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Czech Republic: Sex Offenders to Be Castrated

Czech Republic: Sex Offenders to Be Castrated

International human rights groups denounce the practice of surgically castrating sex offenders as ‘degrading’ and say it’s going back in time in terms of an eye for an eye.

Written into law, the procedure involves the removal of the tissue that produces testosterone. Professor Petr, Weiss, a prominent sexologist stated the procedure is offered to sadists, sexual agressors and pedophiles , and it reduces the chance of reofending by 2% allowing for a normal sex life. However, no one mentions the victims which include children who suffer for the rest of their lives from a deep sense of unworthiness, betrayal, and very low self esteem. It is also at the root of the 21st century slave trade – trafficking, especially in women and children. It is a crime that Europe has not faced head on as exampled by the former head of IMF, Dominique Strauss-Khan.

From 2000 – 2011, 85 people underwent surgical castration in the Czech Republic…

What do you say! Is there a better way to put a stop to this barbaric crime at a time when sexual abuse by children, against children is on the rise in the U.S.? What example should be set?


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Ethiopia: Removing 70,000 People for Land Grab!

Ethiopia: Removing  70,000 People for Land Grab!

Ethiopia is forcibly relocating 70,000 people from Gambella to make fertile land available for foreign investment in agriculture – aggravating current hunger while laying the groundwork for future famine in Ethiopia, as people are losing their livelihoods and being moved to areas where they cannot readily feed themselves.

This snapshot video from the Oakland Institute shows the land being cleared and the people that have been evicted


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Twitter Joins Silencing the 99%

Twitter now has the ability to silence tweets on a country-by-country basis. If it’s given a valid and legal request to block a message in a particular country, the service says, it will make that message invisible to users located there. >>> read more


Megauload, the Hong Kong-based website that allows for users to store and share files was closed down by the Department of Justice on January 19, 2012 – one day after the largest online protest against the signing in of SOPA and ACTA. Founder Kim Schmitz was arrested, and U.S$50m was seized.

The reason given – copyright holders were not getting paid, but the evidence seems to be amiss. Entangled in copyright issues with the U.S., the site was shutdown by the Federal government without the legislation to do so at a time when sharig information increasingly has a price tag slapped on it.


An online campaign led by Wikipedia, brought to attention SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and PIPA, Protect IP Act, allowant ws for domains to be shutdown basically. The reason given is to stop piracy, but in practice it is to stop the sharing of information that the big boys do not want for public consumption. What is sepcial about SOPA and PIPA, includes foreign websites as well as to increase income from patents including patents on the world’s natural resources with SOPA holding greater power over foreign domains.

However, neither SOPA or PIPA will protect domains against false accusations, as may the case with Megauload. Back to the U.S. what was signed in by President Obama was ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which is a multinational agreement for intellectual property law enforcement – but what’s the difference! In legal terms, ACTA is considered a treaty that falls under the power of the Congress, although President Obama signed it in. As such, backlash is going on. A Whitehouse petition to address the issue states:

The Administration has opposed SOPA and PIPA due to the damage these laws could do to the Internet. But many view the Anti-Counterfeiting Trace Agreement (ACTA) to be far worse.

This Administration supported the negotiation of ACTA in secret with a selected group of nations and with input from many corporate interests. The public and consumers were excluded from this process. FOIA requests were denied because of “National Security” concerns.

We object to the Administration’s negotiation of ACTA in secret, and approval of ACTA by Executive Agreement.

So the signing in is illegal like the wars on Iraq, and Libya. Nonetheless, the treaty was ratified by 22 European countries in Tokio, Japan on Thursday, Jan. 26 without public debate – but voters are irrelevant anyway; and was signed on October 1st 2011 by Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. Once ratified by the European Parliament in summer 2012, ACTA will have legal jurisdiction.

If blocking the rise of people power is the main reason, then the opposite effect took place on January 26, 2012 when protests of 100,000 erupted on the streets of Poland over SOPA etc. Rallies broke out in Poznan and Lublin as soon as ACTA was signed in. Masks were donned by lawmakers, and the right-wing Law and Justice Party called for a referendum.

Back in the U.S., although online activism succeeded against SOPA, the bill is expected to be reintroduced in February 2012 for intellectual property rights means money!  However artistes, and inventors around the world are caught in the middle. It is the time for change, and art should play a leading role in that change!


“Business Breakdown: Following SOPA Protests, Feds Shut Down Megaupload.”

“Protests Erupt After Poland Passes SOPA-Like Bill.”

Richardson, C. “President Obama Doesn’t Support SOPA, But Signs ACTA?”


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Food Sovereignty in Africa: Reclaiming the Right


Food Sovereignty in Africa: Reclaiming the Right


By Hwaa Irfan


As leaders from ‘Arab Spring’ countries remind the West of promised aid during the 2012 Davos World Economic Forum, On wonders what has been understood given the growing anxiety of the severity of the debt crisis and the consequences of related policies facing the West. Host and founder of the annual World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab prepared to face the reality of the current global situation stated:

“We have a general morality gap, we are over-leveraged, we have neglected to invest in the future, we have undermined social coherence, and we are in danger of completely losing the confidence of future generations…

“Solving problems in the context of outdated and crumbling models will only dig us deeper into the hole.

