Aligning with the Universal Changes: Your Health

Aligning with the Universal Changes: Your Health


By Hwaa Irfan


Many of us are in total disbelief about the influences of 2012, and given the roller coaster of  ride we are all going through globally, that disbelief is to be expected, after all we have been entrained for far too long to believe in only what we can see with our own two eyes, and even then we have not done that too well, becuase what we believe we see is shaped by our perceptions of reality – in other words we see and understand what we want to see…

Yet, if we peel of all the layers that we have heard connected with 2017, there is one simple fact that remains, it is a year when all the planets will be in alignment!

And so what!

Well, we live in a universe where everything influences everything else either positively or negatively, or if we are operating at a higher level, not at all – maybe!

However, regardless of whether one believes or not, there are some personal changes that will take place, that have been takign place because the Universe is in motion and us earthlings are a part of the Universe.


Our health is the one aspect of our lives that one can connect with albeit that far too many of us have allowed modern medical science to own our bodies instead of ourselves.  We might have been or will experience sudden changes that we find out of the ordinary, at least it is not what we are used to, but as part of a Universal purge to bring all life back into alignment with its true nature, sudden spanners in the works mgith throw us of course without tangible answers to cling onto.

While the food industry is trying to take control of our food supply, one might find our bodies demanding something other than processed, and this is a part of universal cleansing that has been underway, and one I can swear too as beign quite annoying, but necessary. One might suddenly find that despite the demands of ones taste buds, and the bad habits that one has accommodated over time, that one is no longer able to tolerate those foods. After all why should our bodies continue to tolerate consumption of something that adds very little to our life force – our energy levels, and our consciousness.

All of a sudden one might find that one has a low tolerance that can show itself in the form of constipation, diarrhea, bloatedness, all of which are ways the body is fighting with what we are allergic too! Self This is a part of one’s body’s need to purge itself of what is not beneficial. One might even develop a craving for something entirely different , and that is because it contains something that one’s body needs.

Our bodies are not separate from our minds, they are integral too each other, and is a living reality that is fast gaining evidence within medical science. The walls we have built over a period of time to keep out what we fear most hae only served to hinder both our physical, psychological as well as our spiritual development, hence why we often feel we have come up against a brick wall and unable to go further – frustrating isn’t it, especially if we are not open to letting go. The negative emotions that we hold onto manifest themselves in many ways, and as part of one’s alignment with the Universe and its Creator, those negative emotions can manifest as illness, disease, and strange pains that appear from nowhere, seemingly. These are all a part of living against our true selves, so if we want to release those aches and pains, and are tired from those recurring illnesses, we have to get to the bottom of the issue that has fed those physical disturbances in our body physical.

As one let’s go of those negative emotions, one will find one’s self letting go of the eating habits that are linked to those emotions, which will help to unburden one’s energy level. One will find a need to eat lighter, and more appropriately. That will include the desire to drink more pure water, to eat more fresh foods, to eat more raw foods. One may be pleasanting surprised to find an old ailment disappear as one eats according to what one’s body has been designed to consume by nature. As such, the energy one thought one no longer had, begins to rise providing one with the ability to take on a more proative life instead of watching from the sideline.

Of course, if one chooses to not let go, to dismantle the walls that one has established one’s life on, one will not only be alignment with the Universal changes, but one will not be in alignment with one;’s true self. As such, one will remain cocreator of the negativity that one perpetuates in one’s life, and the lives of others who also choose to remain attached to what is not beneficial or the levels of miasms as it is known in homeopathy, veils that we cocreated towards a false reality.

We have gone through a phase when far too many have isolated themselves from the collective, have developed forms of Social Anxiety Disorder, and fear of others. For those who have led a sedentry life, and/or have sedentry jobs, or a cerebral academic/spiritual life one will feel the agitation of ‘spring’, the life within one resurfacing demanding that one reconnects with the physical earth through physical activity. One will find a need to walk, exercise, dance, be physically more proactive as the energy level touches base with the lower parts of the body. This of course manifests itself as restlessness in children, and may even be labeled as “Attention Deficit” but it is an energy that demands expression, and must be expressed for this is participating in one’s self discovery, and discoveries – reconnecting with life and others, and reoccupying the world.

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