Libya: NATO and NTC Still Bombing and Torturing

Libya: NATO and NTC Still Bombing and Torturing


Summary – Franklin Lamb in Libya*

NATO member states including American, French and British SAS units known locally as “disappearance squads” are into their 9 month of bombing. Referred to locally as “disappearing squads” as Libyans, particularly Ghadaffi supporters and blacks, continue to “disappear.” From the air NATO is helping the so-called National Transitory Council, NTC to “clean-up” the evidence that could expose what NATO and NTC have been doing all these months. Family member, associates, former domestic employees seem to be disappearing off the face of the global map, while any means of transport or possession is being confiscated by the NTC which still continues to torture people for information on pro-Ghadaffi elements.

Western lawyers are in Libya to help victims of NATO-NTC crimes are visited by NTC members who fear “justice” from the International Criminal Court, ICC, which is currently exploring all NATO-NTC activities in Libya.


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