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Heavenly Signs: Between the Lion and the Waterbearer

Heavenly Signs: Between the Lion and the Waterbearer


By Hwaa Irfan

Islam does not support the practice of fortune telling, and neither do I. With time, one learns that whatever is going to happen depends on two factors, that one is in control, and what is not under one’s control. What is within one’s control is one’s  heartfelt intentions, and even then it is influenced heavily by what level of being one is at, at the time to be able to manifest that intention. What is not under one’s control are external factors including the actions of others, and that one will see a new day. If we are honest with ourselves, we can say who are now, but we can not say what we will be tomorrow – how much we would have learnt from today, and how willing we are prepared to apply those lessons least to the greater good.  

However, what I do here, is look for His signs in everything, wherever they may be, even in the person we do not like very much. Sometimes who and what we do not like is represented by something or someone we have misunderstood because of our egos, and at this time in our human development, I look to a symbolic representation of the unification of self which is reflected strongly in what is happening in Egypt currently. For those of you who are tired of this news, please bear with me.

As we approach 11 February 2012, tensions mount for it commemorates this day in 2011 when the youth revoluntionary forces succeeded in forcing their now former president to step down. Tensions have mounted between different factions since then, represented by the ego/ the ‘Lion’, in this case the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and the conscience or the “Waterbearer” the Egyptian youth. The Egyptian revolutionary youth as if from above have been driven to defend this revolution. This revolution has erupted at a time when man in danger of falling completely under the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’ without ever accessing our souls, and hence our true selves. Latter Day Saint, David Peck refers to Islamic scholar…

Sayyed Husayn Nasr, a prominent Islamic intellectual, informs us that: “The purpose of reciting the Qur’an and other spiritual exercises is to ‘awaken the soul from the dream of forgetfulness’ and enable it to ‘gainthe supreme principal knowledge for the sake of which it was created.’” This is an invitation to pierce the “veil of forgetfulness,” which Islam likens to a dream state. Also referred to in the gnostic “The Apocryphon of John” and in certain traditions around the world, we are being warned on many levels so that we may wake up!

The Ego vs. the Conscience

To New Agers, the “Dawning of Aquarius” represents a new era of peace and harmony for the world.  Aquarius is the sign of the “Waterbearer.”

Five days before the commemoration of the January 25th Revolution, the Lotus Revolution (lotus represents the jihad an nafs – the struggle from the lower self to the higher self) the soul/Sun entered the astrological sign of Aquarius. The influence on our Earth has been well documented and evidenced. As we see the conscience of the Egyptian people struggle for something so fundamental yet not appreciated by counter revolutionaries, and those who struggle for less, the key influence of  Aquarius is humanity. As a global influence we will either be open to it or not before the Sun leaves Aqaurius on 18 February, even though the influence will linger for some time afterwards.

As a global influence, more people will respond to this global call from above, and as such may we synchronize for the benefit of all. For Aquarius represents group awareness, an awareness that may conflict with sectarian views, the kind of awareness that currently is incomprehensible to those deep in self interest. It is like two worlds in one, where the aware seem like a threat to the sectarian, when all the aware are only struggling for the greater good. As that idealism bursts forth from youth, youth who in the West are a separate entity going through a phase, those idealistic youth will feel like athreat to many of the older generation who have compromised much of themselves to live and perpetuate what has led to the sacrifice of their own souls.

These revolutionary youth,  are only but the nations conscience daring to dream, and inviting all to dream with them in order to create a better world for all. They invite us to break with old patterns, and habits that serve no beneficial purpose in the long run, and if we dare to listen, learn we can all learn to live a more wholesome way. They act from a deep unexplained knowing that they are not only thinking of their nation. They are not to be confused with the youth who have taken hook, line and sinker, the concept of youth we have been brainwashed with since the 1950s.

When we are resistant to change, change finds ways to disrupt the straight jackets that we have put on ourselves.

Four days (January 21st) before the commemoration of the move towards the Lotus Revolution,  at 16.00 UT, Sunspot 1401 catapulted a blast of radiation towards our Earth. Depending on what state of existence we are in the affect can vary, but affecting human activity depending on its strength. From cessation of power, to acts of aggression, from hyperactivity to justice being done. Then of course impact on information technology. By January 21st 2012, the credibility of the ego-lion, SCAF, was waning, after a period of silencing the conscience-bearing waterbearers whose outcry revived what seemed  like a waning Lotus Revolution. They reclaimed the revolution as the anniversary drew near, and the Sun began to shine through what was an unusual European winter.

By January 24 solar flares erupted from Sunpost 1402 rushing towards Earth at 2200 kilometres a second, sending charged particles that entered Earths atmosphere on the 24 2012 14:18 UT. With calls to step down SCAF had scheduled the Ashura Council elections the week following the anniversary they though they had claimed, to face failure with a 15% turn out – this was a sign that the people and not just the youth were none too happy with the fact there had been no real change from what was deemed obsolete. Since then, protests, met with resistance, thus violence erupted from peaceful demonstrations mobilizing the nation around 74 deaths that arose out of a football match.

