U.K: To Become a Genderless, Parentless Society

U.K: To Become a Genderless, Parentless Society

By Hwaa Irfan

As of December 2011,  all official documents, passports included will no longer carry the terms that humanity have none since existence equated with “motherhood” and “fatherhood.” Considered a “politically correct step in their battle in defence of “sex minorities” this will more than likely be present a ripe harvest for traffickers in children. Instead Parent 1 and Parent 2 will be used, a move that represents one of the few correct decisions the U.S. did not take.

One questions at what point does national politics over step its mark when it comes to personal politics, as in this case it stands accused of dismantling the family structure as we know it – not that this is already happening in British society with the endless result of spiralling crime, orphaned children, and sexual abuse of children whose sexual integrity is compromised on a daily basis either through he media, and/or in daily life. Yet when things go seriously wrong for the establishment concerning the youth, the blame automatically goes towards the parents.

The only response that Parent 1 and Parent 2 can take when it comes to passports is to postpone allowing their children to have their own passports at all for their own protection. However when it comes to documents like birth certificates, and school documents opens a pathway to legal wrangling the victims of which will be the children.

Chair of inter-regional “For Family Rights” Pavel Parfentyev expressed his views to the Russian daily Pravdu as follows:

“Indeed, this is a serious international trend. It started back in the seventies and the eighties as a powerful movement to defend the rights of sexual minorities. There were organizations that tried to defend even the rights of pedophiles, who, as they believed, also had the rights for their own sexual preferences.

“The organizations publicly said that their goal was to destroy family. Afterwards, under the pressure of public opinion, many activists decided to refuse from the openly sexual bias in their activities. They proceeded towards the protection of human rights. This is how they approach children’s rights today. They think that children must be protected from the despotism of their parents – from any forms of traditional upbringing, that is to say. In order to accomplish that, one has to destroy the traditional family first and to make the family become a form that enslaves and binds children,”

Involved in the issue over a period of time, the steps towards dismantling the traditional family structure on the part of the U.N., has been quite consistent regardless of the thousands of reports and studies over the years that support that a child’s needs based on their natural disposition is a secure, committed, and loving environment which has been much undermined by developments in society. Parventyev comments:

“A family is much more than a marital union of two people. It is a reproduction mechanism for the whole society. The movements for the protection of rights of sexual minorities are trying to undermine the traditional or natural family, as we call it. They want to take it beyond the scope of public values. More importantly, they want to separate the process of procreation and childcare from marriage and family. According to them, children and parents are two different things that must exist separately from each other. They cast doubts on the special role of parents in raising children,”

This is not just the emotional response of an expert, but one that is a fact when the family bond breaks down. It also nurtures a society based on lack of connection, and self interest, when mental health is a growing problem as a result of that emotional and psychological distancing. It is also the reason for increased aggression and violence within and without the family as individuals increasingly find it difficult to offer what all humans need, unconditional love.

Yet, not all parents have been privy to this debate, caught up in the daily battle for survival and maintaining a family. So it is not surprise to find that there are British parents who are not even aware of what will happen come December 2011.

“I thought I misheard a clip on the news earlier about Mother and Father details being removed from child passport applications in future, and being replaced with Parent 1 & Parent 2.

Googled it, and it appears it is so. So not to alienate same sex couples, the word father and mother are to be removed, and replaced with parent 1 and parent 2.

So WYO on this? Do children of same sex partners not have a mother and a father, regardless of whether they are involved with their upbringing? Is it irrelevant?” said one parent on a blog.

This only calls for more documentation that provides proof that a parent is the parent of the child, and not just a marriage certificate, otherwise anyone can make that claim, and in many cases do when it comes to trafficking in children, but where is the evidence that children are happy and wholesome raised by same-sexed couples?

At what point does the right of a few undermine the right of the many, in this case the right of children to be raised by social mechanisms that support their development emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually? One can argue well is that the case for mixed gendered marriages, and one can reply that the same conditions that undermine the family for mix-gendered couples is the same for same-gendered couples who have more instability, more abuse, and more health issues than the conventional married couple.

Once again, the establishment needs its head testing in regards to an issue that is based on purely circumstantial evidence within a short period of time, historically speaking! As messed up as the U.S. is, at least they were able to access common sense to do the right thing, and not leave a child to be programmed by the media, and a dysfunctional education system, and nothing else in between!

Is this 2005 document enough to guarantee safety for a child:


I (full name) ­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________

of (full address) _______________________________________________________


aged  ________ years and upwards, make oath and say as follows:-

1)       I am the father/mother of (full names of child) _______________________________

born the ____ day of ________________ in the year of __________ . I beg to refer to the birth certificate of the said infant upon which, marked with the letter “X”, I have signed my name prior to the swearing hereof.

2)       I say that I am the sole guardian of the said infant and that:

a)       there is no Court Order giving the father/mother or any other person Guardianship over the said infant:

b)       that I have not entered into any arrangement or agreement which has the effect of making, or purports to make the father/mother or any other person guardian of the said child jointly with me;

c)       that no other person is a guardian by operation of law;

d)       that no other circumstances exist whereby there is or may be a guardian.

3)        I make this Affidavit from facts within my own knowledge save where otherwise appears.

Sworn and declared by the above named __________________________________________________ this ______ day of _________________, 20_____ at ________________________________________

before me (print full name) ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ and I know the deponent:_________________________

Signature of Deponent                                                                                                             OFFICIAL

_____________________________________                                                                        SEAL OR

Signature of Person Administering Oath/Declaration                                                                STAMP

and Telephone Number ________________________________________


At appropriate places please delete either the word “father” or the word “mother” and make any other amendments or deletions as appropriate

This document must be sworn or declared before a person authorised by law to administer oaths.

NOTES                                                                                                                  AFFIDAVIT 1

Where a person claims to be the sole guardian of a child and in order to comply with the terms of the Status of Children Act, 1987 it is necessary to complete the attached Affidavit form [AFF 1].

This should be completed in the presence of a Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths.

This Affidavit should be accompanied by –

  • the regular passport application form, APS1 [where the applicant is resident in the State] or APS2 [where the applicant is resident abroad] ;
  • the child’s long form birth/adoption certificate and previous passport, if applicable; and,
  • in the case of children born in Ireland on or after 1 January 2005 the Long Form Birth certificate or Irish passport of the parent. Where the parent is not an Irish citizen other documents in regard to the parent are required. Full details on these requirements are set out in the notice New Citizenship Changes effective from 01 January 2005 on this site.


Passport Office

May 2005

Then too should a child who has been towed from one marriage to another, and has had their right to their natural parents ignored, have documentation that they willingly give their consent and that should be done at a time when a child is fully cognizant of what it means, which in real terms is not until they are in their topsy-turvey period of adolescence. When same-gendered couples can have children of their own, then they will be in a position to exercise their rights instead of claiming the rights of others!


Smetanina, S. “Europe To Destroy Traditional Family And Sexual Identity” http://english.pravda.ru/society/stories/10-10-2011/119281-family_europe-0/

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