Texas Drought: Hundreds of Horses Left to Die

Texas Drought: Hundreds of Horses Left to Die


The worst drought for 60+ years in Texas, U.S., has led to uncontrollable wildfires, decimated crops, and a severely low water table. NASA’S data compiled from their Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites reveal a drop in Earth’s field of gravity that is due to redistribution of the water table. The receding water has also revealed:

  • Marble tombstones in Lake Buchanan from the 1880s
  • 19th century Grave site
  • The skull of an indigenous American in Lake Georgetown that is hundreds of years old
  • Debris from space shuttle Colombia found in Lake Nacogdoches in 2005
  • A post civil cemetery of 20 African-American children at the Richland-Chambers Reservoir

But above ground hundreds of Horses have also been the victims of the drought, has hundreds have been abandoned, as owners can no longer afford to feed them.

Water by any means is water!


Just starving….

The lake bed of the Spence Reservoir…

Parched and starving…

The cattle suffer too…

Water too low for a catfish…


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