“We are in an era of profound change that urgently requires new ways of thinking instead of more business-as-usual,”

“capitalism in its current form, has no place in the world around us.”

Yet, how many heard this all important statement?

Far too many cannot see past a system that is based on the dehumanization of life, and therefore cannot transcend (at least currently) the same negative unsustainable vicious cycle; and have  descended into old colonial patterns with new methods that will convince a country/continent that is still suffering from its colonial past to give up its natural resources to replenish the coffers of the West. In the case of China’s unconditional aid, the result is the country ‘helped’ becuase ensnared into a debt trap – forever paying for governmental exchanges. Some of these countries, like Ethiopia have fallen with ease to facilitate this process through land grabs that uproot thousands of people and families leaving them without any means of survival and a life of destitution.

However, there is hope!

Despite the global development reports that always depict brown skinned people in need of aid, help, direction, etc., which serves to faciliatte a stereotyped consensus that perpetuates the enslavement of Africans at least economically. All of this only helps to perpetuate imposed programs like the Millenium goals, which couched in terms of liberation and freedom, will cause the breakdown in the family unit as in the West, and make self interest a common goal therefore eliminating a collective consensus that attempts to address socio-economic  wrongs.

Yet, this time round in the returning cycle of colonialism, neocolonialism will not have such an easy time as it had in the past if one puts aside countries like Ethiopia. People power is finding its voice, its strength is based on far too many years of what it means to be disposessed and vacant from the world that we live in.

“We have a responsibility, we have to begin to mobilize and we have the power. We have shaken this country before, we brought down apartheid, now is another turn. This is a bigger struggle, a more important struggle and this is a struggle that we must unite around. We must say, ‘No, to climate apartheid, no.’ ” Mercia Andrews, the director of the South African Trust for Community Outreach and Education

This was said at the 2011 COP17 Durban Climate talks where thousands from around the world and across Africa joined in protest against the conference.

Getting One’s House in Order!

What the global economic crisis offers is the opportunity to get one’s house in order, after all, the common man in the street is encouraged to take credit, but if he canot pay back, legal proceedings ensue. He will not be able to increase his debt level without proven means to pay back, and their will be no sympathy if he cannot pay back. The big players in the global economy have for far too long played rules of their own – once that price was only paid by countries and peoples they exploited on foreign shores, but increasingly that tide has come home meaning that so too do their voters pay the price, while the big players try to continue business as usual. One only has to take a look at the American Walton family to get the picture. Not the Walton family that everyone loves from to watch on their TV screen, but the Walton family that owns Walmart. With a net wealth of US$90 bn, at home that wealth is based on low wages for American employees. What hope is there then for the African countries they choose to ‘invest’ in?

Then there is Cargill, another American privately owned company – a global player in the agribusiness, the largest, that has been sued for the trafficking of children from the Ivory Coast on their cocoa plantations, and have caused serious deforestation for which they will not be held accoutable. Or SAB Miller, which bottles Coca Cola, and evades paying huge taxes outstanding to Africa and India. Or Standard Charter, a global finance company that made its initial wealth from British Colonies.

In 2012 theses giants can try business as usual, but the operative word is ‘try’!

Business as usual led to Mozambican food riots in 2010, and the recent Nigerin protests triggered by IMF (not ethnicity/religion) as expoused by the corporate and state media, but it has proven what people power can do. People have been there and done that – they are no longer to sit on the fence and starve, and see their children repeat the same desperate lifestyle in order to fill other coffers. When the price of bread in Mozambique rose to an unaffordable price, and it did not take long for the government to reduce the price. This was repeated globally in Summer 2010, when soaring food prices dropped globally for a period, because consumer spending decreased – we just accept the propaganda without connecting the dots.

Unlike Ethiopia, the winds of change has been blowing across Algeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Libya (before his demise), and Mozambique to name a few have. That wind of change represents a steppping back from aid dependency. It his led to an upturn that the imperial West has not been willing to accept because aid has high returns in more ways than one. This process of weaning has led to increased tax revenues for a third of African countries, and even the ability to replce aid entirely with local resources for some countries – where aid equals US$41 per person, the African Economic Outlook 2011 reports an increase in US$441 per person in tax revenue.

However, this is only part of the picture.

With increased land grabs, and utilization of those lands grabbed for GM food production, and the kind of commercial farming that reduces land fertility whilst securing profits for the ‘investor’ greater battle ensues as exemplified by the COP17 Durban Climate talks.

Life goes on, and people under trying conditions will try to rise above the circumstances that seek to bind them. Examples of this exist with the women’s farming cooperatives  in Mali, Sierra Leone, and Cameroon who put joy into their chosen steps towards sustainability.

