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Czech Republic: Sex Offenders to Be Castrated

Czech Republic: Sex Offenders to Be Castrated

International human rights groups denounce the practice of surgically castrating sex offenders as ‘degrading’ and say it’s going back in time in terms of an eye for an eye.

Written into law, the procedure involves the removal of the tissue that produces testosterone. Professor Petr, Weiss, a prominent sexologist stated the procedure is offered to sadists, sexual agressors and pedophiles , and it reduces the chance of reofending by 2% allowing for a normal sex life. However, no one mentions the victims which include children who suffer for the rest of their lives from a deep sense of unworthiness, betrayal, and very low self esteem. It is also at the root of the 21st century slave trade – trafficking, especially in women and children. It is a crime that Europe has not faced head on as exampled by the former head of IMF, Dominique Strauss-Khan.

From 2000 – 2011, 85 people underwent surgical castration in the Czech Republic…

What do you say! Is there a better way to put a stop to this barbaric crime at a time when sexual abuse by children, against children is on the rise in the U.S.? What example should be set?


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Ethiopia: Removing 70,000 People for Land Grab!

Ethiopia: Removing  70,000 People for Land Grab!

Ethiopia is forcibly relocating 70,000 people from Gambella to make fertile land available for foreign investment in agriculture – aggravating current hunger while laying the groundwork for future famine in Ethiopia, as people are losing their livelihoods and being moved to areas where they cannot readily feed themselves.

This snapshot video from the Oakland Institute shows the land being cleared and the people that have been evicted


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