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Heavenly Signs: Jupiter, and the Full Moon

Heavenly Signs: Jupiter, and the Full Moon

The November 8/9 night sky after 12.00am had surprise in the presence of the waxing moon/ almost full moon. In the midst of a clear night sky, white opaque veils clouds wisped across and around the moon unlike any night before with Jupiter shining brighter than any star dominating the November night sky. Jupiter is in the constellation of Taurus until early November 2012, addressing the matters that concern many at the moment – finances in mundane terms, but also our concept of lack and abundance. Now is the time to build more fertile foundations, planting, and nurturing that which will make our true selves thrive. For many, this is a time of self discovery as we would have fallen into the years of forgetfulness better known as materialism. As we awaken our souls we must ask ourselves have we really been living the lives we truly set out to live. Are we truly happy, or simply upset that things are not what we thought they would be. Change is the only constant giving us the opportunity to get out of the fix we have created for ourselves and others, once we have faced the results of our negative actions and reactions. Acertaining what gives us real joy, is a clue to this journey, for pure joy/passion without indulgence is rooted in our purpose that have not been corrupted or lost by our abuse of time.

While auroras have been appearing as far as Mexico, Asteroid YU55 (the size of an aircraft carrier has been expected to fly between the earth and the moon along with 15,000 other rocks that orbit the earth. Those rocks that do enter the Earth’s atmosphere show as a cascade of light as they burn up, and some fall to Earth as meteorites.

All of this leads up to ayam-ul baydh, the full moon in the constellation of Taurus on Friday 11 November 2011 when many of the planets stop being in retrograde and change signs with the full moon signifying our balance between extremes: materialism vs. spiritualism, duality vs. unity, negative vs. positive, male vs. female, us vs. them! This therefore means looking at our divided selves and the commencement of seeing us whole personally, familial, socially, environmentally and politically. Taurus is there to help us build our sense of self worth, our foundations at all levels including financially, but with the intelligence of the heart towards the parts of inner selves that have remained neglected for so long as Mars moves into Virgo to help us define and develop new skills for the challenges to come.

With the full moon between the cluster of stars known as the Pleiades and the ‘V’ shaped Hyades of the horns of the constellation of Taurus both of which have been used from time a sort of celestial clock to calculate the rhythms of nature synchronizing the once in a century occurrence of 11-11-11. Located 400 light years away from our position in the universe, as we approach the look within of the winter solstice marking a season when many of God’s creatures hibernate, we should take the time to look within ourselves and change our course of direction if what we are unhappy with the direction that we have taken thus far. As the “Occupy” protests signal a global awakening, the universe is getting into gear to spur on our spiritual awakening, demanding that we expand our consciousness. This concurs with the alignment between the full moon and the Pleiades on the morning of 11-11-11, which will influence all emotions through the earth’s watery atmospheric and climatic conditions along with the watery 70+% composition of us  humans. Pushing us to move away from the materialistic duality that separates the body from the soul and the subconscious, we are constantly reminded in subtle ways that all life is connected, no matter what form it takes. When we create imbalance within others we create it in ourselves and vice versa!

Everything points towards a new start, but not the materialistic path we have trod for so long, but the path indicated by aayam-ul baydh, the bright days to come if we begin at the beginning with who we really are, and face the phantoms we have created for so long! Of course, if choose to hold onto that which is dysfunctional, unsustainable and unwholesome, we create a battle on our hands, a battle that we stand to lose as the universe is no longer willing to support the fantasies that arise out of selfishness any longer! With the master vibration of the guide to transform our old realities into truer realities, the Creator will help us as long as we change the conditions we have accepted for far too long!

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