Earth Weakening Defences as Veil of Plasma is Discovered

Two plasma bands in the ionosphere that encircle the Earth over the equator. Bright, blue-white areas are where the plasma is densest. Solid white lines outline the continents; Africa is on the left, and North and South America are on the right.

Earth Weakening Defences as Veil of Plasma is Discovered


By Hwaa Irfan

Humankind has lways looked to the heavens/the universe to explain the intangible of what is going on on Earth, and now is no different to any other time in the past in that regard.  One of the recent events that has raised more questions that answers in the physical world is the understanding that the rate of the rotational speed of the Earth that sustains us is slowing down.

When we think of 24 hours, we think time, day, night – a set pattern that occurs everyday, and not much more than that. However, in reality, our Earth does not make a full rotation every24 hours. If it did, the Earth would have to make a complete rotation exactly every 86,400 seconds (which was the case in 1820), but in reality a complete rotation takes place every 86,400.002 seconds i.e. we have a 20.11 hour day-night cycle not 24 hours.

The means of measuring the Earths’ rotation today are GPS satellites, and lasers. The slowing down of Earth’s rotation, creates tension with goephysical forces at play in the earth including the shape of the Earth. When Earth rotated faster, the Earth bulged more had a fatter wasteline, i.e. there was more Earth to stand on. Now, as Earth’s mid-riff buldge narrows, the melting polar regions are becoming more rounded.

As the Earth’s rotation slows down, tension occur with Earth’s gravitational pull, and magneticism. This internal pressure demands release of which the Pacific Ocean’s ‘Ring of Fire’ is a clear example. Other examples include the change in climate hence the ongoing debate as to how much human activity contributes towards global warming.

Experts expect that the rotation of the Earth will slow down to the extent that the Earth’s bulge will be in complete alignment between the center of the Earth, and the center of the Moon, and as such the Earth will stop slowing affecting evolution – let’s wait and see.

What Protects Us on Earth

We need protection from asteroids, space debris, and the Sun’s ultra violet rays.  The layers that protect us have been the:

  • First Layer (Troposphere)  above the Earth’s surface, the source of Earths’ weather. The ionosphere is a part of this layer, and is responsible for long distance communication possible. The Sun is so strong that it breaks up molecules. Solar radiation is responsible for ionizing this layer, and we have been getting a lot of incoming solar radiation in recent times as the Sun’s activity increases. The more active the Sun, the thicker the ionosphere.  The Sun at the height of its Cycle 24 which began in the year of the Harmonic Convergence in 2008, which ws also the commencement of the global economic crisis. Cycle 24 is expected to end in 2012!
  • Second Layer (Stratosphere) once a stable layer that contains the ozone which absorbs harmful rays from our Sun.
  • Third Layer (Mesosphere) which protects us from meteors and rock debris by burning them before they have a chance to impact on Earth, but as we can see more and more space debris is impacting on Earth.
  • Fourth Layer  (Thermosphere) is where we find the auroras produced from the solar blasts from our Sun. It is where the space shuttle orbits.
  • Fifth Layer (Exosphere) is thin and is where our atmosphere merges into space space.  This is the outer limit of our atmosphere.

But what happens to our layers of protection if the Earth is slowing down?

Earth’s Weakened Gravitational Pull

Our Earth is lopsided spinning 23° off center. Due to a weakened gravitational pull, the weight falls on the densest part of our Earth, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. Plus, our Earth is subject to the gravitational pull of neighboring planets: the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. The affect are the increasing natural disasters taking place around our Earth.

Earth’s Magnetic Field is Weakening

The Earth’s Magnetic Field protects our Earth from harmful  charged particles.  Without this layer of protection we would be more sxposed to harmful radiation. It is the means of navigation for the creatures of the air, which may explain why thousands of animals around the world have been dying on mass.

Apparently Earth’s magnetic field is 10% weaker than when recording first began in 1845. It is expected that this continued direction will result in a polar flip, when the magnetic south and north change switch places according to accumulative evidence. This flip is recorded in hardened molten lava that erupts, and shows that this flip takes place approximtely every 200,000 years, with the last flip 780,000 years ago.

We are due for a flip, and all the changes taking place point to an impending flip, at the same time the Cycle 24 comes to a climax ushering the Sun’s personal magnetic flip which is expected to take place in 2012. As the Sun spits out more Earth directed solar flares – coronal mass ejections, the particles gravitate towards and charges the Sun’s poles that will cause the flip. The British Geological Survey have been analyzing the South Atlantic Anomaly, where the magnetic field has weakened considerably. They have found that this is spreading west from South Africa, providing evidence that there is change in our Earth’s internal magnetic field, and its liquid core.

In the proces there is concern that we will be more exposed to harmful cosmic radiation particles; the affects of which are exampled by astronauts. Astronauts are expsoed to 10 times the level of radiation than if they were on Earth, the result of which is increased risk of cataract, cancer, mutation of chromosomes, and blood lymphocytes which play a strong role in the human immune system. Eventually the immune system can become very weak.


What Else is There to Protect Us!

Our Earth is not dependent on its North and South magnetic poles, but has many other sub-poles, that is suggested from data sent back from the Ulysses Space Probe, will help establish some level of protection in our biosphere.

Recent reports to the discovery of a slow moving veil of charged particles enveloping our Earth, referred to as ‘Cold Plasma’. However, 1970s data from satellites revealed that information, and was confirmed by NASA’s Polar satellite in 2008 at 60 miles (100 kilometers) above our Earth. Now it has been discovered 12,400 and 60,000 miles (20,000 and 100,000 km) above our Earth by the European Space Agency.

‘Cold Plasma’ is low energy ionized gas located just outside our Ionospshere, which European Space Agency found to be interacting with very strong electric fields, which is not considered to be normal. “Cold Plasma connects to our Earth through the Earth’s magnetic field, and once energized by our Sun’s ultra violet rays it escapes from Earth’s atmosphere at slow rate leaving behind a strong positive charge in our Ionospshere. According to Anthea Coster of the Haystack Observatory, this escape of ‘Cold Plasma’ occurs usually between noon, and dusk – the time of Dhur, ‘Asr, and Maghrib.

A growing layer of solar particles, 4,000-mile-thick (6,437-kilometer-thick) provides protection from most solar winds, but it seems like there is some higher orchestration going on. Let’s see what happens with Earth-bound solar winds, and the Earth Changes!


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