The Peasants Way

The Peasants Way or La Via Campesina is the name of a grassroots NGO who will not lie down and roll over for corporations specialized in genetically engineered foods like Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, and Dupont. A 1.5 million strong NGO Via Campesina isfighting for food sovereignty, and the right to grow healthy food from local seeds, not GM seeds imposed upon them by these corporations.

La Via Campesina was formed in 1993 by peasants, small/medium-sized producers, the landless, rural women, indigenous peoples, rural youth and agricultural workers. It has been active in 70 countries including Africa with their focus on sustainable agro-ecology. Via Campesina argues the obvious, but we are too busy struggling with the noose we have put around our necks. They are:

  • Food as a basic human right, and that food should be safe, nutritious, and culturally      appropriate. Aid, land grab and ‘investors’  have been means to change the eating      habits in favor of Western trade, the affect of which has been to devastate local markets, and related businesses.
  • That agragarian reform is necessary, and that the land farmed should be owned by those who farm the land without discrimination.
  • To guarantee food sovereignty, the natural resources should be protected, and that the  people should have the right to farm in a sustainable manner that aids land fertility not compromise land fertility. Intellectual property rights should be restricted.
  • The food trade should be reorganized, and that policies should prioritize domestic consumption for food security without allowing imports to compromise local production or inflate the prices of local production.
  • The policies, and global institutions behind global hunger should end the means by which they do so using an enforced code of conduct.
  • Freedom from violence should include not using food as a weapon of war.
  • A people’s democracy where smallhold farmers have direct involvement in policies at all levels, which will improve good governance.

In others words, Via Campesina is doing what the UN and associates should be doing to ensure food security for all, but instead the UN and associates are ensuring food security, and alternative forms of energy for the few.

In 2008, Via Campesina held a regional meeting with 40 representatives from around Africa in Madagascar in a shared vision forming strategies that will overcome neo-liberal policies imposed from outside the continent. Those policies formed by the World Bank and IMF undermine local food production. Imposed commercial farming not only reduces land fertility, but excludes the small farmer. Instead, farmers are made oblidged to produce cash crops for transnational companies from which they do not benefit, and to buy food that they cannot afford from the global market. Instead the beneficiaries are the ‘investors/aid providers’, the agrobusiness corporations, and the trader/processor for there is also the issue of imposing production of raw materials only while external forces profit from the products from those raw materials.

Solving the problems of the world according to issues without looking at the base, is like a deck of cards waiting to collapse, and is the approach that global governance has taken for far too long. Without an intrinsic respect for all life, and all life forms, there can be no sustainable development becuase their is no guiding principle from which to build for every man, woman and child on our planet Earth. This disrespect casts a long shadow on all other activities, and it is one that both the people around the world (in ‘underdeveloped’, ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ countries), and our environment is crying from. Even the term “developed” is according to what and to whom. If cementing our roads, and reducing arable land is development, then we can see quite clearly where that has gotten us.

Musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti must be smiling in his grave now, as his fellow Nigerians begin to waken from a deep sleep.

“Unfortunately, in international cooperation – sorry, but self-interest seems to be the key driver. I say it’s unfortunates because that’s not sustainable. It may last a few years – ten years, twenty years, thirty years – but it will collapse. …

“Let’ find solutions that we can sustain together. So, that calls for a radical change in a relaxed mood, accepting responsibilities for the past and saying, “Well, we are where we are today because of what we did yesterday. What do we do today to make sure tomorrow will be different?”,,,

“We may only be the first to go; you will stay behind and follow us. You cannot destroy the environment in Africa and think you will be safe in Europe: The trees you are destroying in Africa to come and get nice furniture in Europe – it’s OK today, but tomorrow, when the Horn of Africa is desert, you’ll pay for it.

“In other words, let these polices become more open and more realistic. I am talking about changing our relationship, both horizontally and vertically. Horizontally … in Europe, in Africa and America. … We must be concerned about what happens somewhere else because we are in the same world.” – John Patrick Ngoyi, director of the Justice, Development and Peace Commission in Nigeria.



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Earth Weakening Defences as Veil of Plasma is Discovered

Two plasma bands in the ionosphere that encircle the Earth over the equator. Bright, blue-white areas are where the plasma is densest. Solid white lines outline the continents; Africa is on the left, and North and South America are on the right.

Earth Weakening Defences as Veil of Plasma is Discovered


By Hwaa Irfan

Humankind has lways looked to the heavens/the universe to explain the intangible of what is going on on Earth, and now is no different to any other time in the past in that regard.  One of the recent events that has raised more questions that answers in the physical world is the understanding that the rate of the rotational speed of the Earth that sustains us is slowing down.

When we think of 24 hours, we think time, day, night – a set pattern that occurs everyday, and not much more than that. However, in reality, our Earth does not make a full rotation every24 hours. If it did, the Earth would have to make a complete rotation exactly every 86,400 seconds (which was the case in 1820), but in reality a complete rotation takes place every 86,400.002 seconds i.e. we have a 20.11 hour day-night cycle not 24 hours.

