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An Occupied World: The Blue Whale

An Occupied World: The Blue Whale

By Hwaa Irfan

Most of us were born, grew up, and live far removed from much of nature. Even in our growing awareness  unless nature pertains to healthy food, we think no more of it, accept maybe, just maybe when we go away on holiday or to decorate our homes or immediate environment. However, everythign was created in balance, and nothing on God’s earth exists without a reason, even those pesky insects that keep harassing us in the hot weather. As it has been established that Sri Lanka has the  largest colony of blue whale, let’s take a look at this creature many of us have never seen with our own eyes!

Blue-gray with white spots on the top with a brown/yellow/gray specks over their underbelly, the (Balaenoptera musculus) or Blue Whale is the largest animal on our Earth, and the loudest.

Living at the surface of the world’s oceans, Blue Whales grow up to 29m in length (same as three school buses end-to-end), and can weigh up to 175 tons. Next time one gets into a Volkswagen bug car, think of a Blue Whales heart, becuase that is the size their heart, and a human can crawl through their main blood vessel, the aorta. An average heart weighs 450 kg that pumps 6,400kg of blood around their bodies  that are covered by a layer of 30cm of blubber. Two blow holes help them to breathe at the surface of the water.

They tend to do their feeding in the polar summer months around the Channel Islands, Cordell Bank, Farallon Islands, and Monterey Bay. In the winter they prefer warmer climes in Mexico, and Costa Rica. They eat as humans should eat, according to what is in season, accept their diet is limited to tiny organisms like plankton, krill, crustaceans, and small fish which is sieved through their baleen (a comb-like fringe), which hangs from their upper jaws. They have pleated throats that allows their throats to swell for their large intake of water which is filtered for food. Their throats run from their throat – the middle of their bodies.

Blue Whales live up to 40 years of age, but they are classified as an endangered specie due to being heavily hunted by man for their meat, oil, etc. The decrease in whaling  has helped to increase their population.

Social Life

They live in small communities we refer to as ‘pods’, or by themselves individually, but they tend to swim in pairs. Their dorsal fins are small compared to the size of their bodies, but their pectoral flippers are long and thin. Their tales and fins help them to propel their huge bodies through water. They can swim up to 30mph if they are in danger, but normally swim around 4mph. They can dive for up to 1 hour, and dive to a depth of 105m.

In certain traditions, the whale representing all whales is symbolic of the power of the sea, and with that intuition, and ancient knowledge.

Gender Relations

The females typically are larger than the males. Nine moths pregnancy is long enough for any female, but Blue Whales are pregnant for as long as 12 long months From winter – early spring is their breeding time.


Female Blue Whales give birth every 2-3 years. In labor the calf comes  tail first in warm shallow waters, and 10 seconds after being born they swim immediately to the surface. Whereas human toddlers can take two years to learn how to walk, a Blue Whale calf learns to swim within 30 minutes – well it is life or death for them!  After 8 months, a Blue Whale calf is weaned off their mother’s milk which is rich in the fat needed for a calf to gain weight after producing 50 liters of milk daily. There is little confusion over puberty. Mother and calf stay together for over a year. As the young cannot dive deep into the ocean, the mothers are the one’s that hunt for food becuase of the pressure of the waters of the deep.

By the time the calf is 10-15 years old they have obtained sexual maturity.

The whale in general are family orientated, like their land counterpart, the elephant. Like most mothers they will defend and protect their young. As humans women have increasingly become los to their true nature, and have taken on the male competitive stance, but the gift of choice given to man is not a problem for female Whale who work collectively by traveling in groups encircling their young to make sure they remain safe while mothers hunt for food.


As the loudest of God’s creatures, the Blue Whale’s voice level goes up 188 decibels – louder than a jet plane at 140 decibels, and louder than humans at 70 decibels. Anything more than 120 decibels is painful to the human ear. However, the sounds of the Blue Whale are at frequencies below the human range of hearing.

They have different ‘songs’ with a pattern that is repeated at low frequencies with each community having their own song. Like any other of God’s creatures, they communicate with each other, and sometimes that communication is about food, and sometimes it is about attracting or finding a partner either way they are known for their ability to communicate using sound, vibration, as well as songs. Their hearing and their vision is acute.

When one thinks about it, human communication is dependent on what we can see, i.e. body language which represents a minimum of 60% of human communication. However for whales, they are communicating in the dark ocean, and hence, sound is an extremely important means of communication for whales.  Without an external ear, whales in general detext sound waves through their fat, which is between their mandibles, and their middle ear. However, what that means for them in an increasingly noisy world impacts negatively on their way of life with mass beachings taking place after military tests that involve sonar. Beached whales have been found with hemorrhaging in their ears, and suffering from decompression sickness ( gas bubble in their blood vessels).

Echolation which serves as a means of navigation.

Whales as well as elephants, are the only God’s creatures that have brains larger than humans. They are sensitive to emotions  the signature of which is their watery environment, and they are sensitive to all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative. They will mourn the loss of their partner, their young, and even their friends.

