Ten Million Dead and Still Counting…

Ten Million Dead and Still Counting…

While French President globalist, Nicholas Sarkozy forgets to play politician and plays little bully with Britain’s right to not want to forsake their sovereignty for a new euro-Treaty that in real terms does not guarantee anything accept the death of democracy, and the threat of a genocide denial bill against Turkey because he does not want Turkey to join the E.U. (in fact he might be doing Turkey a favour), a more mature man, a journalist with a conscience, John Pilger looks at the U.S. humanitarian record since WWII which in basic terms amounts to:

  • 10 million people dead
  • Overthrown 50 governments
  • Meddled with over 30 governments

In this context is Bradley Manning a hero or a criminal as he stands trial for treason takes place ignoring the fact that David Shaver, a forensic investigator with the Army’s Computer Crimes Investigations Unit, testified on Sunday 18 December 2011 that he found that none of the documents on Manning’s computer matched the Wikileaks document, and Manning had legitimate access to the documents that he did have!

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