The means of measuring the Earths’ rotation today are GPS satellites, and lasers. The slowing down of Earth’s rotation, creates tension with goephysical forces at play in the earth including the shape of the Earth. When Earth rotated faster, the Earth bulged more had a fatter wasteline, i.e. there was more Earth to stand on. Now, as Earth’s mid-riff buldge narrows, the melting polar regions are becoming more rounded.

As the Earth’s rotation slows down, tension occur with Earth’s gravitational pull, and magneticism. This internal pressure demands release of which the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of Fire’ is a clear example. Other examples include the change in climate hence the ongoing debate as to how much human activity contributes towards global warming.

Experts expect that the rotation of the Earth will slow down to the extent that the Earth’s bulge will be in complete alignment between the center of the Earth, and the center of the Moon, and as such the Earth will stop slowing affecting evolution – let’s wait and see.

What Protects Us on Earth

We need protection from asteroids, space debris, and the Sun’s ultra violet rays.  The layers that protect us have been the:

  • First Layer (Troposphere)  above the Earth’s surface, the source of Earths’ weather. The ionosphere is a part of this layer, and is responsible for long distance communication possible. The Sun is so strong that it breaks up molecules. Solar radiation is responsible for ionizing this layer, and we have been getting a lot of incoming solar radiation in recent times as the Sun’s activity increases. The more active the Sun, the thicker the ionosphere.  The Sun at the height of its Cycle 24 which began in the year of the Harmonic Convergence in 2008, which ws also the commencement of the global economic crisis. Cycle 24 is expected to end in 2012!
  • Second Layer (Stratosphere) once a stable layer that contains the ozone which absorbs harmful rays from our Sun.
  • Third Layer (Mesosphere) which protects us from meteors and rock debris by burning them before they have a chance to impact on Earth, but as we can see more and more space debris is impacting on Earth.
  • Fourth Layer  (Thermosphere) is where we find the auroras produced from the solar blasts from our Sun. It is where the space shuttle orbits.
  • Fifth Layer (Exosphere) is thin and is where our atmosphere merges into space space.  This is the outer limit of our atmosphere.

But what happens to our layers of protection if the Earth is slowing down?

Earth’s Weakened Gravitational Pull

Our Earth is lopsided spinning 23° off center. Due to a weakened gravitational pull, the weight falls on the densest part of our Earth, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Plus, our Earth is subject to the gravitational pull of neighboring planets: the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. The affect are the increasing natural disasters taking place around our Earth.

Earth’s Magnetic Field is Weakening

The Earth’s Magnetic Field protects our Earth from harmful  charged particles.  Without this layer of protection we would be more sxposed to harmful radiation. It is the means of navigation for the creatures of the air, which may explain why thousands of animals around the world have been dying on mass.

Apparently Earth’s magnetic field is 10% weaker than when recording first began in 1845. It is expected that this continued direction will result in a polar flip, when the magnetic south and north change switch places according to accumulative evidence. This flip is recorded in hardened molten lava that erupts, and shows that this flip takes place approximtely every 200,000 years, with the last flip 780,000 years ago.

We are due for a flip, and all the changes taking place point to an impending flip, at the same time the Cycle 24 comes to a climax ushering the Sun’s personal magnetic flip which is expected to take place in 2012. As the Sun spits out more Earth directed solar flares – coronal mass ejections, the particles gravitate towards and charges the Sun’s poles that will cause the flip. The British Geological Survey have been analyzing the South Atlantic Anomaly, where the magnetic field has weakened considerably. They have found that this is spreading west from South Africa, providing evidence that there is change in our Earth’s internal magnetic field, and its liquid core.

In the proces there is concern that we will be more exposed to harmful cosmic radiation particles; the affects of which are exampled by astronauts. Astronauts are expsoed to 10 times the level of radiation than if they were on Earth, the result of which is increased risk of cataract, cancer, mutation of chromosomes, and blood lymphocytes which play a strong role in the human immune system. Eventually the immune system can become very weak.


What Else is There to Protect Us!

Our Earth is not dependent on its North and South magnetic poles, but has many other sub-poles, that is suggested from data sent back from the Ulysses Space Probe, will help establish some level of protection in our biosphere.

Recent reports to the discovery of a slow moving veil of charged particles enveloping our Earth, referred to as ‘Cold Plasma’. However, 1970s data from satellites revealed that information, and was confirmed by NASA’s Polar satellite in 2008 at 60 miles (100 kilometers) above our Earth. Now it has been discovered 12,400 and 60,000 miles (20,000 and 100,000 km) above our Earth by the European Space Agency.

‘Cold Plasma’ is low energy ionized gas located just outside our Ionospshere, which European Space Agency found to be interacting with very strong electric fields, which is not considered to be normal. “Cold Plasma connects to our Earth through the Earth’s magnetic field, and once energized by our Sun’s ultra violet rays it escapes from Earth’s atmosphere at slow rate leaving behind a strong positive charge in our Ionospshere. According to Anthea Coster of the Haystack Observatory, this escape of ‘Cold Plasma’ occurs usually between noon, and dusk – the time of Dhur, ‘Asr, and Maghrib.

