G-20 and Their Security vs. African Food Security

G-20 and Their Security vs. African Food Security

By Hwaa Irfan

More than mere curiosity flickers when one hears of one of the international elite’s man getting more and more visibly involved in global governance. For those who appease themselves with the youth who made it through building Microsoft – global philanthropist and one listens to comments like “He deserves it!” one would not feel so disconcerted if Bill Gates involvement in “helping” Africa was none existent.

So it was that Bill Gates was the means by which to raise the leaders of failing developed economies to “play” their role in the developing and underdeveloped world at the latest failed G20 summit. Given the mechanisms by which those failed developed economies have succeeded in keeping the developing and underdeveloped economies down, Gate’s report ‘Innovation with Impact: Financing 21st Century Development’  is just another tool in the machinations of the rescramble for Africa.

Under the issue of food security Gates commented:

“I am pleased that many of the recommendations in my report, ‘Innovation with Impact: Financing 21st Century Development’ are reflected in the communiqué – including the need for developed countries to meet their aid commitments and explore innovative financing options, and the need to promote triangular partnerships that draw on the expertise and experience of big emerging economies in key areas like health and agriculture,”

There is no doubt that Africa can draw on the expertise of the “big emerging economies” when it comes to health, and agriculture, but it remains to be seen that these economies are as described, in addition to which what can the agricultural needs and capabilities of a continent entirely different from those economies draw on when it comes to expertise.

If by “expertise” it is meant the GM crops that the U.S. is still trying to enforce on the rest of the world, then one can hardly call that expertise. South Africa is a clear example of the transference of that expertise whereby GM corn does not produce kernels in a proportion of plants, and crop yields have proven to be low, with an 80% drop in corn production, and have been found to be polluting the rivers of U.S!

One cannot continue to hide behind the notion of Gates “philanthropically driven activities” when he has shares worth approximate US$23.1mn in the world’s largest GM seed corporation Monsanto. With this in mind, one wonders if Gates recent success at getting the G2O summit to exempt “humanitarian food purchases from export restrictions and import taxes is just another legal ploy to promote GM crops which have been used for food aid! This is continuance of U.S. policy. According to Greenpeace, U.K. U.S.A.I.D does see its role is to “integrate GM into local food systems” and “spread agricultural technology through regions of Africa,” which was said by the former US Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell also said in Johannesburg

“In the face of famine, several governments in southern Africa have prevented critical US food assistance from being distributed to the hungry by rejecting GM corn which has been eaten safely around the world since.”

Monsanto which controls 23% of the global seed market, and controls through licenses 87% of the global land mass put aside for GM seeds. By reducing import-export controls this would reduce any regulation over GM crops and foods, which in the U.S. are not allowed to be labelled.

This is despite the strong opinion of the Institute of Responsible Technology that:

“We can conclude, from the regulatory tests performed today, that it is unacceptable to submit 500 million Europeans and several billions of consumers worldwide to the new pesticide GM-derived foods or feed, this being done without more controls (if any) than the only 3-month-long toxicological tests and using only one mammalian species, especially since there is growing evidence of concern.”

Leave aside the growing burden of proof as to the ills of GM crops and foods on the environment and human physiology, at a time when the big emerging economies, and the failing large economies are seeking by any means necessary to boost their economic growth, if Africa could be forced to take on GM crops, this would contain the issue from the rest of the world. Monsanto has already declared that:

“We’re not here because of charity. When you help small farmers today they may not be good customers. But in 10 years time, they may be good customers.”

As Monsanto fronts the international elite agenda to control the world’s food supply, it is all about profits, more profits, and more power as the GM corporations set out to create ambassadors to take on Europe and convince the establishment against the will of the people of the “virtues” of GM crops and foods. The unholy alliance between Gates and the U.Ns World Food Program which services 70 different nations! It was discovered that as far back as 2002,  that WFP has been “delivering food contaminated with GM to developing countries since 1996 – without informing them.” So Gates and WFP are indeed an unholy alliance facilitating the UN’s 1992 Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the U.N. response to the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development that was held in Rio de Janerio in 1992. Under Enhancing Protection of the Environment in Agenda 21 it states:

“Relevant institutions will need to have the responsibility for undertaking, and the capacity (political, financial and workforce) to undertake, the above-mentioned activities and to be dynamic in response to new biotechnological developments

The report details what was known back then, that the lifestyles and practices of developed countries is no sustainable on any level, but instead of focusing on that, it nets in developing countries and underdeveloped countries which in real terms is intrinsic to the sustainable development of the developed countries which lacks the resources to maintain its power and wealth. Pacifying the developing countries and underdeveloped countries with grants, aid, and investments that reap greater rewards for the investor, the time is up for such practices. Even if corrupt regimes help to continue this practice, in real terms for how much longer does the global unholy alliance expect to get away with it? Gate’s intentions are stated quite clearly in his report at Cannes:

“Ultimately, developing countries’ domestic resources will be the largest source of funds for development.”

But whose development!

All life requires dignity even in a state of hunger. If corporations which depend on the consumer, wherever that consumer may be for its livelihood, a lesson or two should be learned from the “Occupy” protests. However if one is has been “educated” in a way for so long to believe that power and wealth has right over everything else, they will have no other choice but to continue as they have been and suffer the consequences, just as those who see the clear injustices have a right to argue for a better and fairer world, and a right to informed consent.


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