It seems that only the males sing! Researchers found that Blue Whale songs have become deeper within the last 40 years, which takes us back to the late 60s. A study found that the voices of the Blue Whale of the Coast of California have become deeper by as much as 31%, but the phenomon is worldwide. Collecting data from the military that go back as far the 1950s, ocean acoustician Mark McDonald had analyzed recordings of 7 of the 10 known different Blue Whale songs with each song representing a different Blue Whale community over the last 50 years.

McDonald could not ascertain the cause and found the theory that Blue Whales are getting larger due to reduced whaling did not tally with the evidence. Bigger whales mean bigger throats, and a deeper ‘voice box’ so to speak, but Blue Whales in general do not keep growing after age 8.


Blue whale song, Great Barrier Island New Zealand, 1997, seafloor hydrophone, 80 Hz frequency limit. Just one of the eleven blue whale song types known worldwide.

Relationship to Environment

“Be One With Us.”

Voyaging from Northern waters

We flow trenches equatorial.

Having eaten to our full,

We migrate winter sanctuaries.

Navigating by sonar sight

From oceans cold to tropical,

Vision clarifies as temperatures

Increase these phosphorescent blues.

Soaring like gull wings in air

Beyond steep peaks and chasms

Our soundings penetrate below

Where molten fires burst the grounds.

Apexed from sea crusts

Volcanos fire underwater

Spawning land for Whales and Humans

To mate and feel together.

Islands swell above foundations

To higher magnitudes,

Rising pinnacles to clouds

Still further upward . . . . .

To atmospheres

Beyond our sights,

Winter storms rain fiercely,

Headwinds cool our skins.

Of nights we sing

Into the whole reality.

O Humankind, awaken from our dreams

And be One with us at sea.

– By Paul Lloyd Warner

Lessons from the Blue Whale

They are considered teachers through Experience, a lesson that many humans have yet to learn, as we look at the struggles of the Occupy World Movement in the West. If we learn unconditionally from experience, we learn more about who we are, our potentials, and our weaknesses.That experience includes, the signature of the whale: travel, emotions, intuition, communication, familihood, devotion, sacrifice, nobility, cooperation and living in harmony with ourselves and our environment. As such, we are then more able to be self- confident, and to move towards our true potentials and therefore make more informed and intelligent choices.


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Is tThere Aluminium in Your Deoderant!

Is their Aluminium in Your Deoderant!


Given the toxic ffect of aluminium on the human body it is less surprising that research published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology found deoderants with aluminium have the ‘potential’ to cause cancer, and more surprising that companies are still selling consumers cancer sticks – but they will sell anything as long as we buy it! The study states:

“Aluminium salts used as antiperspirants have been incriminated as contributing to breast cancer incidence in Western societies. To date, very little or no epidemiological or experimental data confirm or infirm this hypothesis. We report here that in MCF-10A human mammary epithelial cells, a well-established normal human mammary epithelial cell model, long-term exposure to aluminium chloride (AlCl(3) ) concentrations of 10-300 µm, i.e. up to 100 000-fold lower than those found in antiperspirants, and in the range of those recently measured in the human breast, results in loss of contact inhibition and anchorage-independent growth.”

What does this mean?

The findings just add to a growing list of findings, especially around aluminimum, deoderants, and breast cancer. Aluminium is not a human trace element, yet it has been found in human breasy tissue, cysts in the breasts, breast milk, and human blood serum – Department of Biomolecular Sciences, Section of Clinical Biochemistry, Unit of Cell Biology, University ‘Carlo Bo’, via O. Ubaldini 7, 61029, Urbino, Italy.

Aluminium salts also blocks the sweat glands – the price of not sweating, but sweating is the bodies way of releasing what is harmful to the body. Sweating cleanses the body, prevents overheating, and rids the body of excess salts. Once the body takes in aluminium, half goes to the bones increasing risk of bone disease.  By preventing sweating, aluminium based deoderants causes the accumulation of toxins in the lymoh nodes under the armpits, which then accumulates and mutates!

It is time we understood that our bodies is not a machine that can be switched on and off for convenience. The higher the aluminium content, the greater the efficacy as an antiperspirant – antiperspirants prevent sweating, and deoderants reduce body odour. So what do we do…

Aluminium Free Deoderants/Antiperspirants

  • Adidas 24 Hr Deocontrol
  • Crystal Body Deodorant Roll
  • Deodorant Hemp Roll-On Tea Tree
  • Dr Organic Deodorant
  • Sanctum Men’s/Women’s Deodorant
  • Weleda organic deodorants

Natural Deoderants/Antiperspirants

I very rarely use a shop bought deoderant. Instead I use a single drop of patchouli essential oil, and the aroma works for a long time, and that’s coming from someone who sweats alot. Any body odour is not due to sweating, but due to diet and excess body fat. Crystal stone deoderants are more effective and last much longer than the commercial brands, but some do contain aluminium salts. Also try:

  • Fresh Gardenia Deodorant
  • Herbal Clear Natural Deodorant
  • Miessence Natural Deodorant
  • Mu Shang Aluminum-Free Herbal Deodorant (unplugs the sweat glands first before setting to work as desired)
  • Pit Rok
  • Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone

If you have blocked sweat glands drink lime juice, orange juice or watermelon huice three times a day.

