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Heavenly Signs: Total Eclipse of the Moon and the Winter Solstice

Heavenly Signs: Total Eclipse of the Moon and the Winter Solstice

By Hwaa Irfan

The 2nd total lunar eclipse for 2011, the last occurred on June 15.  According to NASA the combination of 4 partial lunar eclipses, and two full lunar eclipses in the same year is rare, in fact he first for the 21st century. Five others are expected to take place in 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076 and 2094. And to add to the occasion we are in the month of the Winter Solstice that puts a close on 2011.

The total lunar eclipse is expected to appear blood red, or there about, and it will be visible from Western North America, the Pacific, Australia, Asia, and at night in the Pacific side of North America, all of the whole Pacific Ocean to Asia, Australia and Eastern Europe. To those in the Central states of U.S., the total eclipse may appear partial and not total. The greatest eclipse is expected to take place at 14:32 UT over the Pacific Ocean, but visible from Australia and Asia. It begins at 16:18 UT.

For those unfamiliar with the Islamic lunar calendar, we have just moved into our new Hijri year 1433, which pertains to migration, physically, and spiritually.  As the planet Mercury has been in retrograde, and remains so until December 14 2011, the influence is one that has been felt strongly by many around the world, and that is reflection, review, and unburdening one’s self with what is not  sustainable. That has been an extremely difficult task for many as exampled by the global economic crisis, struggling to hold onto what can no longer serve a common purpose as we approach the solar Gregorian New Year. This period of review is not just about a physical reality, which is a projection of our perception, but is also about looking for the parts of ourselves we have excluded in the race of the external world. That sacrifice is no longer tenable, as the order of the Universe shifts to influence our progress to Oneness spiritually, physically, and in terms of humanity, and the Earth that sustains us, which in Islam is known as tawhid. It is time to begin the integrate all aspects of who we are, so that our higher selves may rise to the occasion that is being offered to us, but if we mired in the lower realities that we have created, that shift will be painful, forceful, and determined to help us make up our minds.

The total eclipse takes place 18° off the constellation of Gemini, which has a date with the constellation of Sagittarius. This signifies the fallout from letting go of that which is unsustainable to our lives on an emotional and conscious level that manifests on an environmental level. As such, if we are ready, we will be able to escape from negative emotions, and negative elements within our environment in terms of pollutants, which will last until we are ready for our Spring as it takes time.

The Sun ascends in Sagittarius which assists us to open to the Higher Truths, by expanding our minds. We might feel the need to get away, or to simply break the routine, which will assist in this process leading up to the Winter Solstice.  In close proximity to the constellation of Taurus, there is an unfolding issue for global leaders who abuse their position and power, and for the ordinary person a final decision is pending pertaining to relationships and/or re-balancing relationships. This is only a natural part of the general cleansing that is taking place, as God’s tool, the Laws of Nature can no longer support that which is not sustainable.

December being the month of the Winter solstice, we are again reminded of change, of looking within as the Earth rests in order to rejuvenate!

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