Hope Unleashing in the Universe

The messengers of Creation

Hope Unleashing in the Universe

By Hwaa Irfan

For many of us down here on Earth, we have for far too long seen our world in terms of the limitations of what we do here, except we never saw our actions as limitations. In our Time Tunnel of Forgetfulness, we separated ourselves from the Universe and the Laws that guide it and All Creation, and believed in our own myths.

The biggest myth is that we could create our own lives and take control of it without interference, without needing the “other” without suffering the consequences. Now here we are suffering those consequences, but because our world view became limited and unsustainable, far too many of us have a fatalistic view of what is happening now.

As the tool of the Laws of Nature attempt to eject us from that Time Tunnel of Forgetfulness, for that is what is happening now, some of us are awakening to the reality that we are really not alone, or separate, or without hope, but if we are too busy being consumed by all the fallout from our thoughts and actions, we will not know that, at least not for now, although we must face our miscreations so that we can learn to take greater care, and greater responsibility for our lives and each other’s lives.

When one is ready to open one’s world view to a less conditional one, one becomes aware of the interconnectedness of all things, to observe the influences, and that we are not as independent from our microcosmic world view – the immediate environment – the Earth, and therefore our macrocosmic world view, the greater environment, the Universe.

Many revelations through the expanding field of science in 2011 have revealed such past notions as real and happening right now, like light emits from a vacuum, and the expanding Universe, which all reveals that there is more to life than our limited world view has led us to believe. Whilst down here on Earth the global Shift reveals new vegetation where once there was no vegetation, and dry hot climates shifting towards a more subtropical climate, life on Earth reveals a change in the balance in the nature of things as we have misunderstood it to date. This would allow the parts of our Earth that have been abused for so long to recover from what we have done to it, as will be revealed to us in the case of Japan so heavily polluted now with radiation at every level. Of course this means a Big Sacrifice, as the Earth Shifts in a manner which means for the living, that the places that were once inhospitable may become hospitable, and the places we have known as hospitable, climatically speaking, may become less so, but nothing good comes easy especially when we are not ready to let go, but this only refers to the Armageddon of our respective lives, than the Apocalyptic knee-jerk reaction we have become addicted to simply because we are not willing to let go, and realize that Hope is only a broken winged bird that cannot fly.

Yet, if we exercise our wings, and give those wings strength, we will realize in order to do so, we have to spread our wings, to include all those and that we have rejected including parts of our true selves. As we learn to do so, Hope gains strength and is spreading its wings with or without us in the Universe, so when Hope seems distant in our man-made world just take a look up and outward to its image in Nature.

Nature is not just the trees, and the plants, the birds, and the climatic conditions, it is the part of ourselves we have disconnected from, and the Universe as a whole, for as in the Alef, everything comes from that which created it and us All for in that we are All connected.

Darkness only needs a flicker of Light to no longer be dark, but Light needs an abundance of darkness in order to gather force to remove the Light. So when we look at all the forces of darkness gathering momentum, be aware that it is a knee-jerk reaction to the flicker of Light. That flicker of Light comes from the Universe in various forms, affecting and effecting us here on Earth in ways that may not be apparent until after the event, and then only if we are ready to spread our wings.

The expanding Universe when some of us are still in a state of contraction is a clear example of what is going on. Our limited world view is being pushed beyond its parameters, just as the Universe reveals new planets, and young galaxies via the Hubble Space Telescope.

“The galaxies have been there all along, but up until recently astronomers have been able only to survey tiny patches of sky at the sensitivities necessary to detect them.” – Arjen van der Wel of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany.


ESA/Hubble Information Centre (2011, November 10). Hubble uncovers tiny galaxies bursting with starbirth in early Universe.

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