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Heavenly Signs: Unexplained Happenings

Heavenly Signs: Unexplained Happenings


By Hwaa Irfan

It is at times like these that all the explanations that we present as fact go out of the window when it is becomes apparent that man does not know everything after all!

This was the case on February 14th 2012, the beloved Valentines Day of the West.

It was that day according to reports (for I have yet to see evidence) that an eruption of solar radiation known as a Coronal Mass Ejection, CME, penetrated through to Earth’s magentic field  displaying a series of unusual auroras from horizon-to-horizon in Sweden and was seen by skywatchers as far as the U.K. and the U.S. This CME was according to reports was in the shape of a heart.

Flying in an airplane as the pilot saw auroras from 25,000 feet flying over Alberta Canada to Edmonton..

The problem is, is it is only a belief that the CME that transpired on February 10 and hit Earth on 14tg caused the crack in Earth’s magnetosphere for scientists currently have no definite answer to this anomaly. NASA’s Spaceweather noted a spike in the magnetometer at 21:00UT on the 14th, but the cause has yet to be confirmed.

To add to the conumdrum the rotation of the planet Venus has slowed down by 6.5 minutes, which from the experts point of view, is huge. Scientists are paying attention as there seems to be a change in direction of the rotation of planet Venus, which usually rotates backwards.

As we gaze upwards, for those who do so frequently, the sky looks brighter despite the darkness as a result of the low vibrations we manifest.

The current finale pause on a solar eclipse only visible from Space as observed by the NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on February 21st, 2-3 days before the sunrise channels its rays through the Abu Simbel portal in Upper Egypt.

Aurora Sky Station, Abisko National Park, Sweden - Feb. 14, 2012 By Chad Blakley


Not Fully Understood Disturbance Rippled Through Earth’s Magnetic Field
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