A growing layer of solar particles, 4,000-mile-thick (6,437-kilometer-thick) provides protection from most solar winds, but it seems like there is some higher orchestration going on. Let’s see what happens with Earth-bound solar winds, and the Earth Changes!


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The Earth’s Plasmasphere.”

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Libya: Level of Ongoing Torture Forces Doctors Without Borders to Leave

Libya: Level of Ongoing Torture Forces Doctors Without Borders to Leave

Courtesy of FPA

MSF has been working in Misrata’s prisons in Libya to provide medical care to war-wounded detainees who have not been treated by the Libyan medical system.  However, MSF has seen numerous cases of torture of detainees in those prisons following interrogation sessions. Very often, MSF’s medical care to these prisoners has been interrupted, and sometimes even denied, because of interrogation sessions.

Despite MSF’s repeated demands to the Libyan authorities, there has been no clear commitment by Libyan officials to stop this ill-treatment.  MSF refuses to be exploited to repeatedly treat the same patients between interrogation sessions and has therefore decided to suspend its medical activities in the detention centres in Misrtata.

Press Release from Doctors Without Borders

 Libya: Detainees Tortured And Denied Medical Care

MSF Suspends Work in Detention Centres in Misrata

TRIPOLI/BRUSSELS, JANUARY 26, 2012 – Detainees in the Libyan city of Misrata are being tortured and denied urgent medical care, leading the international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to suspend its operations in detention centres in Misrata, MSF announced today.

MSF teams began working in Misrata’s detention centres in August, 2011, to treat war-wounded detainees. Since then, MSF doctors were increasingly confronted with patients who suffered injuries caused by torture during interrogation sessions. The interrogations were held outside the detention centres. In total, MSF treated 115 people who had torture-related wounds and reported all the cases to the relevant authorities in Misrata. Since January, several of the patients returned to interrogation centres have even been tortured again.

“Some officials have sought to exploit and obstruct MSF’s medical work,” said MSF General Director Christopher Stokes.

“Patients were brought to us in the middle of interrogation for medical care, in order to make them fit for further interrogation. This is unacceptable. Our role is to provide medical care to war casualties and sick detainees, not to repeatedly treat the same patients between torture sessions.”

MSF medical teams were also asked to treat patients inside the interrogation centres, which was categorically refused by the organisation.

The most alarming case occurred on January 3, when MSF doctors treated a group of 14 detainees returning from an interrogation centre located outside the detention facilities. Despite previous MSF demands for the immediate end of torture, nine of the 14 detainees suffered numerous injuries and displayed obvious signs of torture.

The MSF team informed the National Army Security Service—the agency responsible for interrogations—that a number of patients needed to be transferred to hospitals for urgent and specialised care. All but one of the detainees were again deprived of essential medical care and were subjected to renewed interrogations and torture outside the detention centres.

After meeting with various authorities, MSF sent an official letter on January 9 to the Misrata Military Council, the Misrata Security Committee, the National Army Security Service, and the Misrata Local Civil Council, again demanding an immediate stop to any form of ill treatment of detainees.

 “No concrete action has been taken,” said Stokes.

“Instead, our team received four new torture cases. We have therefore come to the decision to suspend our medical activities in the detention centres.”

MSF has been present in Misrata since April 2011, in the midst of the Libyan conflict. Since August 2011, MSF has worked in Misrata’s detention centres, treating war wounded, performing surgeries, and providing orthopaedic follow-up care to people who had suffered bone fractures. MSF medical teams have carried out 2,600 consultations, including 311 for violent trauma.

MSF will continue its mental health support activities in schools and health facilities in Misrata, as well as its assistance to 3,000 African migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons in and around Tripoli.

MSF is an international humanitarian medical organisation that has worked in Libya since February 25, 2011. To ensure the independence of its medical work, MSF relies solely on private donations to finance its activities in Libya and does not accept any funding from governments, donor agencies, or military or political groups.

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Behind the Masks of the Feminine IIX: Thuja

Behind the Masks of the Feminine IIX: Thuja (Cedarwood)


By Hwaa Irfan


We began with 3 Minerals of the natrum group…

I. Natrum muriaticum is a woman who is very much a product of the Industrial Revolution. She has grown up in an emotionally distant environment depriving her of what she needs to flourish in her life.

II. Then we explored the feminine face of Natrum carbonicum, more down to earth and open than Natrum muriaticum, but thrown off balance by a past traumatic experience making her vulnerable to any perceived form of rejection.

III. Natrum phosphoricum’s sensibility is grief. In a state of dis-ease she is volatile and sensitive to external influences. She feels worthless and reacts to her pain out of fear which suppresses her internal communications, emotions, and the normal functioning of their bodies.

Three Flowers

IV. Pulsatilla is vibrant and moves with the flow of events. She has an innate sense of human relations, and God’s plan for human society. Unlike the Natrum sisters, Pulsatilla’s problem is not one of grief, or inner suppression, but of external censorship. She expects fairness, and when that fairness is missing, she is distressed as she becomes tossed by the wind of events.

