Aligning with the Universal Changes: Your Mind

Aligning with the Universal Changes: Your Mind

By Hwaa Irfan

Changes are taking place fast and quick, some we can see and others greater than what we can see has been at work for a while, culminating in the Universal alignment of all known planets. What is manifesting on earth is just a physical manifestation. Some are aware, and most of us are not, but we are all in the same boat called Earth, which in turn is a part of the Universal changes.

Regardless of what we believe, we are already a part of that change.

Mental Health!

No longer can we remain as couch potatoes, watching the world go by, and hoping to be left alone. As well as the demands on our physical health that may confront us as if from out of nowhere, demands are also being made on our self perception, and perception of reality. What we once believed is being challenged, about ourselves, those around us, and the world we live in – in other words, we can no longer take ourselves for granted, and thus everything else! The Arab Spring, and the Occupy World Movement is just a response to the call of the Universe, but each one of us is being called to Occupy Our Hearts and Minds in some way.

Challenges come up as if from nowhere, and depending on how ready we are, those challenges might reflect repeated patterns, unresolved issues that keep repeating themselves in one form or another, and maybe with different people, and situations, but nevertheless, the same issue! The reason for this is becuase the lesson to be learned as not been addressed, and in order for us to move on we have to learn that lesson. It is not a lesson about creating more walls, more layers of protection, but the opposite, as the Creator seeks to help us come face-to-face with the miscreations we have partnered with in our lives. Have we become too hard, too careless, too possessive, too greedy too controling? Have we become too conditional about all aspects of our lives including the parts of ourselves we choose our the cost of other parts of ourselves!

Children will seemingly become more demanding, more hyperactive, and mor reactive to anything that misjudges them, and outs them in a straight jacket becuase they are more aligned with the Universal changes that are taking place. They will have endless amount of energy, and be more connected with the natural arts, sciences, and creative forms of expression – these children are balanced by nature, and the opportunity to express themselves in some creative form. Once you start connecting with them, they will connect with you, but they innately mistrust anything that is against them. We will be forced by these children to rethink our approach to parenting and education, and in doing so, face what it means to be in touch with one’s self as long as we do not fall to our lower vibrations, and seek to control them, blame them, and label them through our actions, emotions, and through medication. ‘Attention Deficit’ is not the appropriate label to slap them with, and those medications will only make the children ill when in fact they are not ill, it is just the Laws of Nature at work!

On a more personal note the New Year blues might be dragging their feet. One might be inclined to pin this on the changing economic situation, or label one’s self in some negative way, but this is the last thing that one should do, for it will cause more harm than good.

One might find one is more emotional,and  more sensitive to the extent of tears, but this is just a form of purging the psyche and the body of accumulated negative emotions which are toxic to the body physical. One might even cry all of a sudden, and seemingly for no reason at all, but rather than define it, one should let it flow, and work through needed personal development. Externalized, one might even find one is more aggressive,  and more angry, or more confusing that one day one is up, and the next day one feels down for no apparent reason. If so, avoid accepting labels given by  others, or seeing one’s self through the eyes of others. Equally one should be self compassionate, and accept these feelings and allow them to work through without interfering with something that after all, one does not fully understand. What makes it worse, you feel disconnected, lost, disorientated, and ignored, and that is becuase everyone else is on the same journey, though experiencing it differently, and expressing it differently, and some are willing to let go, and some are not. This shared feelinf of separation arises from the separation of the old denser self, the self that one has become accustomed to, and the true self which is in a birthing process.

In that birthing process, one might find less interest in things that one used to do – one should not get attached to the idea that there is something wrong, but allow for the process to unfold its potential remaining open to new ideas,interests, more interesting people, and circumstances that are more fulfilling.

What to Do!

Don’t hold on to these flying emotions, thoughts, feelings and separateness. By defining them one might misdefine them and commit a grave injustice to one’s self. If there is a need to spend time with one’s self, and it is done positively by being open, and unconditional then that time-out should be taken to give one’s self the room to breather. Accept these feelings as giving birth to something that is more vibrant about you. That vibrant self is connected to the life force within, and all life, and will connect where one once felt separate, becuase one is moving towards functioning at a higher vibration, instead of the lower vibration that makes one invisible. That higher vibration will attract like minds and hearts that respects and honors even you.

As one gives birth to the more vibrant self, one will feel a stronger connection with nature, the Nature that comforts, calms, rebalances, and assist in one’s self discovery and spiritual journey, and hence with the One that created Nature, one’s Creator. One will fluctuate between having boundless amount of energy, and little energy, in which case it is better to rest, and go with the flow. To support these changes, one’s diet will be of great importance, to the extent that one’s dietary habits will change, requiring more sustaining natural , and unprocessed foods. Plenty of exercise including long walks will help to release those tensions, and being present in nature will help to support your new sense of purpose.

As the relationship with one’s self changes, so too will the nature of relationships with others as relationships that are no longer beneficial to the more fulfilled you have served their time. Each person has served their purpose, and feelings of regret, hurt, abandment, judgement, and blame will only serve to block the birthing prcess of the more fulfilled you. For each relationship one struggles to hold onto, reflect on the valuable lesson you have learnt, and move on as you will seek to operate on a higher, less conditional, but a more fulfilling vibration, a greater sense of purpose, and a world where one is more present, more in touch with one’s true self, become more creative, more intuitive, less judgemental, and thus greater tawhid or Oneness.

Those who resist this birthing process, will face more inner conflict as negative patterns, relationships, and dynsfunctional attachments on both a physical, material and emotional level remain cyclical and at times more violent in order for you to learn.

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5 thoughts on “Aligning with the Universal Changes: Your Mind

  1. We have a position to take against those that are oppressive because they incur debts. We are not helpless pawns on a cosmic board. If we were then prophets like Mohammed (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) would not have come to bring the world divine light. The matter of evil is not simple. A person is not up against “a toxic relationship” but a toxic mob that stands behind that toxic person. They cannot just walk away from it because they are continually embroiled. We have to take a stance and fight for truth and Justice. And it is truly a community effort that will bring about change. The key is raising awareness because at the moment evil forces are dominating people’s awareness and understanding and as far as I can see these are aided and abetted by the medical industry and medical misinformation. For change God is willing and that we can see in the various movements around the world demanding and end to the old system and oppression in all areas of life. God is Great.

  2. Thanks for the tips; they’re very valuable to living a fruitful life. Without these important steps, we would all be walking zombies. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  3. Greater tawhid -Oneness yes agreed but one needs to fully understand the conflict because it is not simply “within one’s self” but involves others, toxic others and toxic relationships. When you understand how you can be affected then you can walk free and help others to likewise walk free. It is of grave importance that we fight for Justice in the world and overcome the evil. sincerely,

    • Point taken Kyrani, but we only have control over who we are, not others, and this is our starting point towards Oneness, and having less toxic relationships…

      • But for some it is not so easy understand how they can easily be affected by others because they see everything through the eyes of others.. far too many people are lost because of this, because of the grave injustices that have normalized certain practices around the world, and as such for those who can, they owe it to the rest to overcome evil as you said Kyrani, and may all the good be on their side, enough to be the change we need to be insha’Allah…

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