What’s Happening to the Occupy World 2012

Occupy World 2012


The Occupy Movement began in Tunisia 17 December, 2010, when an unemployed graduate, Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire as a result of police confiscating his means of survival, fruits and vegetables. The Jasmine Revolution was born and took 4 weeks of  people’s power that demonstrated how a people can claim their God given rights, transformed a state into a people’s democracy and in turn transform the state. And so it was written:

When people choose life (with freedom)
Destiny will respond and take action
Darkness will surely fade away
And the chains will certainly be broken
(Tunisian poet Abul Qasim Al-Shabbi (1909-1934))

It took one life to trigger what had become the Jasmine Revolution, that in turn set alight the Arab Spring.

In Egypt, the simple. But well planned protests of youth took to the streets as never before, and as they marched those who looked on inspired joined a protest which gave birth to the Lotus Revolution on January 25th 2011. The struggle has not been so easy, but is driven by one thing that is weak in the Occupy Movements of the West, the sacredness of life: to be respected, and to live with dignity, and such a concept means that all structures must change to facilitate the dignity of life.

Whereas Tunisia stood as an example as to what is possible, Egypt stands as an example that confronts the world with a reality of imperialism in its covert and overt forms. Over time, that imperialism has nurtures structures, and systems that run the world, and in turn removed the sovereignty of states, and have given birth to communities of people who have submitted to serving their own interests – not in the interest of the whole. In other words has made irrelevant the sacredness of life.

As the Arab Spring spread across the Middle East, some lie Libya, and Syria have been but a cover for control with imperial forces aligning with communities of self interests within in order to maintain the status quo at a time when the when the bastions of imperialism are struggling for survival.

Whereas Tunisia stood as an example as to what is possible, Egypt stands as an example of the lotus that must grow from the mud to evolve into a flower – representing the divinity of life.

As the Arab Spring translated into the West’s Occupy Movement, we see the rise of the  ‘new blacks’.  The new blacks awaken to a reality of Africans and the African Diaspora have been engulfed in over the centuries. Starting with the remival of the sacfedness of life, and culminating with that realization that an control over their lives has been removed by those that they voted for.

The end result of globalization, is a crumbling capitalism that transpires in the sacrifice of the masses for the establishment and severe anti- austerity measures that triggered the fight for jobs, and homes. This fight has yet to grow up to the reality of people’s power, and that the fight for jobs and homes is only but a continuance of the same system that created the situation that the world is in pain from  The real challenge is from within, for the real challenge is  “When people choose life (with freedom).”


Began with a severe winter in Europe and the U.S., and a much undermined Occupy Movement under an establishment that seeks by any means necessary to silence any form of uprising. From police brutality, illegal arrests, and imprisonment to increasing control over information sharing showing the full meaning of Big Brother, for the people of the West are living in the belly of the beast!

Hope shone not from European shores, but from the Occupy Nigeria Movement that began with civil disobedience, at the removal of oil subsidies. Within two weeks with the help of oil workers, a 30% reduction in the cost of oil was made. But Nigerians will not stop here, for their battle has been long, and consciousness raising:

“…cries for his country when in the hands of the ‘peace’ [peacekeepers] people” – business makers who enslave the people while profiteering. The petroleum and diamond industries are identified, along with Monsanto and Halliburton for the theft of natural resources, and the destruction of the land “use our brothers as slaves for the stone”, “ we must rise” – Nigerian musician Seun Kuti.

Hidden behind the media reports in this reality, a reality that some have not awoken to despite living in the nightmare. However people power has been raising its head in many forms all over the world, from a “ship-ship” protest in Indonesia, to Canadian civilians taking out legal proceddings to secure Canada’s Central Bank in the service of the nation, and not the elite which Central Banks are set up for.

Egypt Struggles On!

The sacredness of life continues to be trivaliazed in the West mainly because to make life worthless is the means by which the West has built itself. Within two weeks of the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, what is a simple case of football violence (a once common feature of Western lifestyle) has been politicized negating or unaware that the violence itself was a political act that dishonored the sacredness of life. Refusing to be silenced a week of protests 40,000 strong awoke the people to the realization that they have been duped into a false sense of security, that:

  • Less that 60% of the voting population voted in the very same system they were trying to get  rid of
  • The loss of 74 lives was the result of organized meetings from the Tora prison complex where members of the former regime are waiting trials for which they may never      be charged
  • That the violence that erupts in protests is instigated by civilians, and members of the regime (former and current)
  • The People’s Assembly voted in by the people are on the side of the revolution more so than the establishment had intended and were more proactive in addressing the issues of the revolution and the protestors than the governing body
  • The governing body will only act on behalf of the people when forced to, but will act on behalf of self interested parties when left to “do its job.”
  • That justice will not take place without the active involvement of the people who along with the People’s Assembly, and the now independent Al-Azhar institution for the      governing body SCAF to step down and hand over.

Of course SCAF refuses, but the problem is whoever has been advising SCAF, has advised from the point of popular support, to popular contempt. It is time SCAF removed themselves from the “Council” that advises them for the sake of the nation.

As for Occupy World, we look on!

The importance of retrieving the sacredness of life is this:

All systems, policies, and relations would respect that sacredness, which applies to all including one’s self!


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