V. Staphysagria is a born intuitive, who likes to stand above the crowd. Their level of intuition makes them sensitive to external influences, and combined with their desire to be noticed they feel deeply hurt if ignored.

VI. Belladonna has abundant life force and gives out a lot of energy. Complete within herself, she is in no need of external stimulation, and desires little company. As creator and destroyer they work towards the nurturance of humanity by destroying the false ego, but Belladonna’s sensibility is one of shock. As she loses sense of a true self, it is replaced by a false-self filled with fear and anger.

Three Marine Remedies

VI. Sepia is independent by nature like Pulsatilla and Natrum Muriaticum. She likes to be away from people, and withdraw into nature. She celebrates her freedom, her connection with her own body, and her connection with the earth. Independent, ambitious and career minded, it is her love of independence that becomes the means by which she falls into a state of dis-ease.

VII. Calcarea carbonica has a lustrous nature and is full of the creative power of the female principle, and as a nurturer. When things go wrong, she withdraws and is unable to cope without someone providing a sense of safety and protection, and when missing, they develop serious anxieties…

Three Remedies of the Mineral Group

IX. Sulphur is about appreciation, and so it should be. They are pioneers, and adventurers not fearing the unknown, and always questioning and seeking answers, but fall from grace when they are not appreciated enough.

X. Phosphorus emits light from within, is seductive, gratifying, and yet ensnares – the price of intellectual arrogance. She is a warm friendly extrovert, but also enjoys solitude to pursue artistic and intellectual endeavours. There are no secrets for such person; whatever is on her mind she shares freely. However, the phosphorus person needs structure, as they struggle between stability and freedom.

IX. Arsenicum Album dresses pragmatically or can be the one who dresses chic, but both types are fastidious about their appearance. They are conscientious and persevering, good organizers, ambitious hard workers who are never satisfied. Their vulnerability is physical insecurity, and become emotionally stuck , and very stubborn with it.

Now we take a quick look at three 3 types from the tree kingdom…

IIX: Thuja (Cedarwood): To understand the nature of a person in need of cedarwood as a homeopathic treatment one needs to take a look at the element.

Cedarwood is more commonly known as Tree of Life, Arbor Vitae, False White Cedar, Hackmatack, or Lebensbaum in the homeopathic world is known by its first botanical Latin name Thuja (Thuja occidentalis). It was used by the Egyptians for purposes of embalming, and over the centuries has been used in the treatment of diseases, and was introduced to homeopathy in 1819 by the father of modern homeopathy, Hahnemann.

The word “Thuja” derives from the Greek “thyra” meaning “to sacrifice” or “thusia” a burnt offering. A member of the Coniferae-Cupressaceae family of the plant kingdom, Coniferae-Cupressaceae’s carries a specific signature. The nature of the Tree of Life penetrates thus unifies the visible and invisible world like a central axis as do all trees with the roots reaching into the earth, into the environment via its trunk, and stretching towards the cosmos through its leaves as they communicate with the sun, the soul of our world. As an evergreen conifer they symbolize the continuity of life. Consultant homeopath, David Lilley Thuja occidentalis, represents the ascension of man from his lower nature to his spiritualized nature. Prevent that ascension, we fall into “materialism, bondage, to the purely intellectual, and to the flesh.”

Native to North America, Thuja occidentalis prefers moist climates with calcerous-limestone soil. They tend to go for cliffs/slopes, and will thrive in areas with a high snowfall, so they have an issue with water if their ecosystem leans towards the dry. Thuja occidentalis will form dense populations in swamps and wet forests where deers, porcupines and hares enjoy their young shoots.

The tree is slow to grown, and will only reach 12ft in height after 50 years, but lives as long as 800 years. Regular, graceful, and conical, the thick trunk divides into 2/3 at the base, the bark of which sheds every year. The horizontal pendulous flattened branchlets are of two types, one that fans-out symmetrically in ideal growing conditions, and the other awl shaped, either way, the branchlets exude a fragrant scent of turpentine that is bitter to taste overlapping in rows of four, especially when bruised.

The dull yellowish leaves turn bronze in the winter, profuse in nature, they prevent visibility of the trunk, hiding the shedding bark. This protective characteristic is exampled again in the oil from the leaves. The oil has the potential to cause convulsions in warmblooded people, and paralysis in cold blooded animals. Sixteen drops alone can cause unconsciousness in an adolescent, followed by spasms, convulsions, and intestinal irritation.

Sexual reproduction begins at age 6 via the cones that become plentiful by the age of 30. The seeds have lateral wings and spread with the help of the wind, but will die without constant moisture. The flowers are very small and terminal, while the cones are leathery scales of 8 -12, ovoidal/pyramidal in shape, spreading as they mature in one season, but remaining on the tree throughout the winter with three rows of blunt scales. Unfortunately Thuja occidentalis is susceptible to fire.


