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The Children of God’s Revolution 1

The Children of God’s Revolution 1

The Anniversary of the January 25th Revolution

On the eve of a very important date, a date that the nations ruling powers have tried, but failed to take control of, the Youth of the January 25th Revolution have still not been heard within Egypt, and without. If it had, one would be aware of the intelligence of these youth who see life as something to be honored at all levels offering a renewal to the personal, family, society and what it means to govern. If one has bypassed all the media tripe that has silenced their public voice, one would be aware that what they speak of is more than just changing names and positions, and business as usual, it is a discourse that comes from what I refer to as God’s Revolution, in fact I call them the Children of God’s Revolution. Why? Becuase I have had the honor to come across children as young as 3 years old, who see and question everything, who do not accept handed down arguments and/or practices that lack truth, validity, and humanity. These children, these youth are not citizens of Egypt only, but whatever is expected of them, they need to a good reason to act accordingly, which ofr any adult is extremely challenging. Without that reason, one will have a very hard time getting through to them, and may even be tempted to slap labels on them, medicate them, and put it down to being “youth” meaning everything that is unreliable, disruptive, risky.

But if one dares to listen to them, one can not help but be overawed at what one hears/see, for it has not a regurgitation of the theories of their forefathers/mothers, but their own. In fact, there are far too many who would listen becuase what they are saying is far above the mind that has fallen into the big sleep of Big Brother, and is therefore incapable of even rising above the mundanity of their own lives, and resort to stereotypes to prop that life up some more while descending into an endless pit of lower desires.

Examples of the thoughts of the January 25th Revolutionaries can be heard, experienced, and read if one frequents where they are, and as such, on the Anniversary of a revolution that has given birth to individuals, and has inspired a global awakening, but has yet to take hold in public discussions and spaces in Egypt due to self interested parties, I have taken the liberty of republishing an article that give reflections the thoughts of one January 25th Revolutionary from one of their publications “Campus: The Voice of Our Generation…

Who Killed Humanity

By Ahmed Amin

It strikes me how to most people it’s not instinctual to oppose and greatly disagree with the killing of innocent, weaponless civilians. It’s actually a fact that some people might be morally at peace with people dying just becuase they dont agree with their actions.

Human conscousness has grown so deformed to the extent where – at times – the majority is at peace with a middle-aged pregnant woman or your dad or his cousin getting shot down point blank merely for the fact that they were shouting something, regardless of the legitimacy of their shouts.  How can protestors vocing their own opinion about lawless killings and arrest campaigns be punished with death; under which religion or which moral value can anyone voice his support for this?

Which Side are You on?

Some “humans” for lack of another word, have found ease with the new 21st century media shaped morality. Action movies have made it rather OK to see bloody scenes; so what if someone is killed? We see it in the movies all the time;we’ve become accustomed to the sight, not to mention the numerous past wars. So it becomes a problem of which side you’re on,becuase death in abstract terms is a completely random subject and cannot be fathomed without context.

Where are we headed as humanity? Heck, I used to think that global warming and the likes were our biggest mistakes as humans but it turns out that things are so bad that some of us have evolved to be devoid of feelings and morals. Now we only care about those who relate with our interests and opnions and everyone else we dont five a f*ck about. Hitler was so scary and phenomenal becuase he was just one inexplicably very brutal man; now I can’t help but notice that most of the people around us can give Hitler a tip or two in dehumanizing himself and steeping to new record lows.

Hitler had a goal, a target with which he justified his killings, but what about those who justify it simply becuase it’s happening to “them”, anyone that isn’t “me” or “we” or “us” becuase those are prefixes we care about. All the “you” or “them” or “those” however, we’re perfectly fine if you kill all of them folks.

“We have grown empty of the appreciation of life in general, we have been brainwashed, programmed, and wiped clean of any dignity without even noticing”

We’ve always been that way

I might’ve misled you into thinking that this is a new change in humanity, that people all of a sudden have become beasts and in the past they were monks. It’s not true and I’m sorry for misleading you, all that has changed is that we now have more and better cameras so the drama spreads fast and unfiltered.

All that’s changed is that now we see these atrocities in a public display system, whether in protests or through videos, but the fact still stands that this was going on a lot more and way more brutally than we have recently witnessed. Governments and armies have always been brutal; no war was fought with pink daisies and daffodils. Remember Hiroshima!

Fact is, we’re all accountable to what’s been happening around, whether we like it or not.

Dont worry, I wont go down the guilt trip of nowadays Tahrir revolutionary tactics and call out people that aren’t supportive of what not. What I mean is that we simply weren’t aware of the depth of these situations. We are all used to going back to the comfort and warmth of our homes, putting everything behind us and settling down and in some way or another we manage to block out all the cruelty in the world. Our very basic survival system is to live on our piece of land and have protection against savages that want to invade us and while doing so we try our best to be happy!

I dont know about you, but this very basic concept of state security and nationalism breeds intolerance. So it’s very natural that when some form of altercation happens between the people of the same country, some of them will be OK with the others being killed. We can see where we ‘ve learn that; we are more proud of our war victories than we are of our scientific achievements.

The Brainwash

Unfortunately we have been brainwashed to only think of ourselves as part of our countries and mations and we got caught up in the pointless naive competition of nations. We haven’t been tuaght to think of our lives in terms of humanity, and life. Not just our lives, but life in general, life in whatever form it comes in, may it be a cockroach or a tree. Life itself and its sustainability arent much of a relevance or important to us. We are citizens of our passports, we belong to our countries. We can now dehumanize anyone else if we need to and we can be tyrannical when dealing with others if it’s in our interest.

That in my opinion is our problem, not the political debates about protests and sit-in legitimacy, or the explanations of power abuse or state forces/army brutality. Our problem is that we have appointed ourselves gods and bestowed our judgements upon our peers. Granting someone the right to live and rendering others worthy of death, these ideas are what created the deformation in the morals of people and have opened the door to the acceptance of brutality in general.

We should go back and observe life and observe ourselves as humans, we need to learn to live in harmony with ourselves first, with the rest of species and life forms, with the planet, as a whole. We need to go back and stick to our plce in the bigger system of life that is around us and stop this weary detachment tha facilitates the inhumane state system that puts a price on everything and instills the concept that everything has a price. Life is priceless and if you can’t live with that fact, if you can’t respect the holiness of all life forms then dont be upset when police brutality hits you. People have been dying all over the world across the ages becuase governments have seen it fit and the people have done nothing about it and soon enough it came down to governments killing their own people.

We have never shown disapproval for the bigger concept so the offshoot  of people getting unlawfully killed in their own countries whould be of no surprise to us. We have passively watched the modern world be shaped by deaths and wars and have taken advantage of it and got nice jobs and bought nice cars, we ate from the poison, and we inherently supported this bazarre mess so it should be of no surprise to us when the poison has finally made us ill.

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