Heavenly Signs: Sunspot R1339

Heavenly Signs: Sunspot R1339

By Hwaa Irfan

As we approach the much awaited 11-11-11 by some, and meaningless to many. If anyone one was aware of the vibration on 11-10-11 it might give a clue, because that day was difficult for many – there was a great need to sleep, a heavy feeling that made one feel not in control.

In the world of numbers, 11 is the teacher, the number of transformation in a year that scientists Saul Perlmutter, Brian Schmidt and Adam Riess won the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering what many cultures rooted in their cosmologies have been saying, that the universe is expanding. Some of us have been expanding our consciousness, and for those of us who have, we are aware of the significance of these times as defined by the universe.

As the great pilgrimage (Hajj) comes to a close for this year culminating in the symbol of the great sacrifice on Eid ul Adhaa, the Sun has been busy preparing for us here on earth a massive sunspot, apparently the biggest in a long time. It is not yet facing Earth, but is expected to within the coming days according to NASA’s Space Weather reports. Referred to as Sunspot AR1339, it was only in the 20th century that the West discovered that sunspots were of a magnetic nature, and that nature is unstable. As the solar cycle moves towards the climax of its 11 year cycle, this peak is not expected to end until 2012+. Why experts have been heavily focused on this cycle is because it is the slowest cycle in recorded history.

Scientists from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada have now discovered that the universe is not expanding in a uniform manner. This not only questions our concept of the universe and life, but it also corresponds with the way in which parts of humanity are growing in consciousness, whilst others are not. Stuck in the reality that has been created by capitalism far too many see this as the only option, which affects how we see ourselves, and our relationship to the world we live in. As such one remains disconnected from one’s true self, and unable to come up with real alternatives/solutions when the path that we have been treading comes to an abrupt end.

Here we are serviced by the Sun, not many suns but one Sun for all of us… it is one form of energy that can be balkanized, and denatured. It serves us all regardless of race, status, gender, spirituality or age. The only difference is the state of our hearts, which determines how we are affected by external influences.

The scientific establishment continues to state that there is no affect on the magnetic cloud that unfolds from sunspots. Yet, as stated in Heavenly Signs: What is the Sun Telling Us? The spirit of those who seek to find out the truth for themselves have led to burgeoning evidence that there is indeed an impact felt on earth. What that impact will be with such a big outburst from Sunspot AR1339 many will live to tell the tale.

From disturbances in flow of electricity, satellites, and High Frequency radio to anxiety and risky judgement making, the purifying energies from the Sun seek to cleanse the Earth of not only physical toxins as exampled by the growing radiation problem in Japan as a result of Fukushima, but also of the emotional and psychological toxins that gave birth to the many crises we face in our lives today.

Globally, we are indeed of a big purge as those who fail to see that the systems that we have used to rule our lives are no longer functional. This is signalled by the planet Pluto passing through the constellation of Capricorn, which began in 2008, the year the global economic crisis began, and continues to do so until 2023. Sunspot AR1339 adds impetus to that cycle, which spells transformation of all institutions and society at large.

Is it not better that we take this opportunity to let go, and let open our conscious, our hearts, and the integrated, interdependent, mutually respecting life that we should be leading. Let us rise above that which is less than divine love. Let us ALL learn to not live in fear of each any longer so that those who have been deeply harmed can heal, including the Earth!

The Universe is not static, so why should we chose to remain the anti-thesis of that which gives and promotes life!

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