Your body took 9 months to create, so take time to look after it!


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Iran: Where the Wise Dare Not Play Fools

Iran: Where the Wise Dare Not Play Fools


If one silences the constant noise about Iran’s civil nuclear program, and the noise about democracy, if one recalls, the first thing that was to change when NATO invaded Libya, was the Central Bank, which under Qathafi was a national bank, unlike most Central Banks around the world, which do not belong to the people i.e. private.

Recently Hungary came under attack over its Central Bank, and the EU threatened Hungary if it ‘compromised its Central Bank’s ‘independence’ under the guise of ‘democracy’. Hungary’s draft bill to make use of their Central Bank;s foreign currency reserves of 33.6 billion euros in November 2011 for their own economic growth according to Bloombergs after Hungary’s credit status was relegated to ‘junk status’.

As far back as 2009, Iran stopped making oil transactions in dollars, and as of 2011, Iran’s Central Bank began reducing its foreign reserves in dollars. But even before that, Iran was moving towards using a euro-denominated international oil-trading mechanism in 2005/6. This was in fact a practical plan, as Europe imports more oil from OPEC than the U.S. William Clrak writes:

“Acknowledging that many of the oil contracts for Iran and Saudi Arabia are linked to the United Kingdom’s Brent crude marker, the Iranian bourse could create a significant shift in the flow of international commerce into the Middle East. If Iran’s bourse becomes a successful alternative for oil trades, it would challenge the hegemony currently enjoyed by the financial centers in both London (IPE) and New York (NYMEX)..”

As the the nasty big boys games against Iran seems to be backfiring, some leaders are still thinking of their domestic responsibilities and decide to play politics instead…

India – The world’s 4th largest oil consumer will trade in ruppees/gold instead of US dollars so that they can trade with Iran for oil. According to Reuters, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said:

“It is not possible for India to take any decision to reduce the imports from Iran drastically, because among the countries which can provide the requirement of the emerging economies, Iran is an important country amongst them,”

RussiaWill trade in Roubles for all bilateral trade. The proposal to trade in the Russian Rouble and the Iranian Rial came from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Kazakhstan

China – will trade in the Yuan for all bilateral trade

Turkeywill not ban Iranian oil

Its all about control and power with the contenders, Europe, and U.S. both losing out! When one is obsessed with the vices control and power, nothing else matters because one is hooked!


Who is the real threat to peace?

Fact: Iran does not possess a nuclear weapon.

Fact: Iran has the right, according to international law, to develop nuclear energy for civilian use.

Fact: Iran’s nuclear energy program is regularly monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Fact: Iran has never started a war.

Fact: The United States possesses 10,600 nuclear warheads in its stockpile, 7,982 of which are deployed and 2,700 of which are in a contingency stockpile. The total number of nuclear warheads that have been built from 1951 to present is 67,500.

Fact: The United States is the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons. It did so when it incinerated hundreds of thousands of Japanese people living in the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Neither city had any military significance.

Fact: The United States has spent $7 trillion on nuclear weapons. The U.S. military budget for 2012 alone is about equal to Iran’s entire Gross National Product.

Fact: Israel, the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid (about $3 billion in 2011), unlike Iran, possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons.

Fact: Israel, unlike Iran, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) into Israel to monitor its nuclear program.

Fact: There is active discussion in the Israeli media about whether Israel will carry out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear energy facilities. Israel bombed similar nuclear civilian energy facilities in Iraq in 1981 (“Operation Babylon”) and in Syria in 2007 (“Operation Orchard”).

 Fact: The United States and Britain used severe economic sanctions and CIA covert operatives to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran led by Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953. The Iranian government under Mosaddegh had nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), which became known as British Petroleum (BP), in a campaign to use oil profits to eradicate widespread poverty within Iran. The successful CIA and British Intelligence coup d’état put the Shah of Iran (King) back in power. The Shah’s dictatorship denationalized Iranian oil and returned it to the ownership of British and U.S. oil companies. The Shah executed and tortured thousands during his 26-year bloody reign, which ended in the 1979 revolution that created the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Fact: The United States broke diplomatic relations with Iran and has pursued a policy of economic sanctions against the country since the overthrow of the U.S.-backed Shah (King).

Fact: Iran’s oil reserves are the fourth largest in the world—it has 12.7 percent of the world’s known oil reserves. That makes Iran’s oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, greater than those of Iraq.

Fact: The new economic sanctions against Iran include a ban on the import, sale and trade of Iranian oil, which constitutes half of Iran’s Gross National Product. It forbids any company in the world that does any business with Iran or its Central Bank from having any trade or economic transaction with a U.S. bank or corporation.

Fact: The economic sanctions are an effort to create economic suffering in Iran and to deprive the country of the goods and services to sustain life. According to international law, these economic sanctions constitute a blockade or an act of war against Iran even though Iran poses no threat to the people of the United States or Europe.

The ANSWER Coalition is organizing or supporting several of the Feb. 4 demonstrations taking place 

Yet in 2010!

22 May, 2012



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