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Sanity to Be Redefined

Sanity to Be Redefined


By Hwaa Irfan

It seems that the American Psychiatric Association is having problems with natural emotions like grief, and as the Universe undergoes a Divine expansion, the Association seems to be on the same track with the mental health of its citizens.

It is a little bit erroneous that following the methods in which the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement spread, that the U.S. government seems to be increasing control over the lives of Americans in the name of national security as follows:

By 2011 the Patriot Act signed in by former President G.W. Bush facilitated rovign wire taps, search personal and business records.

2002 that Vice Admiral John Pointdexter put forward the idea of a “Total Information Awareness” system, a system that would collate information on Americans tax records, telephone calls, credit cards, banking transactions, airline and shipping reservations without question.

By 2003, Homeland Security (established in 2002) has been active in centralizing data on both Americans and foreigners including taxes, police records, and drivers license.

2003, signed in by Donald Rumsfeld, the Information Operations Roadmap uses Psycholigcal Operations to create propaganda for diverse audiences to influence decision-making or as defined by the U.S. military:

“planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

By 2008 Homeland Security has been tracking anyone who travels in and out of the U.S..

In 2011 in the midst of the natons debt crisis,  the Army Corps of Engineers gave a contract to the infamous Halliburton group U.S$400mn to build U.S- based detentions centers

By 2012, the National Defense Authorization Act which enables an American citizen to be held on indefinite detention without trial for reasons of terrorist acitvities against the U.S. which if one recalls can be interpreted as ‘treason.’  Here is where the intention becomes apparent, is that the Act allows for the arrest of any witness that records police actions – what would that be called in the case of Syria! Any state within the U.S. can prevent media access to any protest, essentially banning any challenge of U.S. policies, both domestic and foreign – nullifying the Bill of Rights.

ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement was signed in by President Obama on the basis of breeching copyrights, but its affect can turn the Interne tupside down including any information that the public has a right to know.

The Supreme Court is about to rule on whether the police can use GSP (the system in our cell phones) to track criminals, but just as the APA is widening its net in terms of who can be classified as having a mental disorder, so to is the U.S. widening its net in terms of what constitutes a criminal.

What has it got to do with mental health disorders!

So what happens if one protests becuase one’s taxes is being used to fight wars in other countries, while millions (that is not an exageration) of Americans have been made unemployed, and/or suffering from hunger becuase The Establishment got it wrong or the right to education has been denied, which is the case for so many?

Psychiatry in America

Psychiatry in America has always played a role in ‘intelligence gathering’, whether it was for the government, or more specifically the CIA, or the military. This is made apparent in an APA statement:

“it is consistent with the APA Ethics Code for psychologists to serve in consultative roles to interrogation…as psychologists have a long-standing tradition of doing in other law enforcement contexts”

The American Psychological Association, APA formed a task force known as PENS, the Psychological Ethics and National Security specifically to inform U.S. policies on the role of psychologists involved in interrogations at foreign detention centers. Some of the members of the task force were ‘actively’ involved with the U.S. military, and the Department of Defense. Some of the members of the task force were active in gathering intelligence, and interrogation of detainees.

The final report of the task force, the PENS Report was accepted as part of the guiding policies of the APA in 2005. APA never prevented or state that it would prevent the active involvement of its members in torture. Until today, the PENS Reports stands challenged by the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology.


Now, as a by-product of governmental reaction to the global economic crisis, and the Wests ‘Debt Crisis’ at a time when a growing number of people around the world are no longer willing to accept the governmental propaganda we have a a growing mental health crisis. At a time, when the U.S. has done everything to suppress mass protests in the U.S. and anything protests around the world that challenges the Washington Consensus, we find a string of national and international policies to force the masses, the producers of the real wealth, to buckle under. In the U.S. and the U.K., they have used mental institutions, and a process of criminalization including drugs to make black people buckle under; so at a time when the ‘natives’ are waking up, why not convince them that there is something wrong with them and medicate them.

The APA is updating its Diagnostic, and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders, DSM, for the 5th time to include a redefinition of:

  • autism spectrum disorders
  • Depression

Psychiatrist at the University of Michigan, Randolph Nesse commented:

“Almost no one likes the DSM, but no one knows what to do about it,”

“The result of this proposed change would be that people experiencing normal grief will receive a diagnosis of major depression. Doing this would increase consistency in diagnosing depression, but at the cost of common sense. It’s clear that bereavement is not a mental disorder.”

Then there ar disputable labels like ‘parental alienation’, which APA wants to add to the DSM. This lael can be applied to anyone as long as one presents leading questions. At the same time, this does not tally with the removal of Dissociative Identity (Multiple Personality Disorder), a controversial label in itself.

Then there are the problems that APA labeling can lead to as in the case of ‘repressed memory’. Repressed memory was removed from the DSM in 1994. The result was that the clinically recovery of  trauma memory became inadmissible in court,  and all nursery school pedophilia cases were dismissed, and those that were found guilty their cases were overturned on appeal.

‘Omenosis,’ which is the distorion of perception/expression of reality that can affect all five senses, or manifest as “spiritual experiences,” paranoid or bizarre delusions, dreams and visions of gods and demons, or disorganized speech and logic with significant social or occupational disruption. How different is that for certain diagnosis of schizophrenia, especially when it touches on religion. Yet there is no scientific basis for ‘Omenosis’. An ominous label that can stretch in many places, inluding distortion in the belief that one has a right to benefit from the real wealth that one helped to create!

But more poignantly, from Natural News:

According to David Pilgrim from the University of Central Lancashire in the U.K., it is obvious that DSM-5 “will help the interests of the drug companies” by widening the scope of what is considered to be mental illness. He told Reuters Health in a recent interview that the new guidelines “risk treating the experience and conduct of people as if they are botanical specimens waiting to be identified and categorized in rigid boxes.” He added that it is a “form of collective madness,” and referred to the proposed revisions as a “pseudo-scientific exercise.”


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