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Where Even Satellites Cannot Send Signals

Where Even Satellites Cannot Send Signals


By Hwaa Irfan

Many of us could do with being away from the constant negative chatter and panick all tied up with the global economic crisis, even if we did play our part in the illusory game of capitalist democracy. When we get over the shock and awe of it all, and beging to awaken to the reality that we are fully capable of constructing a more wholesome sustainable reality, The Zone of Silence seems like a place to get away from it all.

Just think, even if one wanted to go into remote and switch on the T.V. keep updated by cellular phone and/or the Internet, one would not be able to in the Zone of Silence, and not becuase there isn’t any electricity! It is places like these that serve to remind us that nature cannot be controlled by man.

Located between the 26th and 28th parallel, 400  miles from El Paso, Texas, which is suffering from a severe drought right now, in the state of Durango, Mexico is the small isolated semblance of a settlement called Ceballos, the gateway to the magnetic desert known as the Mapimí Silent or the Zone of Silence. North of the Tropic of Cancer, the Zone of Silence falls within the range of anomalies like the Bermuda Triangle, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the sacred cities of Tibet.

Once, the seabed of the Sea of Thetys millions of years ago it is a vast expanse of flat land, with minimal features like thorny bushes, and poisonous snakes, just like any other desert. However, there are some unfamiliar species like the purple cactus, doves that sing at daybreak, and the desert tortoise as well as the fact that the landscape is pox marked my meteor crators. The average temperature is 69.1F, and the average rainfall is 18.7 inches.

It is a part of the Mapimí Basin, a depression in the Mexican highlands that drops from 2,000-1,000 meters above sea level. The zone forms the beginning of the North American prairies.

Apparently farming the land in this area became impossile in the mid-19th century, because of the hot rocks (meteorites) that kept falling from the sky. Locals have well established that television signals could never be received in the town or in neighboring ranches.

It was the report of the Mexican aviator, Francisco Sarabia in the 1930s that drew some attention becuase his radio suddelty stopped in an unexplained manner. Then there was Harry de la Pena, an engineer whose team found they could not even communicate by walkie-talkie.

There are those who exploit the Zone since the crashing of Athena, which given the lefe and death situation for the small local population that lives miles away from anywhere, one suppose is only to be expected.

In the 1970s further attention was given due to an American missile carrying two containers of radioactive elements, the Athena which was fired from the White Sands Missile Base, overshot its target, and headed straight for the Zone of Silence where it crashed into smithereens.  When the Air Force turned up to collect the wreckage, they also collected trucks of deposits of magnetite from the area which is believed to be responsible for weakening electromagnetic waves. They couldn not take much else becuase their radar equipment could not yeild any data on the ground or by plane.

The same happened again with the Apollo Project whereby a booster ended up in the same area in smithereens. This time the U.S. miltary turned up and discovered that radio signals. Short wave, microwave or satellite signals could not even travel through air or penetrate the area – gow unfortunate for HAARP!

A series of research, seminars and conferences explored the region in 1975, which were held by the Historical Studies society of Chihuahua. The Mexican University of Guadalajara sent 30 researchers and investigators. The University of Monclava explored and tested the area which confirmed the presence of iron ore and uranium, and found that Geiger counters register high concentrations of energy. In 1976, engineers Ray Cruz, and Jorge Arguilera of the National Institute of Nucleat Energy studied the Hertzian – a slow circulating electromagnetic radio wave we pick up as sound. Cruz, and Arguilera found that the radio waves were normal, but the vertical waves were cut off thus creating the silence, and was time related not reliant on position.

Researchers have established that magnetic ore is present, but it is unclear as to whether this is part of the natural geological make up of the area, or if it is part of thousands of years f bombardment by meteors, and if that is the reason why the area acts like a gigantic magnet pulling to it whatever electromagnectic property falls from space.

Time away from man’s construct of reality in present times in the Zone of Silence might be nowhere near one’c cup of tea, but the life and death situation of the are will deifinitely shake one’s perception of reality opening up new doors to one’s true self, and hence potential. Since 1976, UNESCO supported “Man and his Biopshere” have been carrying out a program of research at the Mexican Biopshere Reserve where local and foreign scientists explore the Zone of Silence, its flora, fauna, and geological nature.

One can guestimate that more has been discovered about the nature of the environment of an area where the locals find it less unusual than the outsiders.


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