The traditional homeopathic approach of focusing on illness and disease, misses out on the balanced nature, which if the state of dis-ease began in childhood, blurs the line between one’s true natural disposition, and what one has become, which in modernity can be very difficult to ascertain as many pathologies have become blurred into a state of normalcy. “I know that something is wrong, but what is it”, or that deep feeling of detachment, separation, or loneliness because certain aspects of one’s true nature does not fit into the current norms of “social acceptability”. This is the case with Thuja often leading to stereotypes.

In touch with their physical, and psycho-spiritual selves, in a state of balance, Thuja is indeed a sensitive person, because she is in touch with her physical and non-physical relationship with her environment. Homeopath Frans Kusse through years of experience has found that this sensitivity arises from their artistic nature, wherein signs of giftedness exists music, writing and poetry. In synchronicity with the sacred geometry of the 8 -12, ovoidal/pyramidal shape of the cones it produces, and the form that the tree takes on, the Thuja child is open to the invisible world and can come across as quite dreamy, but if suffocated by those around them there will be adverse affects on the child’s development and the formation of their own identity. Thuja wants to be accepted as they are, without dogmas, and not as others want them to be.

As acknowledged in the traditional indigenous American tradition, Thuja is very conscious of her relationship to God, and that consciousness remains along with their freedom in tune with the cosmic dance, to be in the world but not of it! As such, they have a strong inner survival instinct. They are fastidious by nature, and are sensitive, polite, truthful and scrupulous in all their undertakings. They aim for perfection as indicated by the abundant leaves that hide a shedding bark, hiding that which they do not want misjudged — their true nature. Unlike Sulphur who thrives on giving out in order to break through the illusions of the lives of others, Thuja must honour their own true self.

As such, it would be pretty difficult for a Thuja child to survive the schooling factory system unscathed, or to enter mundane employment whereby the manager has an insecurity complex that expresses itself in various control methods. Thuja must remain in the arts in order to maintain balance, or a form of employment that allows for the expression of their creativity.

In Dis-Ease

As Thuja struggles to maintain balance, any form of imbalance, any sudden change throws them off balance like their sister Sepia, but unlike Sepia is not open to all incoming tides. Like Pulsatilla, they must respond to their natural state of being, connected to the Divine, and do not accept censorship, but whereas Pulsatilla moves with the flow of events, having lost her state of ease, Thuja will harden outwardly to protect their inner world like the thick foliage that hides the shedding bark. This splits the personality, like the trunk of the tree which is divided into three, leaving a sense of being rootless, or not belonging.

From Birth

This need to hide can begin in childhood with Thuja. As a result of various forms of abuse, consultant homeopath, David Lilley describes the root of the splitting of their conscious world from their subconscious world as their souls resent the process of incarnating (sycotic), as birth is like a descent into hell. This resentment manifests as  premature birth, birth trauma, prolonged labour, cord strangulation, and even a head injury. As such, Thuja is the only homeopathic type to have “an aversion to mother.”

Misha Norland refers to the hour of the wolf, or 3 – 4.00am, when Thuja experiences many aggravations. This is the time when a majority of births and deaths occur, or the coming and going out of the soul. It when we have the lowest metabolic rate, the time of nightmares. In traditional Chinese medicine the most acute asthma attacks take place 3am – 5am.

They feel unworthy, even ugly, and do not want others to see through them, which can manifest as a fear of strangers. They are sensitive and therefore easily hurt like the leaves when bruised releases a potentially oily poison. They feel fragile, thus vulnerable, and when disturbed in any way find it quite unbearable to be touched or even looked at.

Thuja’s self defence mechanism is to harden like the bark of the tree. This gives off the impression that they are strong when nothing could be farther from the truth. They have submitted to the social demands, and adapt to what is expected of them, protecting their true nature, leading to an ongoing conflict between the sacred and the profane. She has fallen from Divine Grace, and this pursues her into her dreams that become nightmares around falling. To others this comes across as falsehood which just adds to the problem.

For this transaction between self and society to take place, Thuja cut herself off losing contact with herself. It if from this step that many guilts, many delusions of “false pregnancy” arises having stemmed the process of giving birth to the self, or the individuation process. Thuja no longer sees herself, or others as they are, and feels quite blatantly that they see themselves as others want they to be, which is the source of her loss of life force – flattened out like the branchlets of the cedarwood tree, and pretty unstable with it as on waking Thuja cannot tell which part of her she has possession of.

Separation due to external reactions is the sycotic state in homeopathy, and Thuja even feels that their body and soul are separated. On awaking she will feel duplicitous, suspicion, and deceit – a product of the war between her higher and lower self. In turn this leads to religious despair. The hardened self changes the original understanding into a need to feel in control, may resort to faces of hardness: fixed ideas, religious fanaticism, out of a need to be correct.

Their physiological problems tend to occur mainly on the left side of their body which represent the unconscious, or formlessness – the feminine side, a side that is aggravated if they lay on it. Thuja is disturbed by damp, cold, and wet conditions, contrary to the true nature of the Cedarwood tree. They become fastidious about their appearance, dress, their environment, their diction, handwriting, manners, and the work they produce while they may very well feel the opposite: decay, lifeless, confused, falling hair, and dry scaling skin “… the personal gulf between human and divine widens, and trust and joy in the life experience weakens or are lost/replaced,” says David Lilley.

