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And You Thought Mineral Oil to Be Healthy!

And You Thought Mineral Oil to Be Healthy!


First thing, mineral oil is is a by-product of crude oil

Secong thing, our bodies has a hard time processing it.

Third Thing, its legally (Code of Federal Regulations Title 21) allowed as an additive in our foods in the U.S., and it can be found in:

–        Tablets, capsules, spices, confectionary, condiments, and nutrients to function as a binder, lubricant,

–        Vinegar, wine to prevent yeast contamination, oxidation, evaporation

–        Baked products – to function as a lubricant

–        Dehydrated fruits and vegetables – to function as a release agent

–        Egg white solids – to function as a release agent

–        Raw fruits and vegetables to function as a protective layer

–        Frozen meat

–        Pickles (in the curing process) to function as a protective layer in brine

–        Confectionary – used in molding starch used to make confectionary

–        Yeast – to function as a release agent, protective layer, as a binder

–        Sorbic acid used in foods

–        Barley, corn, oats, rice, rye, sorghum soybean, wheat to function as a dust control agent

Fourth thing, it accumulates in our bodies…

Research by Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria found:

Mineral paraffin in 144 tissues samples of women who had Caesarian sections and in their breast milk  1% of which is passed on to breast-fed babies

Fifth thing, accumulation in our bodies leads to

In a study involving  465 autopsies by I. Wanless, and W. Geddie, Lipogranulomata caused by mineral oil was found in the liver and the spleen. Accumulation of mineral oil in the body has also been linked to:

–        Autoimmune diseases

–        Bladder cancer

–        Esophagal cancer

–        Gastric cancer

–        Infantile chemical exposure

–        Lung cancer

–        Lupus Erythematosus – systemic

–        Melanona

–        Pancreatic cancer

–        Petroleum toxicity

–        Pneumonia

–        Premature birth

–        Prostrate cancer

–        Rhematoid arthritis

–        Skin cancer

–        Spleen – diseases

–        Stomach cancer

–        Vaccinosis


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