Despite the fact that Mercury entered Aquarius on January 27, the opportunity for creative thinking the lion and its supporters did not act in a manner that could resolve the situation, and lead to reconciliation, but instead has led to separation. That opportunity fell only on the shoulders of the conscience, in this case the newly elected People’s Assembly that remembered that they are their to serve the people and not the other way around and in doing so, the call grew louder from different sections of the population, but not all, for the lion/SCAF to stand down. The lion refused, and then compromised by bringing forward the presidential elections by a month.

The ‘Veiled’ lion/SCAF had missed out on 7th February, when the full moon (Aaaymul Baydh in the Islamic lunar calendar) was the opportunity to bring out the best in us, with the full moon under the influence of Aquarius – the noble, and true, the soul of our Sun, and the constellation of Leo also noble, but self aware, and creative –  the Waterbearer, the free spirit, the humane, the group conscience who innately does what is right, and the proud lion both together could have offered a way forward for all, for all us have taken sides, preferences that we have mistaken for choices, but the God given gift bequeathed to man above all of His creations, involves personal will, a will that we mistake for our choices which have been coerced, mainpulated, and subdued to the lowest common denominator – and with that, comes the divided self.

The struggle between the waterbearers of Egypt, and the factions that keep trying to extinguish the January 25 youth Revolution, is the struggle of the divided world, and hence the divided self, all of which in the year of personal and collective power, 2012, cannot subdue the revolution of the self, the Lotus Revolution, which will evolve a more wholesome global society, alongside, those who have become totally addicted to the anti-life.

Other Divine Forces at Play

11-01-12 is under the strong influence of higher teachings, which if we submit to staying on the lowest vibration, is aggressive, and reactionary to anything that does not reinforce that position of self interest. It is a window of opportunity that calls on the individual to become part of the whole in order to waken from that sleep in which our hearts can never find contentment. From the 3rd February to aid that process, the planet of spirituality, Neptune is in constellation that it guides, Pisces after 165 years, i.e. 1899.

Like a message in the bottle, after 165 years, it was last month (January 2012) that the media informed us of the findings of Charles Darwin’s fossil collection has been found 165 years later – talk about timing. In February 1899, the U.S. experienced the great blizzard with freezing temperatures that reached sun city Florida. It was also the year that Cuba became independent from colonial Spain.February 4, 1899, was the revolt against U.S. occupation of the Philippines, Feb 6th, the Spanish-American war ended. It was not until July 1899 that the Hague’s Humanitarian Law was signed in.

As the planet of spirituality, Neptune returns to Pisces after 165 years, the U.S. and Europe have been experiencing phenomenally bad weather conditions, but their is no peace on the horizon – does this mean we have learnt less than we did then?

Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025 offering us a chance to rise from the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness.’ On it’s brief visit to Pisces April-August 2011, was not long after that the Occupy Movement came to life. This time round, we find many of us are confused, but rather than label it, or be controled by it by reacting negatively, we should allow the invisible doors in our lives to appear from Pisces, which represents the collective conscious. If we want to be healed from the pain of our miscreations, rather than struggle back into that straight jacket, we should allow time and to reveal without conditions. But just to add spice to the journey, the desire for action, and sex is complicated by Mars goign retrograde, and we may even find ourselves putting a lot of effort into something that does not deliver the goods, and hopefully we will learn from that too!

Evolution or Involution?

As SCAF send out forces for 11 February to ‘control’ the Day of Civil Disobedience, the ego must be mindful of the tricks it plays on us, but hopefully learn from past mistakes, like the big mistake SCAF made on the football violence that led to 74 deaths in Port Sa’id, Egypt. This means greater flexibility, and a willingness to divine the truth for if we keep repeating old patterns, we will get the same results unless we are ready to open to what comes from our consciousness represented by the waterbearers. This will also mean greater sensitivity, but if we remain centered within, then we will be guided by our higher selves, the greater good that is struggling to increase its vibration. Our egos/SCAF have no choice in the matter – did we think we could get away scotch free from our actions without suffering the consequences?

Once we see the truth about ourselves, we are then more able to recognize our true strengths, make the necessary reforms so we can expand upon basic principles from which to sustain us, and those around us no matter how far for this is the Lotus Revolution, and the rising from the “Veil of Forgetfulness.”

It all depends if we choose evolution or involution –  will we drink from the waters of life poured out of the pitcher of the waterbearers (our conscience), that ushers forth through Leo’s the lion/SCAF upon society? Or will we only listen to. Act from the ego, Leo’s head?

The challenge has been set by the full moon in Aquarius-Leo when the call for greater freedom around the world may look as if it has been silenced by the establishment, but watchout for old patterns that serve no greater purpose to the benefit of all will be challenged, for full moon in Aqaurius-Leo stabilizes the seeds of idealism, and the new moon in Aqaurius will help to find a way! If the will is active, the choice is ours between:

–        Dreams or nightmares!

–        Compassion or betrayal!

–        Forgiveness or hypocrisy!

We might feel imbalanced by a rush of experiences, never experienced before, but this is just a part of our unfolding to a greater dream, and one which we can navigate if we learn to have faith in the aprt of ourselves that dares to escape the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’ that separates the ego from the subconscious, and the conscience.


Peck, D. “The Qur’an: Reading for Moral Truth.”

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