Africa Mourns the Long Sojourner

Africa Mourns the Long Sojourner


In the week leading up to Muammar Qathafi’s torture which led to the confusion over his capture, and his assassination, the governing Egyptian Supreme Council for the Armed Forces West decreed that Africa was now its top priority. Whether this was meant in terms of trade, as the West is now positioned in Somalia, Uganda, and Libya to make a re-scramble for Africa, or in terms of protectionism/defence in terms of the ensuing nightmare about to descend upon the continent, shall be revealed by time.

As Qatari-controlled Al Jazeera, Saudi-controlled Al Arabia, and UK-controlled BBC amongst others portray a victory of a mad man, those who knew what Qathafi stood for do otherwise when he proclaimed he would never leave is country, and would die fighting, as he did with his son Moatassim.

Muammar is Arabic for ‘Long Sojourner’. Many Africans describe Qathafi’s death as a dark, and one whereby terror will reign.


“We are the 1 percent who are not celebrating,” – Salim Abdul


“I had never been really a fan of Qaddafi, but now I am touched by how he died,”

“Love him or not, we must recognize that this is one of the greatest African leaders who influenced several generations, including mine, and found in the constancy and courage of his positions what we research in a hero. In a word: pride.” – Music festival director, Manny Ansar.


He “spilled his blood as a martyr to rekindle the fire of revolution all over the world,”

“The people of the world will rise up against this.” – Militia leader, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari.

“The lesson we should draw from the death of Gaddafi is that the world is being recolonised by America and NATO under a new condition. In the case of Gaddafi, he ruled his country and ensured the security of his people. He also had influence on people’s lives, particularly, Africa. He served his people all his life. Nigeria has a lot of lessons to learn from the way Gaddafi ended. Libya and Iraq were states of their own which western imperialism detest. They want to dominate the earth. The next target is Nigeria.” – Balarabe Musa

“The death of Gaddafi did not come as a surprise because he volunteered to either die or succeed. He was determined to die or succeed in the crisis. He was engaged in a war against imperialists. A man like him committed a blunder by overstaying for 42 years. He was one of the finest African leaders we have. If we are to count three African leaders who can be said to be good, he was among the them. He used the wealth of Libya for the welfare of the masses.” – Senator Suleiman Salawu.

South Africa:

“It is the view of the ANC that this could have been avoided had the African Union road-map been adopted.

“We are as convinced now as we were then that a peaceful approach would have saved many lives in Libya if it was given a chance.” – Jackson Mthembu

Toro, Uganda:

“Allah has done his will. We have lost good hearted man who cared for all people regardless of their religions. He loved development and he had great ides of developing Islamic and Africa at large.”  – Qadi, Sheikh Habib Mande.

“We are consulting each other to see how best we can mourn our hero. We are most likely to hold special prayers to show our grievances to the fallen revolutionist.” – Information Minister Arthur Namara.


“Government has closely followed developments unfolding in Libya, especially in the last 24 hours. Zimbabwe just cannot accept what has happened in that African country as a legitimate way of correcting systems on the African continent.” – Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu

“This is a sad day for the people of Africa” and marked “the beginning of a new recolonization of Africa. Through the forces of NATO and the West, we have lost one of our brothers.” – retired Major Cairo Mhandu.

And a word from another man the West Likes to hate, President Chavez of Venezuela:

“They assassinated him. It is another outrage,”

“We shall remember Qaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr.”


Ennhar. “Gaddafi: “I Chose To Stay, Fight and Die with Dignity”

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