Instead Thuja becomes materialistic, tries to saturate the senses with “pleasures and distractions” by repressing and abusing the affected side, the feminine. So Thuja becomes easily irritated, jealous and quite argumentative with her fixed ideas, especially with members of the family.

Having suppressed their true nature, Thuja suffers from many suppressed conditions for example:


  • Nightmares about falling, dying
  • Secretive
  • Completes sentences with mumbled words
  • Dictatorial
  • Fears: social phobia, touch,  misfortune, change, death


  • Headaches
  • Severe acne
  • Teeth decay at gum line
  • Facial tumors/warts/styes
  • Chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps


  • Aversions/cravings for  onions, fresh meat, potatoes, tobacco
  • Feels worse from coffee,  fat, the smell of tea, rich/warm food, sweets,
  • Craves chocolate, cold  drinks, cold food, raw onions, salt, acid fruit
  • Rectal and stomach problems,   diarrhoea in the mornings


  • Growths on the  genitals
  • Herpes
  • Prostatitis
  • Uterine tumors,  ovarian cysts
  • Profuse,  greenish leucorrhoea
  • High sex drive


  • Asthma


  • Scoliosis
  • Painful warts on hands  and fingers
  • Brittle nails
  • Eruptions between  toes, cracked feet
  • Excessive feet  perspiration
  • Rheumatism from a  history of gonorrhoea

Remedies such a Lycopodium and Thuja are well documented for their deep actions against inherited and acquired psora, sycotic, syphilis, tubercular miasms, which indicates why their problems begin even as they are born.

No one can live our lives for us. This the factor behind the rage of the Occupy Movement, and the many truths that have come to light that has led to the understanding of the role of the 99%. By handing over our lives, we lose the chance to learn from our own mistakes, to become stronger and respecting our true nature, and not giving to the world, the part of us that it needs while we pass the days never truly satisfied. Those who cannot accept us for who we truly are not worth contemplating, because they do that because they do not accept themselves, so the only real choice is to learn to accept our true selves, and to give reason for the higher self to transform for the lower self; and that needs our courage, our love, and our self compassion!




Kusse, F. “Homeopathic Types.”  Narayana Publishers. Germany.

Lilley, D. “Masterclass: Thuja.”  The British Homeopathic Association.

Norland, M. “Thuja: The Tree of Life, the Tree of Death.” British School of Homeopathy. 2008

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Not long after the U.S. stepped up illegal methods to quash the “Occupy” protests, Egypt followed suit.


An important victory was scored in Chicago in the defence of the right to protest; in turn, a fresh attack was launched.

On December 12th, permits were granted to the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War and Poverty Agenda (CANG8) for a parade route and tentatively for a rally location on May 19, 2012. CANG8 is mobilizing against the summits of NATO and the G8 occurring in Chicago that weekend.

This is only a partial victory because Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in the same breath that the Secret Service could revoke the permits if they “designate specific security zones or areas…” that include the march route.

On top of this, ordinances designed to severely restrict First Amendment rights of speech and assembly were presented by Emanuel on December 14th. The stated target was to prepare to repress protestors during the summits of NATO and the G8. In response, CANG8 joined with Occupy Chicago, unions, community groups and civil libertarians to defend democratic rights and held a press conference to voice opposition to Emanuel’s ordinances.

On Wednesday, January 18th, the City Council adopted Emanuel’s “Sit Down and Shut Up” ordinance, but the protest movement had defeated a number of the worst features.

Today, we continue to be locked in a major legal and political battle with the City of Chicago and the federal government for the simple right to march and rally against the war and poverty agenda of the NATO/G8 summit meetings planned for May 19-21.

We need your name and generous financial contribution now to place the full-page advertisement that appears below in the Chicago Sun Times in the next few weeks. If you have not already done so, please add you name and contribution for the Sun Times ad, which appears below. Below the ad is also a list of some of the initial signers. While any financial contribution that you are able to make now is appreciated, we hope that you can manage a contribution in the range of $25 – $100 to help pay for the ad.

Again, please send your contribution today and join us in this nationally coordinated effort to obtain formal permits to exercise our Constitutional right to free speech and assembly. No doubt the six months of violence-baiting, threats of mass arrests, militarization of the Chicago Police Force, Chicago officials’ extended refusal to grant CANG8 a simple permit, and the restrictions shoved through the city council have a single objective: to discourage the massive turnout that we are projecting in these times of never-ending wars and attacks on the very fabric of life of people across the globe.

We need to raise around $8,000 in a matter of weeks to cover the cost of the ad and related expenses. You can contribute online via the DONATE button at our website ( or by clicking the link below or you can send your check payable to the United National Antiwar Coalition to UNAC, P.O. Box 123, Delmar, NY 12054.


Click here to donate for the ad. Donations will go through our regular UNAC

donation process:

To add your name to the Sun Times Ad

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