days before Ghaddafi/Al-Qathafi’s assasination as the “Wicked Witch of the West”, indeed on news of his death it is commonly known that she laughed.

Many people of the Middle East are sickened by the manner of his reported death,a manner that is symbolic of the whole NATO operation that has left over 30,000 deaths (while the media focuses on Syria’s 2,000+ deaths), have razed towns and villages, and have left many mass graves.

Asiel, a young Libyan in London, from the Ghaddafi/Al-Qathafi town of Sirte, where former President Muammar Qattafi/Al-Qathafi the African Union was signed into existence reflects on the realities of what has happened while the corporate, and Middle Eastern media focuses on the few Libyans celebrating portraying them as representative as the whole of Libyan.

Asiel equates the NATO operation to the 1911 invasion and occupation of Libya by Italy!


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