Israel Preparing to Take on the World

Israel Preparing to Take on the World


There is nothing new about this, in fact the Ashkenazi and other European descendents of Jews have been preparing since they occupied Palestine in 1948, and is what Western powers have secretly feared ever since, but the price can no longer be the liberty and freedom of a people.

Now announces that following a successful launch of the missile Jericho-3 on Wednesday 2nd November 2011, those fears are rising to the surface. Keeping mum about Israel’s nuclear program was far from being a wise decision; instead Western powers have focused on imaginary scenarios in Iraq and Iran. Jericho-3 an intercontinental ballistic was launched at the Palmahim airbase. Jericho-3 is a 3-stage missile capable of delivering a 750 kilo warhead at 10,000 kilometers, which implies it can reach as far as Tokyo and New York. It is apparently also able to carry multiple independent targetable re-entry vehicles. It has the potential to be launched from a mobile platform, and its speed at the moment makes it difficult to intercept according
to Pravdu.

Following Turkey’s blocking Israeli from opening an office at NATO, an attempt that if it had been successful would have given Israel access to documents on other countries, Germany may follow through verbal threats against Israel’s further incursion into Palestinian territory via the
settlements program.  Given that Israel’s naval might has been at the hands of cooperation with Germany, one wonders what effect the current threat will have if Germany were to postpone supplying Israel with more German submarines, yet if it  goes ahead will make Israel have the most powerful naval fleet in the Middle East as Turkey and Iran increase their presence in the Mediterranean.

Has Germany paid its price for its crimes against the Jews in WWII!? Maybe from Israel’s point of view the world will always owe the Jews.

Unlike France, Britain and the U.S, Germany has comparatively less colonialistic tendencies towards the Middle East, but moreso towards Africa.

At first glance, the Germans had no particular interests in the Middle East. Unlike France that
cannot abandon its neo-colonialist interests in Asia and Africa, Germany prefers to pursue a balanced policy, staying out of the most acute conflicts between East and West. For all parties concerned, the worry is over the Palestinian bid for sovereignty of their own soil, hence why negotiating one’s land with  a people who have occupied it, destroyed ones villages and farms, stolen land and property, prevented the right and the means to work, have reduced the population through a program of ethnic cleansing (which is a bit difficult considering they are of the same race) and expulsion, and held them under siege deprived of food, medical aid, and
electricity has reached the point of being unacceptable, but this is what the West wants because they have reason to fear Israel whereas the boundaries of fear have been pushed far back for the Palestinians for over 60 years while everyone else got on with their lives!


“Israel launches new missile that can reach New York and Tokyo.”

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Israeli Navy of Power”


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