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Illegal Arrests at Occupy Wall St.

Illegal Arrests at Occupy Wall St.

From the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

Organizations and individuals in New York City and around the country are calling on the Manhattan District Attorney to drop the charges for the 700+ people who were illegally arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1 2011.

On October 1, 2011, more than 700 peaceful demonstrators were trapped and arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge by the NYPD. Police command staff and officers actually led and escorted the march out onto the Brooklyn Bridge and then, when they reached the middle of the bridge, did an about face, stopped the march, trapped people, refused to let them go, and arrested them, all without probable cause.

Now those arrested are being forced to return to court to face baseless charges. These are working people, students, people looking for jobs, who must face the hardship of being prosecuted, and who did nothing wrong. The demonstrators were subjected to a mass sweep trap-and-arrest tactic used by the NYPD that is unlawful and unconstitutional in its entirety.

Letter from the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund to the New York District Attorney

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