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What Sacrifices are You Willing to Make

What Sacrifices are You Willing to Make


By Hwaa Irfan

A need to sleep might have hit quite a few people in recent days, unbeknown to the changes that are happening in the universe as it shifts to a new phase; as the rites of hajj are complete for 2011, much as been happening above as well as on earth.

We have come to know life in a particular fashion, and even if we were not for it, eventually we want with the man-made tide, but as this year as shown us, we are no longer able to sustain that flow. Just as the Establishment seem to have everything in place; the means to keep it going are no longer. This might seem unfair to those who struggle everyday to reach that “global standard” of living, after we have been taught and entrained to value money and all that comes with it, but the Heavens have spoken and so as the Earth, that there is no balance in self interest.

Are we prepared to sacrifice our false egos for reciprocity, selfishness for general well-being, to eat less from whose mouths we are unintentionally take their daily bread, their lives, and their humanity? Are we prepared to enjoy the simple things, or to really appreciate those we say we love. Are we able to appreciate and respect our faiths, and in doing so respect the faiths of others?

At what point does the sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham was prepared to make separate from our annual ritual to the meaning in our lives?

This is the Time, to sacrifice all that is not beneficial on an emotional, spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical, and environmental level as we claim to Occupy the earth. Even if we are not inclined to do so, Allah’s servant, Nature will do it for us with earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, hurricanes, and the like removing the endless buildings we keep erecting. With heavy snows and rains, Nature will prevent us from travelling away from that we must contemplate. With the strong rays of the Sun Nature will purge us even if we do not wished to be purged, and after all of that we are faced with ourselves.

If we look back to a time in our lives before we decided to tread the mill of materialism, can one say with all honesty that this is the life that one wanted to live? Are you really doing what you wanted to do, and if so is it really making you happy? On what basis did we make our choices? Was it from our hearts, our soul, our gifts, our passions, or was it so that we could be like everyone else? How many times and how many ways do you spend finding ways of drowning out that inner voice which would prevent you from getting up the next day to repeat the same thing that you have been doing all year?

We are more than we think we are, and nothing less. We are not the machines we have wound ourselves up to become, fearful of life, and its challenges. If everything we have done to date since we decided to tread the mill of materialism has been born out of fear, then it is time to stop living in fear of tomorrow, of others, and even of ourselves.

The cup of abundance refills itself because its source is unconditional love. Can we learn to accept our mistakes as lessons, and reconnect to that Source of unconditional love. We were not meant to be carbon copies of others, repeating their mistakes and living with it. We were meant to learn from our own mistakes and grow better for having learnt from them. We were meant  to acknowledge the things we love from our hearts, and not the things that materialism has entrained us to love. For, as long as we keep rejecting a part of ourselves that we do not like, that part of us becomes stronger not better, and more difficult to control. Instead embrace the good and the bad within, so that the good can outshine the bad.

All this time we have sacrificed the wrong part of ourselves because it did not fit into the materialistic view of life, now it is time to make the big sacrifice and abandon that which makes us die a little at time within.

Allah (SWT) gives us His signs everyday of our lives to guide us in the present, for the present is only what we have.

We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. (Al-Fussilat, 41/53)

Go to that quiet space and close your eyes, and be open to how you really feel – good and bad. Acknowledge the bad without being a victim to it, and honour the good, and with gratefulness acknowledge the life force within you serves a greater purpose than that you have allowed. Honour yourself not out of pride but out of humility, so that you in turn can honour life in humility, and all that lives. See the next moment as a chance to make the real sacrifice, the sacrifice of the lower self for the compassionate self, the loving self, and the self that encompasses the abundance called Life. Let go of all that is unnatural, including the foods that you eat, for whole foods feed the blood which feeds our souls and our state of mind. How many ailments do you have that are food related?

Spend time with yourself, your family, and your Creator in the process of reconnecting with yourself.

If you are not convinced, just take a look at the state of the world and see that we have gone as far as we can with the innovations of man, and that the reason why there seem to be no solutions is because we are not willing to make that big sacrifice!


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Did You Think That Earth Orbits the Sun!?

Did You Think That Earth Orbits the Sun!?


From Alexandra Bruce


Earth Is Not Orbiting The Sun in the way we were taught More to do with Something Wrong With The Sun Moon & Earth series. Here we find an understanding of Why the Earth & our solar system do not actually orbit the Sun as taught, “Rather”, We follow or better still, are dragged by the Sun in a Spiral Pattern through the universe & time.

This video offers explains how, besides spinning on its axis and rotating as if going ‘Around’ the Sun, the Earth is shown to ‘Follow’ the Sun’s movement through the Milky Way galaxy, in a continuous Spiral, not a Flat elliptical plane, thus we find a 3D universe as opposed to the accepted 2D.

** Believe it or not, there is no empirical evidence that the Earth actually orbits the sun ! **

This compilation of videos runs thus:

This simple animation was created by Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Project Foundation

Many of us have been taught about how the solar system works by viewing a physical model that has the sun in the middle with the planets going around and around in a simple circular orbit without properly accounting for the motion of the sun (aprox. 450,000 miles per hour).
Because the both sun and the galaxy are moving through space, the Earth spirals an incredible distance through space in a year’s time. How far the Earth moves depends on the reference point you are using for something “stationary” or “background” even though all objects in the universe are in motion.

  • The Earth rotates at 0-1040 mi/hr (depends on latitude)
  • The Earth orbits the sun at aprox. 66,629 mi/hr
  • The sun orbits the galactic centre at aprox. 447,000 mi/hr

We know the Earth travels at least 3,918,402,000 miles in a years time! (as it also orbits around the sun)

Total speed of the Earth moving through space is difficult to approximate do to the combination of motions.
Using Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation it is estimated the total motion of the Earth through space is aprox. 1,342,000 mi/hr


11,763,972,000 miles in 1 year!  (which is still only 0.2% the speed of light!)

The old model might make one picture being back where you started after a year of time has passed, when in fact, you are over 11 BILLION miles from where you were a year ago!